Monday, October 1, 2007

Ribbons Lace Beads and Fabrics

My DH and I went on a get away weekend and he took me several wonderful places. First stop was my very favorite Fabric Shop called "Yards of Fabrics" in Mason Michigan. Unfortunately, Jeanne is not online but her telephone number is 517-676-2973. Here I found JBM new Fabric line called Ornamentations which is incredibly beautiful.. I bought the velet cotton Ercu, pictured with the ribbons and beads. I also bought some very lovely ribbons and laces at Jeanne shops. Jeanne told me she had order the whole JBM Fabric line but it had not all came in yet. I also showed Jeanne the picture of "The Excellent Japanese CQ" I wanted to make sooo she help me pick out some other lovely fabrics she had in the shop.

Then we went on to the American Sew Expo in Novi, Michigan. There was many vendors which I enjoyed shopping at. Shirley from "The Stitching Well" from Bay City, Mi. had her kits available from the class she was teaching called "Stumpwork Dragonflies" so I bought one of those. I bought some silkies from Ribbon Smyth booth but I did not get a chance to talk with Victoria. I also discovered "Helen Gibb's" booth which I found some lovely French and Italian ribbons that had been marked down soooooo I was quick to buy them. vbg I shopped until I was about ready to drop soooo we left to go visit my sons, DIL's, sweet grandchildren and my Mom where we had such a very nice time visiting.

On our way home we stopped in Franenmuth, Mi. to shop at "Bead Haven" and collected some very lovely beads to add to my first Crazy Quilt. Soooo all and all a wonderful getaway weekend but we are always happy to come home. As my collections of things increase, I am getting more excited all the time about starting my "Frist CQ"..

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Susan said...

Sounds like a *wonderful* getaway! Your purchases just look like so much fun, too. I love shows like that and haven't been to one in ages. It's different from going to a quilt show with vendors. I'm glad you had a great time. Thanks for the link to bead haven. might be able to put together a fabric pack for you, for your Japanese project, too. Write her and tell her what you are doing. She's done some for me. I just tell her the fabrics I don't like. =)

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