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I have finally tidy up my kitchen to be acceptable enough to take some photos of Our New Kitchen Renovations. LOL I would love to share some of the photos with you all.

I have asked myself several times what I like the best and I can not say because I love it all the best. vbg  My Sweetie hands worked magic and I will forever be thankful for his talents.

First The Country Sunflower Murial puts a smile on my face every morning.   

The Stove Mosaic Sunny Tiles brighten up the area that use to be dull.

 I brought this Hot Plate home with me from Germany.  I bought it at one of the many Wonderful Easter Markets I attended.I still miss those Easter Markets.

 Can you tell there is a "Chook" and "Sunflowers" theme starting to emerge!!  LOL

While Living in Germany one long weekend a teacher and myself decided to go and explore "England". I had always "Dreamed" of seeing the UK so off we went.

 I was not disappointed.  I met some very warm and friendly British People I will never forget. And then I shopped and shopped!! Oh, what fun I had.  VBG  

I am a "Country Girl" raised on a farm with lots of animals about and when I saw this Farm Animal Canister Set I had to have it. I also bought the coffee mugs to match. What do you all think? Unique, hey?? 

The old kitchen floor was most awful.  I think it was the one most thing I dislike about our old kitchen.  Not anymore.
 I really like the marble look and the cream/white make the kitchen look so much bigger and brighter.

In the Summer the Kitchen gets hot and I have always wanted a ceiling fan. I searched and searched for this one.  When I saw the fancy filigree antique looking top part I knew I found the one. 

A very long time ago I needle felted some fruit. I went searching for them and decided it was time for them to be seen. They are now in the Center Piece of the table.

I travel to Belgium twice. Oh, How I love the beautiful city of Brugge known for it lovely lace making art.  

In a very small shop I found this table cloth and instantly love it. It had my "Chooks" and my sunny yellow colors.  I bought this set back in 2003 and I just brought it out of the storage box today. I reckon it has now found its home!

Also while in Germany I travel to the Black Forest 3 times.  Oh, how I love this area of Germany. Every time I went I would look at many different kinds of Cookoo Clocks but In My Mind I did not want the typically looking German style one.

 I found this unique one during my February trip when most of the shops were closed.  The wood carver who made this one only worked for this shop and there was Only ONE of this style of clock in the store. 

I instantly fell in love with the clock because of the birds. ( They are birds from Germany but I can not remember their names. Maybe someone can tell me?)  I call them "Love Birds"! I also very much liked the Autumn Leaves and Grapes on it. The best part the clock was On Sale.  Huge VBG

 My Sweetie loves clocks too so he is the official care keeper of the Coo Coo Clock. LOL  

While living in Germany if I was not working I was traveling.  I loved every minute of my time in Europe.  I brought back with me many antiques.  

Today I can not remember the name of this antique.  It was used to stored bread, flour and sugar in. 

I know you are not suppose to paint antiques BUT IMHO it needed to be yellow to match the "Plate Rack" My Sweetie" made for me several years ago.  What do you think???

I hope you are not getting tired of my stories of living in Germany but I have one more!!
Another country I truly enjoyed visiting was Poland.  I went there twice. Once in 2003 and 2004.

 Wow, what a different one year made in the countryside of Poland. The first time all I saw was battered buildings and barred fences. Just like you would see in a movie.  The roads were poor but the people were lovely. 

On My Second trip the roads were being repaired, new building going up and you rarely saw barred fences anymore. 
I travel on a bus trip from my work and we visited many places.

  I fell in love with "Polish Pottery"!! I loved the Autumn colors in this collection. Yellow/Gold and Blue are my colors. Each piece is signed by the artist! 

It took My Sweetie 2 months to totally finish the kitchen renovation.  I think he did the most fantastic job.  What do you all think???

My first "Tyvek and Moon Beads"!

I have been playing in my sewing room. I have just recently discovered "Tyvek Beads".

 When I first saw them I instantly knew I needed to learn how to make them. I've had such fun playing with this wonder fabric called, Tyvek!!

 A very talented Mixed Media Artist friend of mine, Carolyn, who lives in St. Ives, UK has a wonderful tutorial on how to make them. Carolyn's blog is most fantastic. 

I have also been wet felting. I am planning a wet felted seascape in the near future and wanted some beads and unique pieces to add to it.  I am still stitching on some more.They are so very simple to make. What do you all think of my beads?

I would like to wish ALL my Family and Friends a Very Happy Easter Holiday. 

Hugs Judy
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