Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11th Snow Day

This picture is for my friends who love to look at the White Fluffy Stuff called Snow. Today we awoke to a gray dreary day. Our week of Spring in January with green grass and warmth has now gone back to the winter mode of snow. I have to admit it is pretty when you look out your living window and not have to drive in it. VBG I remember the days when the kids and I would go out outside on a day like this and make snow angels and create pictures and spell words in it. I used to cross country ski I think I would like to get back too doing this..


Gypsy said...

yum- snow, wonderful need more snow! LOL!
I need LOTS more snow!

JANE said...

Thanks for coming over for a visit. It is always good to meet others from Michigan who enjoy the same kind of crafts. How cool to have met Susan Butcher, and what an exciting/traveling life you've had so far.
And talk about tears, what a sweet thing to do, finishing the quilt for your grandchildren. What an awesome thing to do!!!
Please keep the snow down there, so far our winter UP here has been pretty mild ( XX ) those are my fingers crossing : )

Susan said...

Yeah, I'd do cross country skiing . . . if only it didn't involve cold and snow! =) That does make a pretty picture, though.

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