Monday, October 29, 2007

CQ Rose Garden Fairy Spirit Doll

This year I have explored many different hobbies and Rose Garden Fairy includes several of these new learned techniques. They are Crazy Quilting, Beading, Hand Dying Lace and Ribbons and creating Clay Faces. I started creating Spirit of Friendship Doll in May of this year. I truly enjoy creating them and have given them to family and friends. "Rose Garden Fairy" I have made for me. I especially love my "Rose Garden "so "Rose Garden Fairy" is a reflection of my gardening passion. I hand dyed the rose lace around her waist. Her sweet face I created with Kato Polyclay and I painted it with PearlEx Pigment Powder . Beading is also a new found passion so I created many of the flowers with beads. She has several Silk Ribbon Roses surrounding her "Lace Beaded Heart". Of course you always see butterflies in your garden so My Spirit Doll had to have one too. Her wings are took from a silk ribbon flower arrangement I found in the basement. vbg I loved how they make her sparkled. I plan to hang her in "My Creating Room" to admire while my fingers are busy creating more Spirit of Friendship Doll, Crazy Quilts and heaven know what else. vbg Creating pieces of art brings a big smile to my face and makes me feel good. I hope my special gifts to others will also bring these same feeling to them too.


Maggie R said...

This doll is as beautiful as the other one.I love the lace and all the embellishments. Very inventive and effective with the wings.
Speaking of which I pulled off a tutorial on wing making just this morning. Here's the link
Worth a look.
I'm gonna try it!

Anyway you have inspired me to do a crazy patch doll body...
I have to finish my tribal challenge first.
Have a great day

quilter said...

She`s gorgeous!!!Love, Inge

Candi said...

She's just beautiful! What a gorgeous job you've done:)

piney cq said...

What a cutie! She is SURE to inspire you to create many, many things! VBG!

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