Saturday, September 8, 2007

My GD Chloe, GS Ethan, Son Shane

I just received these wonderful pics of My GD Chloe. Can you believe that great smile!!! The other pics is of my youngest son Shane hiking with his Daughter Chloe. The last pic is of my GS Ethan and Chloe playing in Ethan's Sand Box. It certainly makes a Grand Mother happy to look at such precious pictures of her grandchildren. Thanks Jenny for sending them to me. I loved them all.

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Melissa said...

Hi Judy,
I came over to see your links from your message at CQI and I noticed that the blog link to my name goes to a different blog. My blog is just thought I'd let you know the address is very similar with only an "s" at the end of bee to differentiate. So far the links I've clicked have worked though are there any specific ones that weren't working for you that I could check?
By the way, you have a cute blog! You seem like you are having a blast blogging!

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