Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wired Silk Ribbon Doll Hat with Beads

I was asked to provide an upclose Pictures of the Wired Silk Ribbon Doll Hat. Upon looking closely at the hat I notice that Inge has two Wired Silk Ribbons gathered and placed on top of each other. One being closer to the front of the head and the other place a bit back making the Hat a bit bigger. Then Inge held the ribbons in place with beads in the middle. A very lovely Hat for the "My Rose Flower Garden Spirit of Friendship Doll". She warms my Heart everytime I look at her and reminds me that Truly Friends are the Flowers in Life's Garden.

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quilter said...

Thanks for the photo Judy, you are an excellent photographer. Judy, this is just one ribbon, not two, the book with patterns for these kind of ribbons is "The artful ribbon" by Candace King and for all the beading fringes I use the book "Bead embroidery, the complete guide" by Jane Davis. It is so easy, just one piece of ribbon ( I buy this ribbon from ) and a few beads and you have a beautifull flower. If you would like any copies of the patterns just let me know, love, Inge

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