Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hello Everyone,

I would like to Thank Everyone from the bottom of my Heart for your very kind and caring well wishes for My Mom and our family.... Mom is slowing getting better. Some days better than others. It breaks my Heart to see My Mom in a Nursing Home..But I know she is being well taking care of and is now safe with no further chances of falling again.

  I am gradually getting back my spirit for blogging again. I hope to visit everyone soon..

December here in Michigan has been a very snowy and blustery month. On Christmas Day we had approximately 20 inches of snow.. I was happy the roads were good so our family could travel to be with us for Christmas.

This Christmas was very very special to me. My 2 sons and their family came to our home for Christmas. It was such a heart warming day for Bill and I.. My Heart was overflowing with Love I was so Happy.

My youngest son Shane surprised me and as soon as we all got done eating he jump up and started clearing the table.  He told me to sit and enjoy playing with my grandchildren... So Shane did the dishes and Bill wiped and I was all smiles..It was a very lovely gift to me. Oh, How I Love My Family..

Last Christmas I made Chloe a Christmas Stocking.. At this time Jenny told me that her and Shane's stocking were very ragged. So most of the year in my head I was designing Christmas stocking for Shane and Jen, and Mike and Kari...

Both my sons are enthusiastic fishermen and have been since they were very young. So hence I knew their stocking had to have fish on them..

I started actually working on them in September and finished them 2 days before they came for Christmas.. VBG I was so worried I would not get them done in time. 

Above is Mike's stocking with a "Tilapia" fish embroidery on it.

 What do you all think???

This is the Christmas Stocking I made for Kari.  I made pretty bulbs to decorate it.
What do you think???

I embroidery a Redfin on Shane's stocking.

I included a note in both my son's stocking saying the following.  

"Fly fishing is for those who hold that the fun in the race of life is in the running, not just the winning, that existence is its own justification, that a day spent in a stream or a pond with a goal in mind is a JOY even if the goal is not achieved, though a greater JOY if it is"...
Both My Sons were very Happy with their stockings which in turn made me Very Very Happy.

I created a Scandinavian Christmas Tree for Jenny's Stocking.

 For the last 2 Christmas we have downsized to a smaller tree..which I have really liked a lot.  In the photo you can see "My Comfy Chair" were I sit to do all my stitching, crocheting and any other creative pursuit.

I would like again to thank you all for visiting my blog and always leaving such lovely messages for me to read.. They are all greatly appreciated.

I have some very exciting news to share with you all coming up in my next posting. VBG 

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.  

Hugs Judy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hello Everyone, 

 I would like to wish everyone in the USA a Very Happy Thanksgiving.
May the Beauty and the Spirit of the Holiday Season bring you Happiness and Peace.

I will be taking a blogging break for awhile.. MY Mom Louise fell yesterday and broke her pelvis and also has a severe concussion so I need to go and be with her..

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

The weather outside is frightful.. Many inches of snow fell last night and it continues to snow.. 
I created this needle felted Bavaria Winter Wonderland landscape a few years back. My world looks like this today.

I also needle felted this Poinsettia Post Card a few years back as a gift for a friend...  

I would like to virtually send this Poinsettia Post Card to all my blogging friends around the world wishing you all the
 "Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Peaceful and Blessed Happy New Year..

 I hope I will be back soon.

Hugs Judy

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello Everyone,

My Dear Sweet Grand Daughter Vivi turned One Year old in August.
 I think she is just adorable in every way..Vivi has a lovely easy going personality... We just love her so much..

Vivi's mom took the above and below photos of Vivi at her Birthday Party in August.
Because we were away at this time we brought Vivi her Birthday pressie a wee bit early.. I spent many weeks crocheting Vivi a
 "Pink Unicorn"...

  I had never attempted crocheting a stuff animal before so it was slow going at times...But I was determine to make this special gift for Vivi.....

 Below is Vivi and her Mom and the
 "Pink Unicorn".. I really like this photo a lot..

  When she first open up the box and saw the "Pink Unicorn" it put a big smile on her face which in turn put a big smile on my face too...

Isn't Vivi just a sweetie???

Presenting Vivi's Pink Unicorn.......

The pattern I found on Ravelry and is called "Hermione The Unicorn" and was created by Dawn Toussaint.

The next two photos are some up close photo of the "Pink Unicorn"...

What do you all think??

I audition several yarns for the hair, mane and tail and finally decided on this variegated shades of pinks 100% wool yarn... I think it really brightens up the Unicorn.. 

What do you all think??

Recent photos of Vivi..

These are some photos of Ethan Vivi's Big Brother with his big happy smile.

A photo of My oldest son Mike and his family enjoying a fun time at a local Apple Orchard..

Chloe started 2nd grade this year.. This is a lovely photo of Chloe all ready for her first day of school.  She is always smiling and she really loves school...
My youngest son and his family.. Jenny and My Granddaughter Chloe..

I have been over at My Mom's home many times this past Summer.. This small town has a really neat thrift store....

 I am always "Treasure Hunting" and look what I found... 

Antique Cookie Cutters. I just love them both..

The one on the left is called, "Double Acorns"... and the other one is called
 "Symbols of the British Isles"...

Pretty neat find, Me think??

What do you all think??

 And they only cost me $5.00.. What a great deal, hey??? 

I also found this wee plate I could not resist. In fact I can never ever resist anything 'British"!!
The lovely plate had the most neatest saying on it..
"As I was wandering oer the Green,
Not knowing where I went
By Chance I saw a pleasant scene
The Cottage of Content"....

Anywhere in England or Scotland would be a scene of Content for me....  vbg

and it only cost me
$3.00... Another great deal.

A few weeks ago I discovered a new blog that I really fell in love with...

Trace's blog is called

 I really liked Trace's Woolie Apples and Ginger Bread Man... I order 3 apples and Trace was very kind and thoughtful and she sent me 4...What a lovely surprise...

Thank you Trace.

  All my Woolie Apples and Ginger Man made a lovely arrangement in My Antique Wooden Bowl... along with my colorful crochet pumpkin, Woolie pomegranate, leaves and acorns.

 What do you all think??

Kindness is the Sunshine in which Virtue Grows..

Thank you all for visiting and leaving your very kind and lovely comments..

Please have a wonderful week My Dear Blogging Friends..

I am Linking to:


Click Here to read about the "Stash-Buster Challenge" and the November Link Party..

Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful Idea..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



I was able to attend this super wonderful gathering of ladies "Up North" as I call it but the actual town is called Charlevoix, Mi.. 

It is the Pumpkin Time Season  and I have made some more "Wee Pumpkins" and Maple Leaves...
What do you all think of them??

While traveling we got to see some Awesome Gigantic Pumpkins along the way.. Pretty big, hey??

I am proud to say I have been "Stash-Busting too..

DeEtta from "Fiddlehead Finery" planned and hosted this great "Up North" event..

Many ladies came as far as from Sault Ste. Marie, Mi. and other locations in the UP. Also ladies from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Canada came too. We also came from as far south as Ann Arbor...... I think there was about 3 dozens of us in all.

DeEtta's Rug Hooking Art. Love those Sheep and Owls.

On the Left is Maureen Mousley who taught us about the importance of "Color".. Maureen come from the Guild at the Sault.

My friend and Host of this event DeEtta in the Green Vest showing every ones lovely Hooked Rugs

DeEtta also hand-dyes wonderful pieces of wool.  The Sand Bale/Star Fish pillow DeEtta made for a class down in the Florida this coming Winter.

Roxanne is the Owner of "Woolderness" in Hessel Michigan..  She hand-dyes all kinds of fibers and also hand spins them.. She also does Needle Felting classes.

Here you can see I bought some more of her beautiful hand dyed fibers..

I can never say I have never won anything anymore.. See those lovely pile of hand dyed wools..... Yup I won them..  Huge Very Big Smile...
They were donated by Nancy Blair of
  "Tomorrow's Heirlooms" in Allendale, Mi... Thanks you Nancy I love them...

Michele Mueller of "Wild Hare Rug Studio" from Elk Rapids was one of the vendors demonstrating "Needle Punch Rug Hooking..... I have Never seen this kind of rug hooking before..... To say the least I was very impressed with this technique...In fact I loved it!!!

Huge very big smile...

I had the opportunity to chat with 3 lovely ladies...The lady on the left is  Betty Reece holding her most beautiful piece of art called "Tree of Life"".. This technique is called Rug Hooking Sculpturing... Below is 2 closeups photos of this lovely work.

The other two ladies on the right is Becky and Christie..  I think their rug hooking pieces are wonderful too..

Rug Hooking Sculpturing..Isn't the Owl and Squirrel beautiful...

These two lovely hooked rugs were made by Becky.

The hooked rug is an Heirloom Rug from Christie's grandmother.. Lovely isn't it???

I am not sure who made the Summer Cabin but I really liked it allot.

Two wonderful sheep hooked rugs.. I really like these two a lot too..

As you all know I could "Never" leave such a wonderful event with out bringing home a Treasure...

I was very fascinated with the Punch Needle Rug Hooking.. So I bought a Oxford Punch Needle in their smallest size so I could use regular worsted wool with it..

All that most beautiful Harrisville New England Highland hand-dyed yarn I bought at Dorr Mills Store in New Hampshire. I can hardly wait to start Needle Punching..

 Has anyone else done this kind of rug hooking??

When I have NO energy to do anything else I get lost in the most wonderful books..

 I have discovered a new to me Mystery Series called "Hamish MacBeth" by M.C. Beaton..  So far I have read the 3 newest books and truly like them a lot.

  While I was lost in the books beautiful description of Scotland and trying to also play detective.. I discovered that there was a DVD series to go along with these wonderful books..

 I immediately bought this series of too and OH how I love the beautiful landscapes of Scotland... I highly recommend these books and movies.

 Oh, how I would love to go to Scotland some day..

The beautiful bright and sparkling Autumn Colors in Michigan is found everywhere now. In Autumn every leaf is a flower to me.....

  I also found a great bargain at our local nursery I could not resist.. It is a Weeping Norway Spruce.. I think this spruce is very artistic looking in my garden...what do you all think??

I also "Won" some very lovely scented Handmade with Love Soaps from Kathy of "KathyintheozarksSoaps"..  They are all beautiful birds.. Thanks you Kathy for sending them along to me.. Much appreciated.. 

Click Here to read about the "Stash-Buster Challenge" and the October  Link Party..

Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful Idea..

I would like to thank ALL My Wonderful Followers for always stopping by and leaving your most kind and thoughtful comments.  I am very grateful indeed.

Hugs Judy

Below is a photo of My Art...

Monday, September 30, 2013



Last week I had the most fun on the
 "Crazy About Wool" Blog Hop hosted by Denise at "Pieced Brain"... 

I was introduced to so many new lovely blog and I had fun chatting with everyone.

I would like to "Thanks Everyone" from the bottom of "My Heart" who took the time to leave me a kind and wonderful messages to read..
 I have never had so many lovely messages to read ever... Huge Smile...


I also decided to have a 7th Year Blogging Celebration and below are the pressies I Handmade with Love for this important event..

 I have 3  gifts to give away to "Celebrate My 7 Years of Blogging"...
 My Sweetie drew 3 names . 
Drum Roll
Congratulation to the following Winners...
  (1st Prize)  Large Crochet Pincushion...
winner is JOY at "Joy Jink's Creations"..

(2nd Prize)  Small Crochet Pincushion and Felted Scented Soap...
Winner is Sandra at "Reflections and Nature"..

(3rd Prize) The Crochet Star Fish and Crochet Heart...
Winner is Gracie at "Gray Sea Sailor-One Saylor's Log"

Please email with your mailing addresses and I will send off your pressies soon.

Thanks again for everyone who left your kind and wonderful comments. I wish I had a gift for everyone.

This past weekend My 2 Dear Friends and I went to an Autumn craft show in Pentwater.. I another lovely Tourist Town along our beautiful Lake Michigan. 

What fun we had.. I bought this very unique Bird Feeder made from Copper.  It has the most lovely wee glass blue colored bird bead.... You can put all kinds of fruit in it like apples and oranges or put a custard bowl in it with bird feed..

What do you all think.. Pretty cute, hey???

I always find Peace when I lose Myself in Nature...

Hugs Judy 

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