Wednesday, February 27, 2013


HELLO EVERYONE....                 

This is what "My World" looks like today. Yes we received yet another snow blizzard.   A very heavy and wet snow.. The kind that made all my tree and bushes droop under the snow's weight. 

  We now have over 12 inches of snow in our front yard as you can see from our Snow Gauge below....

 But there is A GLIMMER OF HOPE..

Yes Indeed there is.. Below you will see close to the house where the earth is warm you will find   My Wee Crocuses starting to poke up there heads. They truly made me smile today.

  So while the outside world is very cold, blustery and gloomy, inside  I am keeping my Wee Fingers busy creating and

  Dreaming Of Spring!!!!!  vbg

 I try to crochet a Dish Cloth but it did not turn out square but it is Sunny and Pretty.  

"To Me Creativity is Inventing, Experimenting, Taking Risk, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes, and Having Fun...

I think All My Very Creative Friends will agree???

I also made a Very Special Gift for a Dear Friend in her Favorite Color of Wine..
Heart Sachet with Rose

The crocheted Heart Sachet with a Rose pattern came from two crochet blogs I visit often. 

 Apple Blossom Dreams and Lavender and Wild Rose .. They are both wonderful blogs with very inspirational and beautiful crochet projects. 

It was my idea to add the wee lace trim around the Heart. 

 What do you think???

  I  have a passion for Pincushions made from all kinds of textile materials..

 I fell in love with this very Pretty African Flower Pincushion and I just had to make it.. 

The  Pattern is by Cherry Heart and the tutorial and is very easy.

   What do you all think???

 I have admired "Sea Glass" for some time but as often as I searched for it along our Michigan Lake Shore I could never find any.

 One day I was visiting Carolyn's Blog called "Carolyn Saxby Mix Media Textile Art and saw some of her most lovely creations using "Sea Glass"she had pick up along the Beach at St. Ives Cornwall, UK where Carolyn lives.

We chatted about the Sea Glass and My desire to find some and she kindly offered to send me some. 

Below you will find a photo of what Carolyn sent me from  her St. Ives Beach.  The shells and the Sea Glass sparkles so and I will truly treasure each piece of the lovely Sea Glass.
 Thanks you Carolyn for the Very Lovely Gift...

  If you look at the photo below the front 3 Pieces sparkle a bit more than the rest of the collection.   A very kind lady told me to put a wee bit of "Hand Cream"  on the Sea Glass and really rub it in and they now sparkle a bit more than the rest.  

What do you all think, should I leave the Sea Glass with the frosty look they have right from the sea or shine them up a bit?


 I do have a creative plan for these lovely pieces of Sea Glass. 

I also plan to use the Tyvek Beads Carolyn made me in the Color of the Seas.. The Wine Colors ones are shades of My Favorite Colors.   They are all truly beautiful.....

I will give you all a wee hint.  I plan to do some wet wool Felting in the Spring of a Seascape and then I plan to embellish and embellish this Seascape. 

 I hope you all will come back to visit again to see what My Fingers are creating. 

One of My Favorite Word is "Inspire"....

"I've I have learned over the Years that People will Forget what you said,  

People will forget what you did, 
People will Never Forget how You Made Them Feel.. 

I hope I always Make My Blogging Friends Feel a wee bit Happy while they are reading My Blog..

Today is "My Birthday" and I was suppose to leave on a rode Trip today BUT the weather delay our plans.  

So instead I am chatting with all My Blogging Friends which has made me just as Happy.  

Thanks for visiting and Leaving your lovely and Kind Comments. 

Hugs Judy

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