Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happiness, Peace and Joy to All!

Hello Everyone,
May all our Family, Friend and Blogging Friend’s Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth,  peace and happiness, the joy of love ones near, and wishing you all the joy of Christmas and a year of happiness.

Double clicking on photos will enlarge them.
Grandchildren are such a Joy!

Some special Tree Ornaments from Friends and also made by Moi!

And Yes Our Winter has arrived and it will be welcome until January and then it can disappear!    vbg

What a Wondrous and Joyous Year My Sweetie and I have celebrated together. We are Thankful for each day we’ve spent together.

I will be taking a short blogging break and I will see you all agian to chat in January!

Take care.  Warm Hugs  Judy

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