Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello Everyone,

Celebrating Springtime in all its Glory....

Today I am going to share with you all A Photo Tutorial of a Needle Felted Spring Blooming Hedgerow.  

The photo below is the Finished Art Piece. I really loved creating this piece.  I even added a wee Dragonfly for Good Luck. 

To start I used "Core Wool Batting" two layer each felted separately onto a craft felt. The size of this art piece is 8 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long. 

  Then I added the Hedgerow by using blended shades of browns Merino Wool Roving Tops. Then I added the beautiful Sky also by using blended blue Merino Wool Roving Tops.

Photo 4 shows the starting of adding the Hollyhock blooms. I created them from "Art Yarn" and lovely hand dyed Locks in shades of green.

Below is an up close of the bottom edge of my Hedgerow.  I used hand dyed wool Yarn using loose French Knots for the Hollyhock Flowers.

 I added bead flower to create "Blue Bells".  I also added bead leaves along the bottom of the Hollyhocks.

I also sparkling Pretty Yellow Primroses along the bottom with sparkling "Fuzzy Stuff" threads.

I also added some Lovely Climbing Pink Roses using Light Pink Fuzzy Stuff threads.

 And on the far left side I added
 "Gorgeous Yellow Climbing Jasmine" to finish off "My Spring Beautiful Spring Blooming Hedgerow". 

One always needs a wee "Tatted Dragonfly" fluttering about in the Sparkling Ocean Blue Sky.

 I also added wisps of Tussah White Silk to the sky to also add sparkle.

Below is an up close photo of "My Finished Beautiful Spring Blooming Hedgerow"..

What do you all think???

I hope I have inspired someone to try Needle Felting. It is so much fun.. 

 I would like to Dedicate this "Art Piece" to all My UK Friends because it was there beautiful countryside that inspired me to create it.. 

I plan to get it beautiful framed and then I will hang it in My Living Room so when we are in the depths of Winter it will make me smile and I will know that Spring will come again. 

I always like to have the back of "My Art Pieces" to look pretty too.  It also has wee flowers blooming on it too.

I discovered a New to Me UK  Magazine called LandScape, I absolutely Love. It truly make me happy setting in my cozy chair and reading all the lovely articles.  Below is the Spring Issue. It has the most beautiful cover..  

My Sweet Grandchildren Ethan with Little Sister Vivi.. They always make me smile...

My Lovely Grand Daughter Chloe with her New Doll called Saige..  I think they were meant to be a team what do you all think??


Guess who has come back to our front yard to explore?

 I will called her Jamima Puddle Duck and her family.  Last year they nested behind My Daylillies under my Bay Window..  I do hope they come back. We had so much enjoyment watching them.

My Long awaited Crocuses has finally sprouted and bloomed.  Also My Tulips have sprouted.  They all make me smile..

Springtime what a Glorious Time of Year...

I have been debating about getting an Ipad Air for sometime. I was not sure I would be able to figure it out. I know I will never Master it but I am enjoying using it so far with lots of help from My Sweetie.

 My Sweetie bought me one last week..

I really like the New Pink Cover for it of course with Blooming Flowers. LOL 

 I would Greatly Appreciate any Suggestions on Apps or programs to download to to enhance or edit my photos for blogging.

 Or any other suggestions you think I would need to know to add to the fun of using the Ipad Air.   Thanks for your help..  

Happy Spring to Everyone.

I would also like to Thank Everyone who stops by and leaves their lovely comments for me to read.. They always make me "Smile"!!

Hugs Judy


Mereknits said...

Judy, your needle felting is amazing, thank you so much for giving us step by step instructions, I would love to give this a try. You are so talented. Your grandchildren are beautiful, I am sure they bring you so much joy.

linda said...

I love your felted picture Judy it's amazing and even if I followed your instructions I'm sure I couldn't make one half as nice. Your grandchildren are so cute! I think your photo's are great, I use picmonkey, and I have downloaded photoscape. Sorry I can't help with ipad air as I don't own one, wish I did though! enjoy your weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy your hedgerow is picturesque, it has great depth, your colour selection palette is so pretty soft and gentle. Photo snaps of your grandchildren are a delight, my how they have grown, in what seems to be a short time. The gumleaf scarf just gorgeous, such a lovely surprise.
hugs Lyn Melbourne AU

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, your felted work of art is awesome! And your grandkids are very handsome and beautiful! Congrats on your iPad Air.. I got a similar case but it's a vintage American Flag design. Finding apps happens over time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Beautiful art and those grandchildren! Dolls..and a doll with a twin cool.

Aren't we glad that Spring is beginning to "spring"!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Judy!
Oh wow, your felted needle art piece is really beautiful! I've always wanted to try that but wouldn't know where to start. I hope the ducks come back to nest. They're so cute. Love the grandkids, they're all adorable. Congrats on getting the iPad Air. Sorry I can't help with that. Have a great weekend!

margaret said...

your needle felt design is a real beauty and how good are you giving it a nice backing too.I do have an embellishing machine which is the lazy way but have not used it for ages you are inspiring me to get it out once again.

Lovely grandchildren and yes Chloe has a look alike friend.

Not came across an ipad Air will have to check them out in our apple shop that has opened recently.
I will be needing a new computer soon, having problems with mine and thought a lap top would be good then I would not have to sit by a cold window to read the blogs

Jane Galley said...

Lovely to see how you worked your art piece, and to see the different stages. Looks like spring is well on it's way in the garden

Suztats said...

Your felted hedgerow is just gorgeous! I haven't tried felting (I don't think I have time or the budget for another hobby!) but I think you would have enjoyed the Fiber Fest I attended yesterday with bags of roving and all manner of fibers in rainbows of colour! I couldn't help touching the yarns, the blends, and feel the fibers. I recently had an allergic reaction to wool, though, ........

Terriea Kwong said...

Great textures of felted picture. Very spring feel. Pretty grandkids. They're adorable and sweet. Wish you a warm spring !

Down by the sea said...

Your felt pictures as always are wonderful! I agree with you the pictures and articles in Landscape are so good. I have bought it several times! Your granddaughter and her doll are such a match! Sarah x

Astri said...

I think it's just perfect Judy! It reminds me of the UK too. :-)

Oh and those kiddos are adorable!

Ali said...

Absolutely amazing hedgerow art Judy!
Fabulous felting - and your flowers are blooming brilliant! Very talented - needlefelting is a great craft - you can use it for all sorts!
Ali x

Dianne said...

Your hedgerow piece is wonderful Judy. The back side is also pretty - well done you. It will be lovely hanging on your wall and constantly reminding you of spring and the English countryside. The grandies are growing so quickly and I love the photo of Chloe and her lookalike. I will send you some of my favourite apps for your ipad air (which I also now own). You will LOVE it for sure.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

What a lovely post, loved seeing how you create your felt project. Gosh those Grandies are wonderful, love the photo of Chloe and her twin. Enjoy the Spring weather and visitors.

Happy days.

Judy S. said...

Love that felted piece! And the cute dragon fly. Nice work on the tutorial also. Cute Chloe photos!

serendipity said...

What a beautiful piece of felted art. How talented are you!

Betsy Adams said...

Hello on a gorgeous, spring day in TENNESSEE. Wow---after the long and bitter winter we had this year, Spring is even more inviting and lovely.

You are so talented... I don't have a 'lick' of talent in those areas---but I'm in awe of what you --and others- can do!!!! Love your Needle Felted Spring Blooming Hedgerow... Awesome!!!!

Protect those tulips... The deer got some of ours!!!

We are now home 'again' --after our 5th trip since the end of February.... Seems as if we visited five different states --although the trips weren't planned for that reason... ha... BUT--as I always say, it's great to be home... Have a wonderful weekend.


Solstitches said...

That's a great tutorial Judy. You are so talented at all the fibre arts.
The grandchildren are adorable.
Love the Puddleducks :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your felting is gorgeous! Nice blog :-).

Beedeebabee said...

What a great tutorial Judy! Your felted art is so beautiful...all the lovely details you add make it just so special!...and those grand kids are gorgeous!!! xo

Doris Perlhuhn said...

Hy Judy, thanks for your nice comment on stiching fingers. So I could find your blog with all these beautiful things you did. And thanks a lot for your tutorial. I love needle felting too and in combination with stiching its so much fun. Have a good time.

Lynne said...

Hi Judy, thanks so much for popping across to my blog and commenting, lovely to meet another blogger! And I LOVE your wet felting and the pictures, you are very talented! Lxx

Gracie Saylor said...

I love your needle felting, Judy! And I enjoyed seeing your beautiful grands, and your puddle ducks :) I have only blogged from my iPad 2 once, and will be interested to see if you enjoy posting from your iPad Air. I have a Lumix camera that I enjoy using for blog photos and I could not figure out how to get photos from my camera onto my iPad, so I have been posting from my MacBook Pro laptop. xx

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