Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful Tatting from My Kindred Spirit Friend Wendy

Hello Everyone

I asked My Kindred Spirit Friend Wendy from Singapore if she would tat some Easter Motifs for me.  I was starting a "Dreaming of Spring" Journal Page and thought I would love to add some Easter tatting to the scene. Wendy does amazing lovely tatting and when I received the Easter Motifs I was very humbled by all the lovely things she sent me.  Beautiful, Beautiful wee works of art. Wendy has a fantastic blog called,
Umi & Tsuru please have a look. Wendy creates some very lovely creations.  

When the packages arrived I had to admire the lovely Singapore Flower stamps. This is the Year of the Rabbit and there was also a pretty rabbit stamp too.
Wendy had all the tatting inclosed in lovely envelops which had wee bunnies on them. The box held a very big surprise, a truly "Beautiful Cattleya Orchid" that Wendy bought while she was in Thailand visiting family. It is so very delicate and fragile and it made its long journey all in one piece!  A very Lovely Treasure indeed! Thank you Wendy! 

I was very surprised to also find some very pretty tatted Roses in a Basket, Hearts and a Tea Pot.  The Spring Daffodil in the Pots was awesome. I can hardly wait to see daffodils in my garden but until I see them bursting forth in bloom, I will have tatted ones to admire! Thank you again Wendy!

I love Spring for many reasons but the Easter Season is very special to me!  Now I have heaps of Bunnies and Easter Eggs in truly beautiful shades of Spring colors to add to my creations. Isn't all the tatting motifs truly beautiful?

 I feel so blessed and grateful to have such a "Kindred Spirit Friend in Wendy".  Thank You Wendy from the bottom of My Heart for all your Kindness  and Thoughtful gifts.

I am sad to report we had another "Snow Blizzard" and this time we got caught on the road when it happen. We went to visit family on Friday and the weather was very very sunny and 50F. Glorious! By the time we traveled one hour all the snow had disappeared.  I was all smiles.  I could barely believe my eyes that in Michigan this time of year there was No Snow!! We left behind at home 2 1/2 feet of it in our front yard.   But this Blissful weather did not last long. 

Within three days yet another snow blizzard arrived and you can see from the photo above how hazardous the driving conditions became. It took us more than double the time to get back home. Oh, how I hate Winter! vbg

But I refuse to leave all My Family and Blogging Friends with a dreadful snowy photo. Instead I will share with you all Beautiful Lillies that My Sweetie gave me!! Aren't they truly gorgeous.
Until next time I will be "Dreaming Of Spring"!


Tea Party Daily said...

Oh my, the tatting pieces are just beautiful! Tatting is one craft I've never tried. Love the gorgeous flowers!

Ruby said...

Judy, I tried to send you a PDF copy of a potholder from Wastebasket magazine. Did you get anything?? I just looked, this was 2/5. How time flies. I didn't think it was that long ago! LOL

umintsuru said...

Hi Judy,
It was certainly a pleasure tatting for you. I love how you arrange the roses with the basket, much, much prettier than mine.
Thoughts of early sping for you are in my mind. Hoping that was the last of the snow blizzards for this season.

Miss 376 said...

What lovely post

Quayceetatter said...

Nice tatting!! Flowers always brightens ones day and Lilies usually has a light fragrance.
Linda M in NM

Wilma said...

The tatted pieces are awesome, especially the daffodil!

Linda said...

What beautiful tatting. Your Wendy is a master, and so kind as well. You arrange and photograph everything so beautifully, I admire it so much. I am so sorry to hear about the snow storm again. I hope that soon is a distant memory. Your lillies are just beautiful, and I'm sure your hubby appreciates his gal, and shows his feelings, and I daresay you deserve it......LOL...

teresa said...

I can't believe how beautiful the tatting is. So delicate and fragile. Sorry to hear about your blizzard... it seems the world is having some awful, crazy weather at the moment. Take care

Heather said...

Delightful chatting gems! I am sure you are going to put them to wonderful use. Hang in there with the snow, spring is right around the corner, (for some sooner than others VBG!) Hugs.

Dianne said...

Dear Judy, Little wonder you are 'dreaming of spring'. Look forward to seeing what you can do with your lovely little tatting pieces from Wendy. Di.

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