Friday, June 26, 2009

New Dawn Roses and Laurie's Lovely Art

Good Day Everyone from steamy and very warm Michigan. A few weeks ago I discovered a truly artistic blog called "Laurie's Charming Designs". Laurie is a very talented watercolor artist. I instantly fell in love with her delightful magnets. I emailed Laurie and ask if she could create Hearts, Roses, Pineapple and Snowman magnets for me. Of course Laurie said, she would be very happy to do so. Yesterday I received my package and the wrapping had "Pink Roses" swirling around my address in water colors. The mail lady was very impressed. And I was so thrilled to received a package where the outside looked like a piece of art. Lucky Me. Of course I loved all the Hearts and Rose magnets/pushpins. Now stay tune for what I plan to do with all these push pins and magnets!!! vbg Laurie also created a magnet "Bird Nest with Roses" surrounding it as a surprise gift for me. Thank you Laurie, I love it. I also ordered the wee birdie with wool felted bird nest too. It is truly adorable. Please have a look at Laurie's lovely blog.
I planted my New Dawn Rose bush three summers ago. Last year I had a few wee lovely pale pink blooms. I have been fertilizing all my roses with coffee grounds and over ripped banana peels since early April. This tip was given to me by a fellow gardener. I have never tried this method before so I decided to give it a go. I could not believe how well my roses bushes responded to this simple and inexpensive way of fertilizing them. The greenery went from a few spikes last year to a lush canopy this year. I was hoping to see heaps of lovely pale pinks blooms and you can see I was not disappointed. These truly lovely blooms started at the end of last week and they keep blooming. Spectacular indeed.

On the opposite of my New Dawn Rose I have these lovely clematis purplish pink blooms climbing to me it. Glorious. I am so very please with my gardens this year.

Last year I never saw my Day Lily and many other bushes and flowers bloom thanks to the pesty deer devouring them every night. My Sweetie, has worked from early Spring trying to keep the deer at bay. We have motion water senors, awful smelling stuff we spray around just about every evening which has helped allot. But the best tip came from my sweetie's co-worker. He told us to buy fish line and string it around our gardens. So my dear sweetie went to the hardware store straight away and purchased fish line and fiberglass poles. Then my sweetie drilled holes at three different heights on the poles and spray painted them green to blend in with the grass. Since installing this simply solution around my gardens we've not had one bloom eaten. I can now see my Day Lillies blooming their hearts out along with many other treasured blooms I did not see bloom at all last summer. Can you tell I am a very happy gardener at the moment. vbg

I never saw my Delphinium bloom last year and look at it now. Glorious.

My Princess Spirea is now in full bloom. I am a passionate gardener and I truly enjoy seeing my plants and bushes blooming. But if it was not for my dedicated sweetie we would have nothing to see in our gardens. I give My Sweetie all the credit for finally seeing our summer flowers and bushes bloom!! Thank you my dear. I love you.
I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my gardens and Laurie's art. Have a great weekend everyone. We are off on a wee vacation and will chat again with you all soon.



Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for such a lovely post. You are such a sweetie. I love your beautiful flowers!!! Have a wonderful day!! You are a treasured friend. Laurie

TattingChic said...

I just LOVE Laurie's goodies! Lucky you to get such a lovely order from her! She's so very talented!

Heather said...

Your magnets and "birdie" are adorable... and your garden looks absolutely delightful! Hugs.

Genie said...

lovely pics Judy
have a lovely vacation

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Laurie, you are welcome. I admire your art and I am very please with the art pieces I have bought from you. Hugs Judy

Hello Tatting Chic, Yes, I agree Laurie is a very talented person. Hugs Judy

Hello Heather, Thanks for the lovely comment on my gardens. I truly enjoy working in my gardens.

Hello Genie, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave your nice comment. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

Maggie R said...

Hey Judy... Your flowers are lovely...
I stopped by to see if you succeeded with the blog thingy... I see you did..... Good for you. I wasn't sure if my instructions were accurate!VBG

Frances Tyrrell said...

Oh your beautiful roses, like something out of Sleeping Beauty.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Maggie, Thanks soo much for the lovely comment on my roses. I do love them too. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

Hello Frances, Lovely to have you visit and your wonderful comment about my roses. Hugs Judy

Kathleen said...

Hi there, Many of the blooms that you have shown here I also have in my garden as well as the occasional deer the graces our neighborhood. So your advice of the fishing line I will try. I fell in love with peonies in England a few years ago - thinking that I was in a rose garden and wondered how the English had grown their roses sooo large! Until I got a little closer and realized that they were peonies - just fantastic. However I have not been successful with them at all...any tips?
Love your blog site, wish I found it earlier, it is fun to look around here.
Thanks for sharing :D

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