Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jamima Puddle Ducks and A Morning Walk In My Gardens

Today is a lovely sunny day here in Michigan after many days of coolish rainy days. The rain has given my gardens, and lawn a lovely start this year. Everything is very green and blooming. I had a wee surprise this morning when I look out on my gardens. "Jamima Puddle Ducks" as Miss Potter would say, was waddling across my front lawn. They certainly brought a smile to my face.
This is my Hosta Garden. The tub and milk can I brought home with me from an antique place in Germany. I think they look very nice in my Hosta Garden.

This is the third summer for my New Dawn Rose. It has grown and climbed its trellis and it filling out in a grand manner. I can hardly wait to see its first blooms this year.

The Irises in my back garden is just about done but still lovely.

This is a full picture of a special plant I bought from Annie's in Washington state called, Oysterleaf. The photo below shows a close up of its wee lovely flowers.

I should know this flower but I have forgotten its name, but it is blooming and very lovely.

The Siberian Irises are very lovely this year.

This photo is the beginning of the blooms of my Clematis. Soon it will be full of blooms. I really love this flower it is so grand and beautiful.

Another beautiful flower called, Baptisia Australis. It gets bigger and more gorgeous every year.

Miss Cora Belle is looking very pretty this year too.

My Geranium is just starting to bloom.

My Lambs Ear is doing well this year.

Despite the fact that the deer ate my Wiegalia down to practically nothing it has come back and even bloomed for me this year. I truly love going for a walk every morning in my gardens to see what is newly blooming everyday. All the blooms make me smile and my heart Happy. I hope you all enjoyed touring my garden with me today. Lots more pics to come this summer.



TattingChic said...

Look at those cute little duckies! How sweet and charming. I am GREEN with envy (get it, GREEN) at your beautiful garden.

That arbor with the vining plant growing over it is absolutely gorgeous! I have always wanted a home with one of those! How very sweet! :)

Alanda Jacobs said...

The ducks are so cute... But, you're right when you say the weather has been cool... I live in SW Ontario, about five minutes from the border with Michigan, and it's been too cold for my tastes... Here I was thinking I lived in the so-called banana-belt of the provice... Sadly no... :)

Nancy in Dallas said...

Thank you for sharing. I have truly enjoyed the 'walk threw your garden'. Seeing the ducks made me smile. I write this right now with a sad heart...but this too, shall pass.

Cathy K said...

Thanks, Judy, for the great garden pictures! I'm so jealous. We're still experiencing day after day of clouds and rain. Things are growing, but slowly. They want sunshine! Lucky for me, I work on a farm and we have ducks - and now ducklings - waddling around every day. I'll have to snap some pictures! Your garden is lovely and my goal is to have you give me a personal tour some day!! Hugs, Cathy

Heather said...

Judy, your garden is looking wonderful... everything absolutely beautiful.... wish I could say the same for mine :-( .... and, well, you know I don't have to say anything about the duck.... VBG!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tatting Chic, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave your lovely comment. That viny plant is a New Dawn Rose and I am hoping for heaps of lovely pale pink roses to look at this summer.

Hello Alanda, Thanks sooo much for visiting for the first time and leaving your nice comment. Yes, our weather is very similar and our coolish rainy Spring is most unusual indeed. Hugs Judy

Hello Nancy, I am glad you enjoy the walk through my gardens and the pic of my visiting duckies. They were a nice surprise. Hugs Judy

Hello Kathy thanks for stopping by. You are fortunate to work on a farm where you get to see lovely farm animals everyday. Love to see some pics too. And I would LOVE to take you on a personal tour of my gardens one day my friend. Hugs Judy

Hello Heather from the far North. Soooo nice to have you visit and your nice comment on my gardens. I knew you would love the Jamima Duckies. They were sooo great to see waddling by in my yard. Hugs Judy

Kayla coo said...

Hi Judy,
Thank you for your lovely message.
It's strange to think my work is in a magazine across the Atlantic!
Your garden is very beautiful,I love the roses.

Best wishes

Michala x

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your gardens are looking wonderful! I love the New Dawn Roses cascading across your arbor.

ruthie said...

Hi Judy, thank you for your sweet coments on my blog, lovely to "meet" you. what a gorgeous garden you have. hugs ruthie

Art4Sol said...

Your garden looks fantastic! You are soo talented.

acornmoon said...

Your garden looks beautiful and so huge! Lucky you.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Kayla, Your art work is very beautiful. Congrat. again. Thanks for the lovely comment on my garden. Hugs Judy

Hello Penny, My New Dawn have heaps of buds that will open any day I am sooo looking forward to seeing them bloom.

Hello Ruthie, Nice to meet you too. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave your lovely message.

Hello Darlene, I do enjoy garden and I am very please with how it looks this year.

Hello Valarie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. YUP, I reckon the gardens just seem to keep multipling and before I knew it I now have 12, Can you believe? I think 12 is a good number to stop at. LOL Hugs Judy

Crafty Green Poet said...

adorable ducks!

Bernie knapp said...

Hi Judy
You are so talented, You Have a green tub!!!
I enjoyed your photos, i enjoy garden and photography
among other things. The spike flowers you forgot the name is" foxglove"
keep those photos coming, one day i will post mined

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