Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I can hardly believe that October has gone by so quickly.  I think because we had so much rain this Autumn our Autumn leaves have been so brilliant in colors this year.   
The first photo I would like to share with you all is My October Pink Hydrangea. This is what I see when I look out one of my Studio windows.  I love the site of it this time of year when all the other blooms are gone.

The next photo is of an old abandon school house from a very long time ago. It is located a short distance from where we live.  Isn't those Autumn colors gorgeous.  

The above photo was a contest put on by the local businesses.  I loved this one created by a Beauty shop.

The 5 pumpkins here were waiting to be weighted in and the kids were truly enjoying playing on them.  Guess which pumpkin won???  The winner was the 4th pumpkin from left. It was very tall instead of wide and it weight over 500 lbs.  Pretty good from a local garden. 

You all know I took a rug hooking class back in September.  I absolutely love doing this.  This is my newest project.  I designed the Star Circle and applique the lovely Star wool down. Then my friend and teacher DeEtta started hooking the edge for me to give me an idea how tall I should leave the wool loops. I am still working on this and will have more photos later to show you the finished project.

I've had in my stash this Sue Spargo Good Wives Pineapple Pin Keeper pattern for several year. I decided it was time to make it.  So I started by spray painting the tin that came with the kit.  Then I started making the leaves next. But when I got to the point of adding the leaves around the Pineapple everything did not fit into the tin.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm!! what to do???  
So I decided to make the pineapple into a flower and not add the leaves. 

I also decided I wanted to stitch some of my favorite saying that I love allot into this pin keeper.  I made 3 sections with ecru wool and the other three with hand dyed wools. 

The first section I used the "Kindred Spirit" copper charms words my sweetie made for me.  I think they turned out super great.  What do you all think?? 

I am trying to convince him to make more word charms for me.  None yet!!  LOL  I was also even thinking of selling them too?  Do you think they would sell???

The next section I created and stitched a couple of "Hearts" and the words "Kindness Matters"!

The next section I added a "Tatted Heart" made for me by my dear friend Wendy from "Umi & Tsuru"! I love all of Wendy's tatted creations.

Next are the words, 
"Enduring Elegance Of Women's Friendships"!   I especially like this phrase.   I have been so very fortunate over the years to have made some very lovely wonderful friends over the Internet.  Many have even come to visit me from different countries. I have been truly blessed and they have certainly brighten my life.

Next is My JG Signature I put on all my creations along with the date.

I reckon you all know I am a huge Anne Of Green Gable fan! One of Anne's saying is "Kindred Spirits are Always There For One Another"!

I thought about how to finish the top for sometime.  I bought this very lovely flower button some time ago and knew it would perfect on the top.   

I added some green wool to make it look like leaves around it and then used light green wool roving to stitch around them.  

I still thought it needed more so then I added the pink tweed wool to make the flower look like it had another layer of petals.  This time I used ecru silk chenille thread to stitch it down. 

I still was not totally happy with it so I decided to take some wool roving and wet felt a wool bead.   Then I added two more beads on the top of the wool bead.   
Then I said, yup it now looks like a flower. 

So after several weeks of playing and stitching I have My Flower Pin Keeper.  What do you all think???

In the photo above at the same Yarn shop I also discovered those lovely light green round balls of soap that looks like rolled up yarn.  They smell heavenly.   I just love looking at them.  vbg

On the October Month of My Anne of Green Gable Calendar  there is a very lovely photo of PEI with it grand Autumn colors.  

Anne says,  I loved "Gypsyings" over the autumnal hills in the crisp golden air...were the best and dearest hours in the whole week". After visiting PEI I can imagine this too. 

After years of being a Sue Spargo Fan I am taking My First Class with Sue on November 4th and 5th. It will take place at "Smith Owens Quilt Shop".   Huge VBG 

More about this class in my next posting.  I can hardly wait.  

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments.   Have a lovely week everyone!

Hugs Judy   

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello Everyone,

We were away for the last few days visiting family in Eastern Michigan. Unfortunately we headed for home very late Sunday and hence we got home very very late.  Oh, I was so tired and so this AM I had a good sleep-in.  vbg
So please forgive my late announcement of the "Winners" of My 4th Blogging Celebrations.  

Visiting with My Sweet Grand Daughter is always such a glorious happy time.  Her Mom dressed Chloe up in her Halloween costume so I could see her in it. This year she is a Fluttering Dancing Butterfly!!  Too Cute. 
I would like to Thank Everyone who enter my give away this year..I wish I had a gift to give to everyone. 

Congratulation to all the
The #1 gift goes to Susan of "Threads of Inspiration"! Susan you won the Rug Hook Sunflower Pin.
The #2 gift goes to Gayle from 
"The Middle Sister"! Gayle you won the CQ stitched Necklace!

The #3 gift goes to Sue of 
"Simple Piece-ful Quilting"! Sue you won the Crochet Button!

The #4 gift goes to Linda from "Simple Country Seasons"! Linda you won the Hand Dyed Wool. 

Please ladies email me soon with your addresses.  I will get the gifts out to you all as soon as I can. Thanks

My Next Posting I will share with your a New Pincushion Creation I recently made!! I also have some very lovely Autumn photos along with some photos of a Fall Festival in our home town!

Take care all.
Hugs Judy 
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