Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hello Everyone,

On April 12th I gave
 "My Second Needle Felted Landscape Class" at Artsplace in Fremont.  

All the ladies were very kind and lovely to teach and they all had great enthusiasm..
 I took a class photo of all "My Student's" Beautiful Art.  I think they all did a wonderful job of creating their art. 
 Thank you ladies for coming to my class.

Carnival Treasure Box

A few weeks back I wet felted a Treasure Box using Merino Wool in Pink and Green.  I used a balloon as my template and wrapped several layers of each color around most of the balloon..

I then took my flat top piece and placed it over a skinny cone form and pin it in folds around the cone.  I love how the folds turned out...

  I searched in my yarn stash and fold two pastel color of pink and green of 100% wool and twisted them together and used them on the top and bottom of the project. I think the wool yarn gave it a "Carnival" look.  Then I wet felted a wee ball to place on the top..

 I thought it needed more glimmer so I added some sparkling beads too.

My Finished "Carnival Wet Felted Treasure Box.

What do you all think???

Spring has arrived so it is "Time To Travel"...

New Rockwood Hardside Premier Camper!!! 

Last year after the accident and our Truck being total we decided to sell our RV.. We were not going to camp anymore. 

Then half way through our Very Long and Harsh Winter we  started "Dreaming" of traveling again. What to do because we had bought A "Car" to replace the truck.

 So after much research we found a camper called, "Rockwood Hardside Premier" that was light enough to be pulled by the car and fast and easy to put up.. See video "Here"..

  There was Only One place that had them for sale in Michigan and it was a 3 hours drive from home so We bought it over the phone.  VBG 

It is made by the Amish down in Indiana.  We pick up our "New 2015 Rockwood Hardside Premier" 2 weeks ago and below is some photos of our new camper with hubby getting it ready to roll.

It can be put up in 3 1/2 minutes according to Dear Hubby. It has 500 lbs of storage and we had a custom bike rack added to it.

It has a heated mattress.  A removable table to take outside to use as a picnic table if needed and this space can be used for extra sleeping.

A stainless steel refrigerator, sink and microwave. It has air conditioning and heat. It has a digital cable hook up so we can have a  TV too.  It is perfect for us.  We plan to get a screen in porch so we can be outside to eat and relax in comfort with no bugs.  LOL

We have booked our first camping trip down to
 "The Kentucky Horse Park" in May. Click "Here"  to see this wonderful park..

Something Pretty

I have completed 82 blocks so this past week I placed them in a pattern on the floor to see how many more I would need. Deciding on a pattern was a tough one for me.  It looks like I will need 28 more blocks.  Grrrrrrrrrr...  But I am getting close to the end.  

I have never made a crochet Blanket before..  Could someone please tell me if I need to block the blocks before stitching them all together or can that be done after it is finished???  Thanks for your kind help.. 

What do you think of my "Something Pretty Blocks???

This year I am joining in On "Linda's Crafty Corner" Blog "Stash-Buster Link Party"
 Thanks Linda for hosting this party. 

I would Like to Thanks Everyone for visiting My Blog and leaving their Lovely Comments.

Happy Spring and Happy Autumn to My Down Under Friends.  vbg

Hugs Judy

Last but not least is the one photo of all
 "My Crocuses Blooming" before that were all smashed by a mother's nature cruel hail storm last week.. 

They certainly make My Heart Sing when I looked at them in My Garden.. They come and go so quickly..I am sad to say that there is Not anything else blooming in my garden yet.


Mereknits said...

There is so much to comment on here I do not know where to start. Your students did a brilliant job in your delightful class. Your new felting project is amazing as I would expect it to be. A new camper!!!! Hooary for you and your hubby, it looks like great fun.
Hugs to you,

Cache-Mire said...

Your new camper looks like fun! I miss camping but like the look of this one. Enjoy!

Gracie Saylor said...

Your treasure box IS a treasure, Judy :) ...a very clever design.

Your trailer is a very clever design as well! I am not a gifted driver so trailers seem overwhelming to me, but I could see myself enjoying one like yours...once it was parked :)

We are supposed to be getting snow in the mountains around us this week, but down here in the valley Spring is making good progress with lots of trees in bloom. xx

Down by the sea said...

Your student's pieces look fantastic! Your new camper looks so cute, amazing how fast it goes up. I hope you spend many happy moments in it! Sarah x

Down by the sea said...

Your student's pieces look fantastic! Your new camper looks so cute, amazing how fast it goes up. I hope you spend many happy moments in it! Sarah x

Lilac Haven said...

Love the felted pictures. Camper looks awesome. You sure are busy.

Jennifer said...

The new camper looks amazing! Good for you. The ladies and their creations look great, the class must have been so interesting. I love seeing all the ways you use felted wool.

linda said...

Your new camper looks lovely how exciting, your students work is really very good you must be a good teacher, I love your little treasure box. The blocks are so pretty, I always think that popcorn stitch takes some doing but it is lovely when it's done it's going to be a very pretty blanket, and no you don't need to block them before you join them. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your class looks like it did some beautiful projects and I love the sweet treasure box you made! But now I'm excited to see your camper. We sold our motor home a few years ago but how we long to camp again. I'll go look at these online. What fun you'll have my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Judy S. said...

Looks like everyone in your class did an outstanding job! Have fun with your new camper, and oh, the crocheted blocks look great!

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy,
My what a wonder surprise bag of photos you have posted, your class students have again produced very impressive art pieces, I really like the tree in front, your treasure box is lovely colours so gentle and the bunny and sheep beside it just gorgeous, the camper WOW all modern conveniences and 3.5 min assembly too good. Your crochet blocks are lovely and they will be so warm once put together and finally the lovely crocus blooms such pretty flags that spring is here. Just another wonderful wander through your blog, thank you for sharing. Lyn in OZ

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Judy, so many fun and happy things in this post! What a successful class you had! And I'm happy for you that you got that camper.. we're in ours right now after driving 3 hours to the coast. That is going to be one gorgeous blanket, my friend!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Judy, I always enjoy catching up with you and your busy life. I'm so proud of you getting to teach more and more classes. You obviously have a huge gift --and I'm sure that all of the students appreciate you.. Hope you can continue teaching more and more.

The new 'camper' is PERFECT... You will love it --and obviously, it's much easier to maneuver than the bigger RV was... IF we ever did camp, I'd love one about like that...

Love the colors in your crochet blanket.... Beautiful...

Isn't it wonderful to see some spring flowers?


Betsy said...

Goodness there is a lot on this post! The box is amazing as are the felted projects. I've never blocked my squares before joining them but I don't know if that's right or not. :-). Your camper is amazing. So much in a small space. We used to have the other kind of food down trailer...with the canvas sides. We loved it and spent many happy vacations and weekends in it. I hope you love yours just as much.

Jane Galley said...

Love the bowl, the lid is such a lovely shape. Happy traveling in your new camper

margaret said...

Wonderful blog you have shared with us today, such a very pretty carnival treasure box. Great creativity form your students, you must have been so pleased with what they made. Camper van looks amazing, so much in such a small space and the crochet squares are delicious.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh, you always have so much to share!!

No need to block the blocks before you join them. I have never had the need to block a granny type afghan once it's been joined, but you'll know if you need to when you are done.

Love that little camper...even though my idea of camping is in a 4 star hotel ~lol~ I NEED electric, and no bugs.

I love what you are doing with felting. I always wanted to try it and perhaps I will now that I don't work.

Loved the entire post.
xx, Carol

Quayceetatter said...

Love the crochet "Pretties"!!! Saw some hexie crochet squares and want to try them with hand spun wool. This lady was given tubs of beautiful wool and all the spinning devices. She is going to share for lessons. Wow, what a windfall!! We have looked into different models of your camper, this one looks well made. Enjoy. Flowers do brighten the day!! Our cherry tree is in full bloom and apples are now forming babies. Hummers are hovering and a fly catcher is ready to lay eggs. Happy Spring!!!!

Suztats said...

That's a very full blog post! Everything looks wonderful, and it sounds as though you're eager to be 'on the road again' going camping. Fun felted box, and pretty crocheted squares. Happy creating!

Dianne said...

The ladies did some wonderful creations Judy. Must be the good teacher. You will love your new camper and Kentucky sounds like it will be loads of fun. I have never blocked any crochet blanket ever, but then I am a bit slap dash :))) It would be a huge job and I don't think it would be necessary. Your treasure box is delightful!

Dagmar said...

Looks like your flower grannies are well on there way to becoming a great blanket.

Joy said...

Wow Judy, so much going on with you and yours! Great student bunch, gorgeous work, beautiful crocuses, such a pity they were flattened! So you and hubby are off camping again - love the new caravan - I wish you both happy and safe travels and hope you can fit in some crafty moments while you're on the go! Such a lovely post, I've thoroughly enjoyed it!
Love and hugs, Joy xo

Donna Heber said...

Hi Judy,

Enjoy your new camper! Wishing you safe travels while you enjoy all that nature has to offer.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great camper! :-D LOVE the treasure box and felted landscapes. What an amazing group of artists!

acornmoon said...

Hi Judy, I love your camper, I don't think we have anything like it over here.

It was nice to see your students work, you are obviously an inspirational tutor. x

Terriea Kwong said...

Wow, so many pretty things to see. First the picture felting your students made are absolutely beautiful, so fine and detail. Particularly love the houses. The camper is such a wonderful "mobile house" for a short escape. Such a functional and all mighty "little heaven". The last pic of flowers with some oak windfalls..... just love the oak leaves, the shape is great for eco print.
Nice weekend.
Love, Terriea

shirley said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. You are sucha creative and clever lady. Love love love your treasure box. It is so pretty. Your students are so fortunate to have you.

i am sure you and hubby will have a wonderful time in your new trailer . It looks perfect for travelling with all the mod cons.

Your pretty squares are going to look great when they are all put together and will keep you warm in winter.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Judy! This is such a great post. Congratulations on your second felt class. You must be a great teacher because the students' pieces are really good.
Love the carnival bowl. Pink is so pretty.
Wow, what a great hardside camper! I'm sure you'll enjoy it to the fullest. Hope you have a great time in it all summer long.

magnoliasntea said...

Oops, I forgot to say that I've been crocheting since 1969 (whoa, that's a long time) and I've never blocked anything but lace crochet projects. It's just not needed if your gauge is right, and it looks like yours is right. Have a great evening.

Beedeebabee said...

I love your carnival box...oh gosh, that's just adorable! Your students did a wonderful job with their own projects, but then again they had a great teacher to show them the way! It certainly looks like you'll be having lots of fun with that shiny new camper! xo

die.waschkueche said...

Hello Judy,

thank you for visited my blog.
I installed the translator in the sidebar, enjoy.

The rose an the bunny were kind of its own, they're sold out - sorry.

Greetz Doris // die.waschkuche

Art and Sand said...

I was at my local fabric store the other day and noticed a sign for a felting class. Seeing your lovely projects tells me that I need to sign up for the class.

Deb Hardman said...

Wow Judy there's a lot on this post! I think I may have know 1 or 2 of the Fremont ladies from the PALS guild 18 years ago, before I moved back up to Alaska.

I am envious of your camper. I always wanted one. My parents had a tent camper when I was a teen, & it was the best of both worlds (tent & trailer camping). Your new camper would be nice here where the elements get harsh. We usually use out 1987 Ram Van, but your camper is delux! Lucky you!

linda said...

Congratulations Judy your blocks were one of the most clicked links in the April stash party! x

Vicki Boster said...

Judy -- you are such a busy and talented lady! I love your felting pieces -- the carnival box is beautiful --- I would love to take your class -- what fun!

Oh your camper is totally exquisite - you and your husband will have so much fun together -- make some wonderful memories in your travels.

Beautiful crochet work - I can not do that at all and I am so envious of folks that can. I would give anything to be able to make a beautiful Granny square!

Safe travels~

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