Thursday, January 10, 2008

My First Flower Beading Class Samples

Today Thursday I took my first beading class at the Creative Fringe which is about a 40 minute drive south of my home. I received the Beaded Garden By Diane Fitzgerald for Christmas and fell in Love with many of the beaded flowers in this great book. Stacy is the owner and was my teacher today. Please see the above picture of Stacy and the sample of the beaded flowers she did for my private class. I really love the Scottish Thistle but had NO idea how difficult it would be to create. The very top picture is of MY Flower Samples in the white dish I made in the class which took over 3 hours to make. vbg

I learned how to do the Brick Stitch Ruffle which I found to be the most difficult. This flower sample is the Morning Glory with the green stem increasing up to the weee pink beads. The next flower I started was the Scottish Thistle which is in two parts. The Netting Bead when completed goes around a 14 mm wood bead. The Thistle part is the 4 small Rolled Flower Pointed Petals in purple you see in my dish which I have many more to do. They will eventually be wrapped around the top of the wood bead. The last sample is the starting of a Wrapped Rose using a flat Peyote stitch. This beading stitch was the easiest stitch for me to learn. It is the bead sample in a dark rose color in my white dish.

I truly enjoyed every minute of my class and I look forward to finishing my beaded flowers.


Gypsy said...

You did great, Judy! Only three hours? for a beginner, that is awesome! I wish I had had a teacher when I began to bead, but only had the internet, and a driving force inside me, so it was bead a little, cut it apart, bead some more, figure it out!
Love the thistle!

Maggie R said...

You're the lucky one Judy to have a private class.The thistle is awesome!!
You sure did a lot in that little time...
I sometimes get help from some gals that have a bead shop but they are an hour away, so once winter comes I stay home!!I make up for it though in nice weather VBG
Maggie in mild, NO SNOW, Southern,Ontario, Canada....
PS sounds like you got a bunch of the white stuff...... Keep it there Judy ;-}

Susan said...

What interesting pieces you did. I can see why you enjoyed yourself. Nice to have the teacher all to yourself!

Noel said...

Only three hours and all that...I'd say you did a great job and how lucky to have a private lesson.
Hugs from warm, sunny california and where the only snow is on top of the mountains...vbg!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I envy you your beading class Judy! I love the flowers - especially the thistle! What a great opportunity you had in this class - I hope you will continue to share pictures of the flowers as you work on them! I would love to see them!

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