Monday, January 7, 2008

Lovely Plate Rack, Created By DH Bill

When we moved into our "Retired Home" I had no place to display my Polish Pottery I purchased while I was living in Europe. So they have been hidden away in a cupboard until this past weekend. For a Christmas present my sweetie surprised me with this "Lovely Plate Rack". His woodworking talents are awesome. I tried to show the detail of the wood beading around the edges but it did not show up well. I am very thankful to received such a very lovely gift from him. So now my Polish Pottery has a gorgeous place to be display. We use the Polish Pottery everyday so now I have easy excess to them. Also the Lace Sunflower curtains next to the plate rack I bought in Poland too.
This picture was taken at 1030AM so you can plainly see we are having a very dreary overcasted rainy day. Today is January 7th and we in Western Michigan is now having a thunder storm with temperatures in the low 60F. Crazy weather for this time of year.


tammy said...

hi judy
i don't know which is more beautiful the plate rack or the pottery!!
lucky you to have such a wonderfully talented hubby-always wanted a plate rack-alas my kitchen is too small :(
thanks for sharing it and that gorgeous pottery!!! it all looks great :)
rainy and 60 here in ct to-i think winter has forgotten us this year- boo hoo i want snow!!!

Susan said...

When I clicked for a close-up, the beading showed up. Beautiful job he did!

Maggie R said...

Judy, Your DH did a fabulous job making these!!! Wowie! and th dishes are gorgeous.... Makes a locely display.

Maggie R said...

By the looks of my typing I better go to bed!!!! hee hee

Charmingdesigns said...

Ohhhh I have always loved those plate racks. This one is just beautiful!!! Laurie

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