Thursday, March 22, 2012



As My Sweetie and I was setting in the sun room today admiring this glorious lovely sunny warm day I ask him to give me a number between 1 and 23.  He told me 17.  I asked him why he selected 17 and he said it was a good young age in his opinion.

 So I went to my blog and counted down the comments and found that #17 was "My Message to you All"!  The next comment on the list was from "Anonymous" Lyn from Melbourne Australia. 

Congratulation "LYN" you are the Winner of my Wool Felted Beaded Baubles, the White Ruffle Embellishment, and the wee surprise was a Wet Wool Felted Easter Basket and Wee Egg I created last week. I hope you will enjoy them all. 

I would like to Thanks Everyone for participating in this giveaway.  I am very thankful for all my blogging friends and I look forward to visiting everyone blogs.  

My First Wet Felted Wool Vessel!
Last Friday was a sunny glorious day with record temperature of 83F.  Last year this time there were many feet of snow on the deck. So I took out all my wet felting supplies and I started to play. 
I created My First Wet Wool Felted Vessel. I call it the Easter Magical Seed Weed Vessel. I used hand dyed Icelandic Wool called Bubble Gum.  
I added some hand dyed curls and added beads in between the curls.

 I think the lovely shades of the hand dyed Bubble Gum wool gives the impression of beautiful "Waves of Magical Seed Weed Drifting with the Tides to the surfaces"!

I used all pastel metallic threads and some beautiful glass aqua and pink beads to do the embellishments. I decided the top edge also needed some beads too.  

What do you all think of My First Wet Felted Wool Vessel??

My First Wool Felted Flower Brooch and Sea Shell!
I was having so much fun playing with the wool I also made a "Flower Brooch" and a "Sea Shell".   I was very please with the flower brooch.  I reckon I really need to improve my felting skills when it comes to sea shells.   VBG
Up close photo of My Wet Felted Wool Beaded and Stitched Brooch.

I recently bought these Luscious soft Merino wools. I think the colors are glorious. 

I also recently bought a "Ebook" by Rosie Pink called, 
 "Creating Felt Art Work, Step by Step Guide".
 RosiePink, has great Free Tutorials on felting on her blog that I think you all will find very informative.

My Spring Garden!
Lovely Daffodils
I took a photo of the full Magnolia Tree but I fell in Love with this One Magnificent Magnolia Bloom. Isn't it truly beautiful?

Happy Spring to ALL. 

Hugs Judy

Monday, March 12, 2012



You just have to Love Early Spring Blooming Flowers!!  My Crocuses always put a big smile on my face and make my heart soar with JOY~  Our whole Winter has been very mild so hence my wee delicate, delightful beauties have arrived early!
  I have been very busy creating symbols of Spring! My first creation is this crocheted bowl.

 But this bowl is far from being finished. In my next posting you may not even be able to recognize it.  It may turn into something totally different.  

I have gotten back to doing some wet felting.  I just love the feel of creating with wool. 

 So one afternoon I decided to make some wool felted eggs.   Nothing fancy but the wee eggs will soon have a home.

These baubles were on My Country Bucket see photo on My Header. I thought they needed a bit of sparkle so I added some beads to them.

When I was felting my eggs, a thought came to my mind to felted some wee Pink Baubles to "Celebrate" My Retirement and Spring"! 

The Wee Pink Baubles can be made into ear rings, a bracelet or to embellish any creation.

I now have over "200 Followers" ( Very Big Smile)  so I thought a wee giveaway would be nice to celebrate all three wonderful events. 
Along with the Wee Pink Beaded Baubles I am also giving away this very unique embellishment I found in a Yarn Shop this past weekend.  It shaped is very unique and on the package it is called a "Ruffle".  Can anyone guess what it is made from??? 

There will also be a "Surprise" "Handmade by Me with Love"!!

As always My Sweetie will drawn the "Winner" on March 22nd. This time there will only be 1 winner for all three gifts. Good Luck to All.

I have been waiting for over 1 year for the release of the BBC Land Girls Series 3.  It was release the day after my birthday in February.   My sweetie bought it for me and we have now watched 2 episodes.  I absolutely LOVE this Movie Series.  I would highly recommend this movie series to everyone. Has anyone else watched this Movie Series?? I would love to hear from you.  

In January I "Retired" from being a nurse for 36 years.  For the last several weeks I have been thinking of all kinds of things I would like to do.  

First My Sweetie and Me will be spending more time with family.  Exploring new places with our RV.  I hope to spend more time in My New Studio My Sweetie created for me a couple of years ago. 

Which bring me to the "Next Step" in My Journey of Retirement.  I have decided to open a "Etsy" shop and see if anyone would like to buy any of my creations. 

I have been thinking for weeks what to call this new "Etsy" shop and in the middle of the night it came to me to call it
"CJ's Artsy Creations"!  What do you all think??

So now I need to create some Fancy Business Cards.  Then actually go through the process of setting it up.  In the next few weeks hopefully I will be taking "The Next" step.

I feel blogging makes the world a little smaller and shows me each and everyday that "Our" Journeys are not so very different after all. 

I hope you all will continue to join me as I slowly venture down this new of path of my life called "Retirement"!

A Very Heart Felt Thanks to all my Blogging Friends for their many years of chatting with me.  I have enjoyed every minute of My Blogging Experience!!

Don't forget to leave a comment to be in My Retirement Giveaway!

Hugs Judy
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