Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Terese Special Gift

Today in the post I received a lovely surprised gift from a friend Terese who I met in Germany while we were both working as nurses for the government. I think my friend knows me well. vbg How thoughtful of you Terese to think of me and send me a gift I can use over and over again.

Terese and I traveled many places together. The top picture is of Terese while we were visiting a Antique Market and hunting for Treasures which we both found. vbg The other picture is of us visiting a Easter Market at a castle. We both fell in love with Easter Markets and visited many. Thanks Terese for all the wonderful memories of our time in Germany.


Noel said...

I LOVE this it all the time....right up there with Steel!
Enjoy Judy...your frend Terese, is very thoughtful!

Susan said...

What a wonderful present for you - two wonderful presents! Enjoy!

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