Thursday, June 27, 2013


Good Day Everyone,

My Sweetie and I went for a day drive to Ludington to just take in a lovely Summer day in Michigan. We love the peaceful feeling of this area and seeing the beauty of our unique and glorious Sandy Lake Shore.

We also discovered that Other Michiganders Love this area as much as we do.

My first glance out the window I discovered "Yarn" floating in the breeze.  Sheila and her DH had drove many hours to visited Ludington too.
  With her New Stash from "Nautical Yarns" Sheila headed for the "Park"  to start her knitting project and enjoy the beauty of the "Beach".  Thanks Sheila for the lovely chat and letting me take your photo.

Many Mandala...

I just learned how to create Mandalas......I have truly enjoyed crocheting theses wee beauties. These are My Pretty In Pink Mandalas.

 Pattern from "Made In K-Town" by Barbara.

What do you think??

This Blue and Yellow Mandala was given as a gift to My SIS..  Blue and Yellow are My SIS favorite Colors. 

Pretty, Hey????

As a"Birthday Pressie" I also knitted "My SIS" a "Ruffled Scarf" and "Heart Sachet" filled with Lavender from My Garden..

I have discovered a Another New Yarn Shop.. 

"Ivelise's Yarn Shop" in St. Joseph Michigan and OH, what a pretty yarn shop it is.  The owner is behind the counter..She was very helpful and kind. 

I think I have developed a "Great Weakness" for lovely yarns.

 Look what I bought....


 I did buy some "Pretty In Pink" Rowan Cotton Yarns.

My Garden is looking so very "Awesome" this year. 

This photo is of Our "Kousa Dogwood"..... Look at those beautiful blooms.  It gave us a Very Grand Show this year...

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Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful idea. Greatly appreciated.

I am also
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I am rather new at crocheting and even though I have bought several books and have learned the basic from them it has been the "Lovely Ladies" and their crocheting blogs I have found most inspiring and I have learned a lot from everyone.. 

 I am a visual person and I have especially learned heaps from the "Fantastic Tutorials" and Videos Tutorials..

I give a huge "THANK YOU" to "Everyone" who takes the "Time" to do a Videos or Photo Tutorials because this is really how I have learned to progress in my crocheting skills. 

I  am sooooo enjoying the Joy of Crocheting.

Look what My Sweetie and I found during our walk along our Beautiful Lake Shore. 

Yes, More Beach Glass. 

These wee beauties just shimmers in the Sun...
I will use them in a very special
 Art Piece soon.

I am going to take a "Blogging Break" to enjoy our Brief Summer with family and friends. 

I will see you all again in "September" at which time I will have a "Giveaway" to celebrate My 7 years of blogging. 

Hugs Judy

Monday, June 17, 2013


Good Day Everyone,

I recently met Betsy at her blog called, 
"The Simple Life of a Queen". I really admired Betsy's very pretty swirly wash clothes.  I ask Betsy if she could find the time to make me 3 wash clothes in some of my favorite colors... Without really knowing me Betsy kindly said, Yes and knitted them up very quickly. Aren't they so very pretty.  Love them.  Thank you Betsy.

So because Betsy was kind to offer to make the wash clothes for me,  I decided to send Betsy a wee crochet flower in her favorite color of purple.  Betsy told me she really like the flower.. What do you think?? Unique, hey??

I found the pattern for the "Hyperbolic Flower" in a book called,
 "75 Seashells, Fish, Coral and Colorful Marine Life to Knit and Crochet" by
Jessica Polka. It can be found on Amazon.

These are the two Plymouth Encore Yarns I used to create the Hyperbolic Flower for Betsy.  I just love these Plymouth Encore Yarns.  

I am a newbie with crocheting and I always wonder what others favorite yarns My Fellow Crocheters may use? Thanks for your suggestions.

In the middle of the afternoon one day we discovered these 2 small fawns laying in the grass in our neighbor's yard.  They were watching as the cars past by and even a few of the cars stopped and people got out to look at them and they never moved an inch.. Now what does that tell you..

  When these cute wee fawns grow up they will be coming back to visit my garden.. I know this because their mother already does.  LOL I must get a fence soon.. 
 My sweetie and I really do love wildlife but we do not appreciate them eating in my garden.. VBG  

On Father's Day We were invited to a family meal at Bill's grand daughter's Rene's home.  Below is a photo Of Rene and her daughter Leliana.  Isn't she a sweetie.

It has been storming and raining a lot lately so I went out to rescue some of my Peonies so I could admire them a bit longer..  I just love Peonies.  They are such a gorgeous flower.

 I received a truly nice surprise in the mailbox today.. My sweetie told me it is all the way from Singapore.. huge very big smile.  I only have one dear friend Wendy who lives in Singapore and I could not image why she would be sending me anything.. 

Wendy went searching for "Sea Glass" for me.
 Wendy told me she found them at "Port Dickson, Malaysia"  (off the strait of Malacca).. 
 How very very thoughtful and kind.. I wish I could give her a big HUG!!  I love every colorful piece.. Wendy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will treasure  every colorful piece...
I can not believe I have "Sea Glass" all the way from Singapore.. Lucky Me.....

I do have plans for the lovely Sea Glass. I hope to create a piece of Wool Art this Summer and use some of the Sea Glass to embellish it.

When I was taken out the wrapped sea glass another wee wrapped gift came out with it.. 

Another very lovely gift.  Wendy is well know for her lovely tatted creations.. Inside, I found some beautiful beaded and tatted "Ear Rings" in my favorite colors.

 Oh, My Goodness I could not believe someone could create anything that small and so very creative and pretty..
Wendy has a blog called "Umi and Tsuru". Wendy also has a "Etsy shop" where she sells her lovely creations.  Thanks Wendy, you are too kind. 

My Sweetie and me went to our local Artisan Show this past Saturday.  I always enjoying seeing others artistic creations. 

When I came to the booth called "Island Sand Sculptures"   I had to admire every piece.  These artist are from Florida. This is the link to their website.  The photos keep rotating so have a good look.

We recently renovated our Master Bathroom and I decided on "By The Sea" Theme.  I have not decorated the walls yet but this lovely Sandpiper Plate will soon be up on one wall. The Florida Sand just sparkles and the Sandpiper Birds are 3D.. I love it.

In my last posting I mention that My Good Friend Jan shared a starting from her Beauty Bush. I could not resist sharing a photo with you all ofJan's Beauty Bush.

  Isn't is most Gorgeous?    It is huge and with endless wee pinkish white blooms.  YOU just have to love this bush. I just smiled and smiled when I saw it in full bloom.

 This is Me with a Big Happy Smile and all excited after purchasing My First Bit of Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton Yarn..I bought every color they had.  I think these colors are all so wonderful.. What do you think???

I am not sure what Kind of project to use this beautiful Yarn on. 
 Any suggestions?

I am happy to be part of the Stash Buster Challenge. See below for details.


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Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful idea. Greatly appreciated.

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I would like to leave all My Dear Blogging Friends with a Big Thank You for stopping by to visit.. and kindly leaving lovely comments for me to read.  They are all greatly appreciated.

This wee verse is dedicated to My Friends.

Friends Fill Your Life with JOY
Your soul with Sunshine 
Your Heart with Love.. 

  Have a lovely week everyone. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013



My gardens are at their finest.. They are all a delight to visit everyday and they really make me smile..  This year is the very Best My Gardens have ever looked.. We've had lots of rain and the temps have been on the coolish side. I am so Pleased.  vbg

Please have a look..

My Re-blooming Josee Lilac bush.  I have three of these beauties.. They bloom again in September. 

Our Good Friends from Germany came to visit..Ulla and Harry were my kind and friendly neighbors ( off base) when I was a Nurse on a American Military Base in Germany. We have keep in touch for a long time.

 We all had such a very special and great time together.
Thanks Ulla and Harry from coming all the way from Germany to visit us.

Ulla gifted me with some very lovely cotton yarn made in Croatia in my very favorite colors. I love cotton yarn. Thank you My Friend. The yarn is greatly appreciated.

My Sweetie received a very neat Bavaria German Mug.  The words say, "Pick Your Rose, Before it Withers"!! My DH really likes it allot.. A very special Mug indeed.  My Sweetie will treasure it always.

I made Ulla a "By The Lake Crocheted Bowl" in the colors of our sandy beaches.  The wee beads are the color of our Lovely Blue Lake Michigan. I also made a wee crochet Doily to match.

 Ulla's daughter and I chatted back and forth and she told me Ulla's living room colors and told me the Beige background had white flower in it.

 I stiffen the bowl with a mixture of Epsom Salts and water.. After the solution came to a boil I let it set until it cooled a bit and then put the whole crocheted bowl in the solution.  I squeezed out the excess water and then placed it over a hard plastic bowl and let it dry for 24 hours. The Epsom Salts give the crocheted Bowl a  Sparkle Look and I really love Sparkle.  I then added the wee pretty white flowers..

  What do you think??

My Sweetie and I went searching for Sea Glass along the Lake Michigan shoreline.. Look what we found.. Yup My Very First Pieces of Sea Glass. I was so excited.
 Aren't they really pretty pieces??

We have been away for just about 2 weeks and along the way I found this really "Old" Antique Wooden Primitive Spool.  This is the third one to add to my collection and this one is the biggest.  I plan to wrap wool roving around it..

I was thinking of spray painting it. What do you think??  Should I leave it the old battered look or paint it???

My Snowball Bush is all it Glory. It is growing outside my sewing room window and OH, how I love seeing its blooms.

My Rhodie Blooms.

My Clematis Bush and its beautiful purple blooms.

Chloe My Dear Grand Daughter just turned 7 Years old.  Chloe has the white tee shirt on. This year her Birthday Party was celebrated on a camping weekend with friends and family.

They just bought a new camper seen in the background.  They love the great out-of-doors.

Chloe's Birthday Cake.  Pretty neat hey?? Everything on the cake was eatable.  Some of the kids wanted to eat the stones, others the pieces of wood and some the trees. Such wonderful fun was had..

I recently gave Chloe a book I bought many years ago for her. She immediately open it up and started reading it. I can not tell you how much I smile while listening to her read.

 It is called the "Quiltmakers Gift".. 

 This charming fable for our times celebrates the joy of giving.

A generous quiltmaker, with magic in her fingers, sews the most beautiful quilts in the world, then gives them away. A greedy king, his storehouse stuffed with treasures, yearns for something that will make him happy. Will the quiltmaker sew a quilt for the king? Will the king ever learn to share? Can the quiltmaker teach the king to be happy? What will the king do with all his splendid things? Look for clues to the story in the quilts!

Has anyone else read this lovely book??

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Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful idea. Greatly appreciated.

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I would like to thank ALL My Followers for Visiting my Blog and taking the time to leave your Lovely Comments for me to read..  They all make me smile and warms My Heart. 

Hugs Judy 

I just received this "Beauty Bush" from My Dear Gardening Friend Jan. I just planted it on May 29th. and at this time it had a few buds...

 When I came home from our trip I immediately had to check my gardens to see what new was blooming. 

To My Great Surprise this newly planted Beauty Bush had heaps of buds blooming.  I Love it. Huge Very Big Smile. Thanks Jan.
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