Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello Everyone,

A short time ago I received a very lovely message from a kind and wonderful friend saying she would like to make me a tatted heart in celebration of my 60th birthday. Her message truly made me smile and it certainly warmed my heart.  How very kind of Wendy to make such a lovely gesture. She asked me what color I would like it to be.  She sent me off to a couple of tatting sites to look at shades of colors.  I decided on the color called "Wheeping Cherry" hand dyed by Sherry AKA Lady Shuttle Maker. Sherry great blog is called, "Tatting Tales" so please go and have a look. 

Today I received in the post a letter from Wendy in SinaporeWendy's blog is called, Umi & Tsuru. You must have a look at all the turly lovely tatted creations Wendy makes.  I was very excited to open the letter to see My tatted "Queen Of Hearts"!Have a look below, Isn't the color glorious and the heart is so danity and perfectly made.  Thank you Wendy, I love it. 

I opened the lovely card to see what Wendy had wrote to me and to my great surprise Wendy had tatted two more equally beautiful tatted Queen of Hearts. Of course they were in shades of Pinks my favorite colors.  I was overwhelmed and humbled that Wendy would create for me these beautiful tatted hearts. Thank you Wendy form the bottom of My Heart for your very lovely gifts. Please look below at the next two photos.

Above you will find a photo of another wood creation "My Sweetie" made for me to put in my garden. Yup a "Soaring Trellis" for my lovely Purple Clematis which is just about ready to bloom. My Sweetie goes out everyday to guide there vines to the top. I took this pic about a week ago and the vines have already climbed to the second cross bar from the top.  I will take another pic when it is in full bloom.

Today I finished the third BE flower Motif for my shirt.  It is called a Brazilian Embroidery English Rose. It is my first attempt at creating this rose. I used pastel shades of pink to almost white. My shirt is starting to look "Fancy"!

Here is a photo of the three flower motif I have created on my shirt so far. I still need to add the leave to the Aster and maybe a couple of buds too.  What do you all think?  Should I add more smallish flowers inbetween the other flowers?? Or should I just leave as is.  I would greatly appreciate you all opinion.  Thanks

I have decided on paint colors for in My Creative Room. It was not an easy task.  I knew I wanted to create a peaceful quiet atmosphere to create in. I have two windows that lets in lots of light in during the day. I was torned between "Onion Powder" and the "Sourdough".  I ended up with "Sourdough". Both my sweetie and the paint guy reckon that the "Onion Powder" color with all the light would look like NO color at all.  I picked out "Sugar Soap" for the trim around the windows and base boards and it will also be the color for the new book shelves My Sweetie is going to make for me. What do you all think????????  

And last but not least is a photo of My Reblooming Josee Lilac.  It will only get about 4 to 5 foot tall and about the same widith.  It is blooming right outside my front door and the smell is heavenly. It will rebloom again in September.  I love it.

My Sweetie and I am going to start on a "New Journey" in our lives. My Sweetie retires on May 28th 2010. He has worked 49 years full time as a "Master Electrician" and has never been without a job. I admire him so much. My Sweetie is the most Kind, Generous and Loving man I have ever know. I am very "Thankful" everyday we are together.

So I have been now blogging for just about 4 years. I have truly enjoyed sharing my "My Art", "My Gardens" and "My Family" with you all.  I have met so many wonderful and kind blogging friends during this time that I truly treasure.  You all have enhanced my life in so many special ways. I have decided to take a "Blogging Break" this Summer and enjoy this "New Journey" which My Sweetie and I are about to Begin. I hope to visit with you all during this time but I will not be posting anything on my blog. 

I will return in "September" and at this time I will have a "4 Year Blogging Celebration" with a "Give Away of My Art". I am not sure what it will be yet. I hope all My Blogging friend will come back and visit me again in September.  I wish you all a Wonderful, Happy and Fun Summer/Winter!!


Maureen said...

I wish you a happy summer Judy and hope you enjoy many things together, I'll miss you but will look forward to your return. How lovely are those tatted hearts and your shirt flowers are great -take care and enjoy your new 'journey'.

Gina said...

Love the hearts Wendy made - they are one of my favorite patterns!

The flowers on the shirt are gorgeous. I don't know that you actually need more flowers between but a vine with a bud or two would bring it all together nicely. I have a denim shirt I've been meaning to put flowers on for AGES - tatted though.

Have a wonderful summer!

Kali said...

Judy I know you will have a wonderful Journey with your Sweetie this summer...enjoy every minute of it and I'll look forward to hearing from you again on your return.

umintsuru said...

Dear Judy,

I loved tatting those hearts for you and hope you liked the colours of the threads. I thought you might like Yarnplayer's Peace HDT. I wish I could smell those lilacs and your BE roses are so lovely. I agree witth Gina on the BE. Very pretty. I also love clematis. I remember buying them for my balcony garden when I was in Japan. I hope you have an enjoyable summer with your sweetie.

Heather said...

Judy... first of all, what a lovely post, as usual. The tatted hearts are just wonderful. The BE you are doing on your shirt and absolutely tremendous... I'd go with a vine of some sort too... your trellis is lovely, you lucky girl! Always love looking at your flowers and garden. Well, I hope you have a lovely summer... enjoy it and we shall see you in September... hey, isn't that the name of a song, VBG! Hugs.

Deepa said...

Your BE shirt looks great!! I think you can link all the three together with a vine,some leaves and some teeny flowers in between.
Love from India,

Miss 376 said...

The hearts are beautiful, a lovely gift to receive. I think I agree with Gina with regard to the flowers. The shirt is going to be beautiful.
Have a great summer and enjoy your extra time together

Anonymous said...
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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Everyone,

Thank you sooooooo very much for taking the time to leave your lovely comments. I greatly appreciate you advice on my BE flower project. I guess I need to keep stitching. vbg

Also thank you for the wonderful good wishes as we start our New Journey. We are truly looking forward to it.

Hugs to everyone, Judy

Cathy K said...

Judy, I'm so happy and excited for you to begin this new phase of your journey together with your DH. In three years, we'll be in your shoes! Enjoy your summer, Dear One. I know you'll visit and say hi! ;-)

Your Brazilian Embroidery is to die for! WOW. I love those recent roses you did (where was that pattern? Did I miss a link?) I would add a few trailing vines between the three, just to lead the eye. Simple, though, nothing to compete with the blooms.

The tatted hearts are beautiful, and Wendy is a very generous soul. And I like the paint colors you picked. The browns are restful and will mesh so nicely with the pinks you so love! ;-)

Take care and have a happy and healthy summer. Take pictures of your amazing garden for us and any fun places you visit. You'll be in our hearts, and we'll be here when you return in September.


méri said...

What wonderful BE flowers, Judy!
I agree with Deepa about linking the flowers with vines.
I wish you and your Sweetie the best Summers, Falls, Winters, Springs to come in your New Journey beginning just tomorrow, isn't it?
Enjoy your Summer and till September! Have a good time.

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful stitched rose.
Have a wonderful Summer Judy.xx

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks for your comment, Judy!=)

Yes, I've got both of those issues with the cottage design in. I also bought the next one as I like that mag and I can just buy it off the shelf here. I'll have to think about subscribing or ordering through the local newsagents when we get back and settled.

There are a lot of Japanese craft magazine available here, but I haven't really looked at them because the Aussie mags provide enough eye candy and I'd struggle with Japanese, (of which I barely know any). I don't quilt normally, but just got that book as it had such great patterns in. Anyway, I have to get stuff home.....!!!

acornmoon said...

Lovely work, my great grandmother used to do tatting, it is a complete mystery to me however.

Your sweetie is so clever, your clematis will look so pretty climbing up that support.

Enjoy your summer Judy.

Linda said...

Judy, absolutely glorious photos. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and be inspired by your infectious spirit. I truly hope your summer will be fulfilling, and may you have lots of laughter together. We will miss seeing what is going in in your world. I love your BE, your garden, especially the trellis built for you by your wonderful man. Your tatted gift is to die for. I love the colours chosen for your room, exactly what I'd have chosen myself. You will be able to settle in and feel at peace. Happy holidays, thank you for sharing my blog, and especially the friendship. Hugs to you and yours.

shirley said...

CJ Thanks for your kind comments on SF. I love the flowers on your shirt, it is great. Also agree with your choice of colours for your room. When we moved in here there were very bright annoying colours everywhere and we changed them to similar colours to yours, and it is a lot more calming...the only thing was we left my sewing room (had too much junk at the time to move) and now I wish we had.

Enjoy your break.

Jensters said...

What a wonderful gift to have received and the colour you picked was so soft and not sure really what tatting is but it looks stunning.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a sweet gift from Wendy, those hearts are very pretty! Your BE rose is just gorgeous, Judy! I love the colors you chose for your creative room. Those neutrals talk to me more and more.
Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the time with your Sweetie!

Art4Sol said...

Such beautiful work...I am always amazed when I visit! Have a wonderful week!

Laurette said...

Judy...Have a wonderful summer with your Sweetie.I enjoyed your blog,even if I did'nt leave a comment all the time. I will be looking forward to your return in September.

Solstitches said...

Happy belated birthday Judy.
What a lovely post from you full of so many beautiful things.
I love the tatted hearts you received as a birthday gift and those gorgeous flowers you made.
Congrats. to your Sweetie on his retirement. I hope you will both enjoy every minute of a very happy summer.

Lin Moon said...

I just love those BE flowers you're showing. I especially like the pink one in the middle. What stitch is used for the two right flowers? The ones on the right look crocheted, but I know they are embroidered. The effect you can get is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Have a wonderful summer break with your man. Yes, we will be waiting for you and will see you in September x

FIONA said...

Beautiful hearts Judy and belated birthday wishes. I am new to your blog but thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking at your beautiful photos. thankyou. x

Gerry said...

Hello Judy,
I just ran across an email from you, from back in January. You were looking for blog backgrounds then. Obviously you found one and it is lovely!

I wish you all the best in your retirement adventures with you DH. What a wonderful and exciting time in your lives.

Well, since I'm here I'm going to look around a bit more. Take care, Gerry

karen said...

I hope you are having a magical summer xxx

Pennie said...

I am missing your lovely posts and pictures, Judy!

Wishing for you and your Sweetie a very magical summer -- I am praying for your safe return, and looking forward to new posts in September!

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