Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hello Everyone,

I would like to Thank Everyone from the bottom of my Heart for your very kind and caring well wishes for My Mom and our family.... Mom is slowing getting better. Some days better than others. It breaks my Heart to see My Mom in a Nursing Home..But I know she is being well taking care of and is now safe with no further chances of falling again.

  I am gradually getting back my spirit for blogging again. I hope to visit everyone soon..

December here in Michigan has been a very snowy and blustery month. On Christmas Day we had approximately 20 inches of snow.. I was happy the roads were good so our family could travel to be with us for Christmas.

This Christmas was very very special to me. My 2 sons and their family came to our home for Christmas. It was such a heart warming day for Bill and I.. My Heart was overflowing with Love I was so Happy.

My youngest son Shane surprised me and as soon as we all got done eating he jump up and started clearing the table.  He told me to sit and enjoy playing with my grandchildren... So Shane did the dishes and Bill wiped and I was all smiles..It was a very lovely gift to me. Oh, How I Love My Family..

Last Christmas I made Chloe a Christmas Stocking.. At this time Jenny told me that her and Shane's stocking were very ragged. So most of the year in my head I was designing Christmas stocking for Shane and Jen, and Mike and Kari...

Both my sons are enthusiastic fishermen and have been since they were very young. So hence I knew their stocking had to have fish on them..

I started actually working on them in September and finished them 2 days before they came for Christmas.. VBG I was so worried I would not get them done in time. 

Above is Mike's stocking with a "Tilapia" fish embroidery on it.

 What do you all think???

This is the Christmas Stocking I made for Kari.  I made pretty bulbs to decorate it.
What do you think???

I embroidery a Redfin on Shane's stocking.

I included a note in both my son's stocking saying the following.  

"Fly fishing is for those who hold that the fun in the race of life is in the running, not just the winning, that existence is its own justification, that a day spent in a stream or a pond with a goal in mind is a JOY even if the goal is not achieved, though a greater JOY if it is"...
Both My Sons were very Happy with their stockings which in turn made me Very Very Happy.

I created a Scandinavian Christmas Tree for Jenny's Stocking.

 For the last 2 Christmas we have downsized to a smaller tree..which I have really liked a lot.  In the photo you can see "My Comfy Chair" were I sit to do all my stitching, crocheting and any other creative pursuit.

I would like again to thank you all for visiting my blog and always leaving such lovely messages for me to read.. They are all greatly appreciated.

I have some very exciting news to share with you all coming up in my next posting. VBG 

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.  

Hugs Judy

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