About Me

I am recently retired from nursing after 36 years. I am married to a Wonderful and Kind Man. Stitching is My Passion and I also love crocheting, gardening, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.
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Personally I consider My Self a Mixed Media Artist.  I use fancy fabrics, felted and hand-dyed wools, threads, beads, lovely yarns and paint to create all kinds of special pieces of art.

I love learning new techniques, experimenting with recycled materials and I am mostly self taught.

I am inspired by so many things.  Nature inspires me the very most.  I love going for walks and collecting found objects of all sorts and taking them home and including them in my art.

Someday I would love to teach "Creative Stitching" on wool fibers but as yet I am not venture out doing this because I have not become brave enough.  ....

I hope everyone enjoys reading my blog and looking at My Art.


Mom E. said...

I'll bet you could teach classes! Laswt night a friend told me to "Beleive" in myself and my dream to have a vintage boutique style show a few times a year at our farm, featuring farm produce and treats with the theme of whatever is in harvest...I'll let you know when I believe and it comes to fruition! Hugs to you girl!

Sandra said...

Hello Judy! Thank you so much for visiting my blog from Apple Blossom Dreams. It was fun to make my autumn wreath with Astri's roses!
I see you have made some sweet pin cushions also using this lovely rose!
Greetings, Sandra

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