Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year to All Our Family and Friends

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a very lovely Christmas Holiday.

The last few months has been hectic but I've found a wee bit of time to create something I have been planning to make for some time. First I bought this lovely Pale Pink Rose Toile fabric back in April when I was visiting the Paducah Quilt Show. A few months later I discovered "Laurie Charming Designs" and her absolutely wonderful "Hearts and Roses Push Pins and Refrigerator Magnets". I've had them since summer. So I finally got a nice bulletin board and put them all together. Here is the results. I love it. What do you all think??? It will go into my sewing room after I paint the walls this same lovely pale pink color.

This photo show an up close of the Lovely Hearts and Roses Push Pins.
I received this "Lovely Friendship Calender" from a Dear Friend in Australia. Every month is full of lovely photos of blooms and china. It is one of the prettiest calenders I have ever seen and it has the most wonderful "Friendship" quote every month to read.

I believe everyone know what a big fan I am of Anne of Green Gable. My Dear DIL Jenny called PEI and order this 100th Anniversary Ornament for me along with a couple of other gifts below. I love them all.

Jenny also bought me a PEI Travel Book. I plan to read this from cover to cover.
Jenny also order this lovely "Anne of Green Gable Wind Chime". It will be hanging from my Gazebo as soon as Spring gets here. At the moment with all the heaps of snow we have it is difficult to imagine Spring yet.
I have admired Victorian Christmas Cracker for sometime. This is my first attempt of creating one. The focus fabric is called "Christmas Greeting, Flower Fairies" from the estate of Cicely Mary Barker. I let my stitching imagination be inspired from this lovely piece of fabric. I gave it as a Christmas Present filled with goodies for a Dear Friend.

Below is the Christmas Cracker I received. It was created with lovely Bangkok silks fabrics and embellished in very pretty stitches and beads and such .
I also received some Lovely Treasures from another Dear Friend in The Netherlands. I plan to use the "Rose Buttons" on my Crazy Quilt that I plan to start working on again in the new year. I truly love the Beaded Pendant and the beautiful folded Christmas Ornament and the very lovely fabrics.
I also received a couple of "Beautiful Post Cards from a friend in the UK". I just loved the wool felted flowers and rolls that I received from my friend in Australia.

I had my Christmas Catus for many years and it has been at my Mom home for some time. I finally brought it home with me at Thanksgiving. I took some Vitamin B tablet and dissolved it in water. I then diluted it with another glass of water and then gave it to my Christmas Catus. I could hardly believe it immediate went from very sad looking to blooming within a month. Isn't it just beautiful. Hopefully next year I will have many more blooms.
Two days prior to Christmas we received lots of rain. Then on Christmas Day Night it started to snow and it has not stopped yet. Below our "Lovely Two Bird Feeders" My Sweetie build for me and they are being smothered in snow. They are filled with lots of food but No birds are to be seen. I think they are all snuggled in Pine Trees trying to keep warm.

And this is a photo of Our Winter Wonderland today. A bit overcasted but the sun came out a bit later.
My Sweetie and I would like to wish all Our Family and Friends a Very Healthy and Joyous New Year. I look forward to chatting with all my blogging friends next year.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas To All Our Family and Friends

I was very fortunate to have met Heloisa from Brazil this year on Stitchin Fingers. We fast became Good Friends. Heloisa stitches some beautiful creations and she sent me the above lovely card called "Christmas Lady". The card is truly beautiful. I also received some very pretty buttons too. Thank you very much Heloisa!

I also swaps Dorset Buttons with Jinann from Virginia. I think my Christmas Dorset Buttons are absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much Jinann for creating them for me.

I have fallen in love with creating Dorset Buttons. The top one I called a "Snowflake Crosswheel". The two larger "White Dorset Buttons" are Singleton with my touch added. I especially lile the pink flower one. I used a Woven Picot Open and Closed stitch to create them. It is the first time I have ever used this stitch and I really loved the look of it. I put a pink pearl bead in the center which I think really make it special. The small pink Dorset Button one is called a Star Shirtwaist. This is my first attempt and I found it a bit more difficult. I am going to have to perfect this technique.

I also created these Dorset Buttons too. All three were given as gifts.

I have been admiring some Art Envelope on Stitchin Fingers so I decided to try and make a Christmas Art Envelope too. This is a close up of a Poinsettia with beads.

This is a photo of the inside of the Christmas Art Envelope.

This photo shows the whole front of the "Christmas Art Envelope". I really enjoyed making it. It went to my new friend Heloisa in Brazil.

I called this needle felted Post Card in red, "Christmas Dance". I added lots of snowflakes with beads and metallic threads.

Another needle felted Post Card in Pink, also called "Christmas Dance"! I also added more snowflakes beads and lovely metallic threads to make it sparkle. I used all lovely Icelandic Wools on them both.

I made this Silk Ribbon Christmas Post Card for us. It symbolizes what a "Wonderful, Precious, and Cherished Life I have with My Sweetie".

Our Christmas Tree this year. We decided to put it in the corner this year to give us more room for family to gather about. It is decorated with hand blow and painted German Blue Ornaments along with special ornaments made by my friends.

Today the sun is shining in Michigan. At the beginning of the week I could not even see the fence from the front window we were having such an dreadful snow blizzard. We got 14 inches of snow. Thanks goodness some of it has melted from the sun and rain. vbg
I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful friends blogging. To me Friends are Like Flowers. Each could stand alone on it own beauty. But group together each enhances the beauty of the other.
My Sweetie and I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Fairy Post Card

Heather my Dear Friend from Canada and I decided to exchange Christmas Post Cards this year! We coordinated opening them together Tuesday evening. Heather especially loves fairy but I had NO idea my pressies this year would have a Fairy theme. This beautiful Christmas Fairy Post Card is pictured above. The thread painting is incredibly exquisite and the silk ribbon embroidery Poinsettia, lovely fairy gown and Dove are truly stunning. Look at her dainty 3 D fairy wings. Heather is truly an artist and you can see more of her lovely art work on her blog at "A Cherish Life"!

I created a Brazilian Embroidery Christmas Tree Post Card for Heather. I used all Brazilian Floss and added lots of beads and put some pressies underneath the tree.

Here is the other lovely things I received from Heather. A DVD called "Fairy Tales" which I plan to watch with my sweeties at our usual Friday Night at the Movie! I am really looking forward to watching it. On the back it say that it takes place in England during WW1. I love anything that would be based in the UK. Please note the Refrigerator magnet. We both have the same feelings about kitchens. LOL

I love Roses and especially Pink Roses and this gorgeous Journal is based on Cicely Mary Bakers lovely garden fairies. The "Rose Fairy" is so beautiful on the front of the journal. Inside Heather wrote me a Lovely Christmas Message and tells me I can use this journal to write down all my inspirational thoughts and idea for creating in it. Heather also wrote me the most lovely poem.

"She sat there on my hand a tiny Fairy thing.

I couldn't believe my eyes and then she started to sing.

A voice as delicate as an angel its lilt caressed my ears like no sound I'd ever heard it near brought me to tears.

I closed my eyes and listened a song so sweet and airy to my memory I commit the melody of the fairies".

By Heather Johnsgaard

Thank you Heather for writing this very lovely Poem into my Journal for me to read. Our Friendship is very special and I feel very blessed to have you as a friend.

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