Saturday, October 13, 2007

A visit from My Friends/Neighbors In Germany

On October 5th my good Friend Ulla my neighbor when I lived in Germany came to visit with her DH Harry, Anjana and Josh. It was sooo great to see them again. While I was living in Germany they were among several families who was always there for me to chat and visit with. Anjana was a foreign exchange student two years ago and was place with a very nice family in North Dakota. Soooooo this visit was to come and visit me and to take Anjana back to North Dakato to visit her American Friends and Host Parents.

Our first evening we sat for several hours just chatting and catching up. Very nice. On Saturday we started off early to explore the beautiful shores of Lake Michgian. Our first stop was at our local park where they could see the White Lake Lighthouse which is across the channel from the park. The channel allows boats in and out of our White Lake to Lake Michigan. The first picture in the slide shows us all together. The next picture is Harry, Ulla, Anjana and Josh enduring the strong winds at the Ludington Lighthouse which is approx. a mile walk from the Beach along a long break wall. The next picture is our visit to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Everyone was very brave and took on the challenge of climbing them. After the kids got to the top Ulla decided she could climb them too. vbg Then Harry went and DH decided he was not going to be left behind and up he went tooo. Moi, climb them many years ago but pass this time around. LOL We also visited Muskegon Lake Channel. Silverside Submarine a (WW2 Vintage Sub) is the only floating submarine dock for visitor to go inside and have a look. Harry, Josh and Anjana went aboard while we all watch boats come and go. While they were on board the USS Manistee Coal Frieghter was heading back to Lake Michigan and it was very cool to see such a big frieghter sooo close up. The final picture is of Harry and Ulla while we were in Grand Haven. A very nice picture. I truly enjoyed our visit and it was sad to see them go. Thanks Harry, Ulla, Anjana, and Josh for taking the time to visit us in Michigan.

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