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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Earth Loom And A Beautiful Deck, Gazebo

My Sweetie and I both loves nature and wildlife and we feed our birds year around. This past summer I discovered a book called, "Zati, The Art of Weaving A Life" by Susan Barrett Merrill. In this book Susan helps her readers understand the centuries-old metaphor, entertains us with beautifully written archetypal stories, and guides us to a more fully understood life of love, awareness, and healing. This book has stunning photos coupled with eloquently written text help open doors to our inner thoughts and coax our inner and outer lives into synch, and show us that peace is possible. I showed "My Sweetie" a photo of the "Earth Loom" and he told me he could create one for me. It is 10 foot high and 5 foot wide and he made this in two hours. Isn't it wonderful?

In this book there was many different kinds of "Looms" shown. I fell in love with the "Earth Loom". It is a living symbol, planted into the ground and the weaving are a gift of friendship. Earth Looms may be made with indigenous materials and my husband and I chose Sunflowers, Cornstalks, Cattails, Autumn Leaves in which the birds and squirrels can feel off of during the winter months. This afternoon my sweetie and I both weaved in our findings from nature and truly enjoyed this art of weaving.
This is an up close photos of the bounty of nature we weaved into our Earth Loom.

My Sweetie is a very kind, caring and giving person and a very talented wood artist too. Last summer he renovated our screen-in sun room and created it into a living space that we can now used 7 to 8 months of the year. The next two photos are of the finished deck and gazebo. Then the rest are the photos shows the process of how he created this wonderful project for us.
This Spring we decided to add on a small porch off the sun room which turned out to be a lovely deck instead. I mentioned in passing that I always dreamed of having a Gazebo so I could sit outside even when it was raining and listen to the sounds of nature and not get wet. "My Sweetie" said, if you would like a Gazebo and then we will add a Gazebo too. I could hardly believe he was serious but he truly meant it. "My Sweetie" started this project the middle of May and finished it the middle of September. He created this lovely Deck and Gazebo all by himself working on it after work for an hour or two and on weekends when we were not busy with family commitments.
While "My Sweetie" worked on the Deck and Gazebo I decided to add a couple more flower gardens around it. Then with the help from my Mom we created the patio block sidewalk along the front and side. Now this was really hard work but we did it together. I will never forget how wonderful it was to work with my mother on this project. We actually finished it while there was a misty rain coming down.

This is a photo of "My Sweetie" hard at work. How he ever did all this work by himself is beyond me. He is such a very talented wood crafter.

We only had a couple of weeks in September to really enjoy our new deck and gazebo but plan to have lots of family BBQ next summer.
I give thanks everyday for my wonderful husband. I feel very blessed that our lives came together. WE will be married 5 years this coming November and I hope we have many more wonderful years to spend being together.



Gayle said...

I love, love, love the idea of the earth loom. And what a talented husband you have...beautiful gazebo!

Jane said...

I love the weaving. It will be fascinating to see the birds reactions to it ovet the winter

Jasmine said...

Your sweetie certainly is talented. Heres wishing you many more happy years.

I love, love, LOVE your earth loom. What a wonderful way of presenting a winter larder for the beautiful birds.

Thank you xx

Heather said...

Judy.... what a wonderful loom your Sweetie made - I think it is an absolutely fantastic piece and wonderful for the birds too... a piece of art that you can enjoy all winter long too! And your gazebo, deck, and path - they are excellent - what a way to spend your summers.... your Sweetie did a fantastic job, and he is indeed talented with wood! Beautiful memories you will always have of you and your Mum working together! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable inspirational read on a sunday afternoon. Thankyou Judy. Might have ago at the earth loom myself...gentle art work with thought for the birds in are coming winter months. Carol. x


Hello Gayle, Thanks for visiting and leaving your wonderful message for me to read.

Hello Jane, the birds still have not found it but it has only been up less than a day. Thanks for visiting.

Hello Jasmine. Thanks for the well wishes for our anniversary. Greatly appreciated. I thought you would love the Earth Loom. I am hoping I can keep it full this winter for them.

Hello Heather. Yes, My sweetie is a very talented wood crafter and I feel very blessed to have him in my life. My mom only gets to visit me once a year and our time this summer was spent outside and we had such a wonderful time together. Thanks for visiting.

Hello Carol, I am sooo glad you feel my blog is inspirational. I hope you build an Earth Loom too. Hugs to all Judy

Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

Judy, I haven't visited in a short while, but sure glad I came by today. So much to see and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Your blog is beautiful and filled with interesting and lovely posts. Keep up the good work.


Karen said...

what a fantastic space you have created, wonderful!

RagJó said...

A beautiful post you wrote, as always. Your husband sure is a good wood crafter! But it takes more then that, he seems to have his heart in it too :-)
wow, I just love your deck. How wonderful it will be in the spring! and even if it is cold to go out there dressed warm for a little while at a time, and watch nature change through the winter. You and your mother working on the sidewalk and flower beds around it sure add to the treasure of your garden.
I love the loom, what a great idea!
I always love reading your blog.

Jane said...

That Bill did a most wonderful job! I'm sure you'll spend many enjoyable hours out there in the gazebo together. I had seen another post about the earth loom and to see that you made one too. Will be interesting to see how it changes with the seasons and how much will "disappear" next spring during bird nesting time. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Maureen said...

Love that Earth loom Judy - it's a beautiful idea!

Laurette said...

Hi,Judy, You are certainly lucky to have a sweetie that can do something as wonderful as the Gazebo and Deck. I specially like the "Earth Looms" and its bounties for the birds and squirrels for them to feed in the winter months.

Tammie Lee said...

Your sweetie sure built a lovely porch and gazebo! How wonderful that you two did the earth loom together, that looks like grand fun.

MOMENTS Designs said...

Judy, you really do have a wonderful husband...do you think I could borrow him next summer ?? A Gazebo would look wonderful in our garden! LOL
He did a beautiful job!!!
Hugs, Liz who can picture herself stitching under it :-)

Cathy said...

Judy dear, you were truly lucky to find such a dear man later in life (I did too!) What a wonderful project and way to show love! And your mother and you working together on the bricks... brings tears to my eyes as I remember back to the loss of my mom, three years ago this week. Anyway, can't wait to see more photos of this next year! :-) And that garden loom is INCREDIBLE. I'm going to find that book - what an inspiration! Love ya, Cathy

Genie said...

Hi Judy
Love the pics and congratualtions on your Anniversary,
Hugs genie


Hello Everyone, I would like to thank everyone who leaves there wonderful and kind messages for me to read. They are all greatly appreciated. Hugs Judy

Deb said...

Oh, my! How I love the Earth Loom!! What a fantastic thing to do. And, your new addition made by DH is wonderful! How can you stand it? :]

saoriweaver said...

I've just created a post about my Earth Loom and it's evolution and have also included a link to your blog post.


Happy Weaving,

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