Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Laubach Quilting Bee In Germany

I have many fond memories of my time living in Germany. This story is one of them. I lived in Ettingshausen a small village about 14 miles from where I worked. I lived on the second floor of a doctor's home and Evelyn his wife told me about a quilt show in a nearby village called Laubach. I attended this show and there I meet the above wonderful ladies. The Laubach Quilting Bee. It was the first quilt show that the Laubach Quilting Bee ladies had organized. It was wonderful and before I left that day I was invited to join their lovely group which met twice a month. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with several of the ladies. This picture was of them celebrating Christmas at Nicole's home was sent to me as a gift. I have this picture hanging in my sewing room and I look at it everyday. Nicole has the Pink sweater on, (who just had a baby, Congratulation Nicole I wish your family well) Inge sitting on the couch with the fur collar sweater who I chat with often on the internet and Renate with the green striped sweater is another lovely lady who has also kept in contact with me. Sigrid standing on the far left lived only two blocks from me. Sigrid and her lovely family was very supportive to me and even fed me when I locked myself out of my house. LOL I think about the Laubach Quilting Bee often and I truly miss the wonderful times I shared with them all.

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Susan said...

How long ago was this? I have a couple of friends in Germany now. One's in Berlin, and I don't remember about the location of the other one right now.

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