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Even though there was a Snow Blizzard on my birthday  that delayed Our Plans I still received a Very Special call from our local florist saying I have a Spring Bouquet that someone wants you to have today.  I can not tell you how this brought a Big Smile to My Face. 

I received Many Lovely Birthday Wishes via emails, cards, phone calls and even this Lovely Spring Bouquet from My Son and his family.

My Granddaughter Chloe who is Only 7 Years Old called me up and sang me Happy Birthday Grandma and at the end said, I LOVE YOU!! I am still smiling and I will never forgot how she made me feel so very loved. 

My SIS Lyn was not born into my family as my sister.  We met on the Internet back in 1997 through The Southern Cross Quilters.  We instantly became Kindred Spirits and began sharing our lives daily.

 Shortly there after We decided to say we were SIS and it has been 16 Wonderful and Most Lovely Years of having Lyn for MY SIS.

  Back in 2000 Lyn made a Long Journey from Melbourne Australia to  come and visit me so she could share My 50th Birthday with me. 

Lyn stayed 3 months and we celebrated everyday together and we shared some most wonderful adventures...

At the time I was working on the Naval Base in Norfolk Virginia so we were close to many wonderful places to visit. 

Below we are visiting a Quilt Show in North Carolina in the Spring.  I am sorry for the poor photos but back then I did not have a fancy camera.  vbg 
It was a glorious Day with the Daffodils blooming and the sky was such a Brilliant and beautiful shade of Blue.

My SIS is in the blue jeans and Me in the yellow outfit.

Yesterday I received a very large box in the Mail from My SIS...which of course put a big smile on my face. 

 My Pressie flew thousands and thousands of miles to bring me a smile and good wishes.

After opening My Pressies I found the most beautiful boxes with a picture of a Peony on them. The Peony is My Most favorite Flower.

 They came from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. The are in My Most Favorite Colors of shades of Wine and Pink.
I was very very excited to open them.

I also received this wonderful book.  It is not only a cook book but a beautiful treasury chronicles of the daily lives of the Amish with very lovely photos. I love it.

Back to My Lovely Botanical Plate.  It looks so very exquisite and real I feel like I could really touch its fragile petals.

The Botanical Peony Mug also came too.

I can just see Myself Drinking a Pomegranate Strawberry Tea from My Mug and eating a lovely cake off the plate. 

  I wish Lyn was here to have Tea with ME. I also received the most lovely birthday card.

Below is another photo of Me in white and Lyn with Blue Jeans  at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  

During those 3 months which passed very quickly we visited many places in the surrounding states and had some really great adventures we will never forget.  

Truly Wonderful Memories. 

Thanks you Lyn for the Very Lovely Birthday Gifts I will treasure them always.

 And Most Important for being My SIS for all this years.

Hugs Judy


Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Judy!
What a lovely sister you have. I love the plate and cup! They are gorgeous, and such wonderful quality.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

Heather said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday Judy... what lovely pressies from your dear Sis, and yes, just in the colours you love... suits you perfectly! Hugs.

Shirley said...

Hi Judy, A belated happy happy birthday. It sounds as though you had a wonderful one. I enjoyed reading your previous post about the adventures with your sis. I love the colors of your flowers. Our yards look very similar with all of the snow. I am so tired of it. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Sue said...

Happy belated birthday to you!
My mother and I were in Pigeon Forge in November and enjoyed every minute of our week there!

Quayceetatter said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the flowers and Birthday call from a special little girl. Nice gifts from a special "Sis".. Spring is coming

Betsy Adams said...

Oh what a great friend you have. So glad that your 'Sis' could visit you. Hope you can visit her sometime --or maybe she will come back...That is awesome...

Hope you had a terrific birthday. Have you had your trip yet?


shirley said...

I loved seeing the photos of you and your Sis. What a wonderful friendship you two have across the miles.

Your gifts are lovely, the plate and cup are just beautiful....a real treasure.

shirley said...

I loved seeing the photos of you and your Sis. What a wonderful friendship you two have across the miles.

Your gifts are lovely, the plate and cup are just beautiful....a real treasure.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Happy Birthday. What wonderful gifts from your sister. You are so lucky to have a sister!

Carola Bartz said...

The peony is my favorite flower as well! I need to plant some in my garden as I am still designing it. My mom also loved peonies and they're the most beautiful reminder of her.
How wonderful to have such a good friend/sis! You are truly blessed!
Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sis thank you for your loving words, yes we did have fun times, memories that can have me laughing almost out loud all these years on. Spring is on the way for you, so sit and enjoy your special tea and cake in your new chinaware whilst sitting in your garden. The minute I saw the Botanical design I knew I had to buy it for you my dear. Again Happy Birthday xx. Lyn ♥

margaret said...

belated happy birthday greeting. Lovely to read about you and SIS, wonder if there are any plans to visit her in Melbourne, well worth going have visited 3 times and the botanical gardens are glorious.

Astri said...

What a heartwarming story of friendship!

Belated birthday wishes being sent your way Judy. Looks like you had a wonderful day...and that granddaughter story - so sweet!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Such thoughtful gifts from your Ozzie SIS!
What a lovely story - I too have made a few lovely friendships with blogging. The thing is, bloggers "get it" the things we love to do and then 'show and tell'!!!
Shane ♥

Dagmar said...

Lovely story..thanks for coming over to say hi,
Have a good week!

Lilac Haven said...

Happy Birthday! Love your gifts. Spring is on the way..

Lilac Haven said...

Happy Birthday! Love your gifts. Spring is on the way..

Helen said...

Happy Belated birthday, Judy. what a great sis you have. thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.

Ann said...

Well happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like you had a really nice one.
My husbands son works at the navel base in Norfolk. He was in the navy but is now a civilian employee.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you are still celebrating! I love reading your story about your 'sis'! I've made so many special friends through blogging and this story warms my heart. I love your special gifts, flowers and the birthday song! We are blessed, my friend!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I think that was a most wonderful birthday. Your Sis is awesome. How great to have someone so special in your life. :)

Judy S. said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday, Judy! Sounds like it was a nice one. The plate and cup are beautiful!

Maureen said...

Belated happy birthday greetings Judy!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Those flowers certainly would brighten up the day. And you received so many lovely gifts from your SIS. I have a couple of friends that I consider to be sisters of my heart. Though we don't see or talk to each other all the time, we know we are there for each other no matter what and always can pick up where we left off no matter the time in between visits. How wonderful that Lyn was able to travel from Australia to spend so much time with you all those years ago. Wishing you a fabulous Friday. Tammy

amit said...

Happy belated Birthday Judy..... I am sending the most beautiful fresh flowers of well wishes. Please accept this wonderful gift. May almighty God bless you healthy happy and prosperous life.

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