Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Greetings Everyone,

I am so VERY Very Happy to be back to My Blog and back to visiting with My Dear Blogging Friends. I have "Missed" visiting you all. I will be catching up with you all very soon. 

The Summer has passed all to quickly.  I would like to share with you all some of My Summer Photos.

First, I purchased this very lovely Lacey Looking and Artistic Crocheted Rose Clock from Astri's etsy shop on her blog at
 "Apple Blossom Dreams".
  I have this very lovely clock in our Sun Room where we spend most of our time during the nice sunny and warm days of Summer.  I love it.. What do you all think??

This Summer we had an unexpected visitor to our front yard..  It was a real JOY for us to discover that Mommy Duck pick My Garden as a place for her nest.  Huge Smile.

  She hide her nest behind My Day Lilly and Under our Bay Window.. We live 2 blocks from their owner's place where he has a pond for them. It is mystery how they choose just the right place for nesting. Can you believe 15 eggs in all????

And of course while we were gone Mommy Duck's Sweet Ducklings hatched and we missed this wonderful event.  BUT we knew the person who owns the duck and he took photo for us while we were gone.  He told us 10 hatched and two were lost.  Mommy Duck has not come back to our yard to show us her ducklings yet. 

We truly enjoyed their visit to our yard this Summer.

My garden has had a bit of a challenge this Summer.  The ongoing saga of deer which have become so use to human in our community they come right into our yard and eat everything in site.  Only One pretty pink bloom from my Hydrangea Bush was saved.

A new back yarn fence is going up while I write. Huge Very Big Smile.......

My Lime Light Hydrangea Bush did well. Look at those impressive blooms.  I love them.

Because our Summer has been so hectic we decided to escape to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a week.  Up North it is so peaceful, relaxing and there is very little traffic to deal with. It is a very spare populated area so a very special place to visit.  We did wonder a bit into Northern Wisconsin too.

These lovely 'Murals" ( click on Mural and you will find many more) are in the town of Ashland, Wisconsin.  In the brochure about the Murals they say this town has the most Murals than any other town in the USA.   Every old historic building has a Mural and I only got a few photos of these beautiful pieces of art.
I really LOVE Murals.  What do you all think??? Any special Mural in your communities??

We also visited "Porcupine Mountains State Park" which is located in the far Western part of the UP. In the top left corner is a photo of the pristine and gorgeous  "Lake of the Clouds".

During our travels we visited 3 Fiber shops. Huge Very Big Smile.  

The first fiber shop we stopped at is in the very quaint  Marina town of Hessel.. It is on the Northern shores of Lake Huron in the UP.  
 "Woolderness Fiber Art Studio and Gallery" was "Heavenly" to visit.  The owner hand dyed and spun the loose fibers above for me.  Her website is very lovely please have a look I am sure you will enjoy it.

Knit-N-Purl is a very unique and lovely yarn shop in Marquette, Michigan.  No website.  The two balls of yarn was spun by the owner of a local sheep farm.  

While on vacation My Dear Friend Shirley from Toowoomba, Qld. Australia sent me some very lovely hand dyed curls. I plan to use them in a project soon. Shirley has a wonderful stitching blog called,
 "Stitches and Life".. 
Thanks Shirley you are very kind and generous.. 

The Yarn Holder and the very soft and beautiful "Baby Alpaca Grande Hues was from a very unique shop called,  "Dutch Oven Yarn Shop"  in Alanson Michigan.. She also has a very nice website so please have a look.

While Up North My Sweetie and me spent many relaxing and fun hours walking along the sandy and rocky shores of Lake Superior.  Every beach was unique with being either very rocky or very sandy.  

We were searching for Pretty Stones or Beach Glass.  We found both.  Not lots of Beach Glass but lots and lots of Pretty Stones.  My Sweetie has several artistic plans for them that I will reveal in the future..  vbg

This trip was a very Happy and Relaxing Trip for us that rejuvenated "Our Spirits" from the hectic pace of our lives. 

Thank you all for your continue support of My Blog and your very lovely comments... They are all greatly appreciated.  

I leave you with One Last Photo of My Wet Felting Soap Project.  I plan to do more "Wet Felting" in the near Future. 

My "SEVEN" year Blogging Anniversary is in September ...  I can hardly believe it has been this long. 

 I have truly enjoyed sharing all 'My Artistic Projects" with you all over the years.  I am planning a Nice Giveaway the middle of September sometime. I hope you all will come back for another visit.  Thanks

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Hugs Judy
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