Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello Everyone,
Does anyone remember the Nursery Rhythm called
I am a Little Teapot?
I have been admiring Wet Felted Teapots in the German Felt Magazine and the Australian Felt Magazine for some time.

 I have also admired very lovely "Teapots" on my friend Terriea's blog called Terrie--Smiling. Terriea is a very creative and talented Felter.  Terriea inspires many felters with her lovely work. 

Thank you Terriea for the inspiration to push oneself to learn new techniques.

I received the most lovely surprise in the post this past week all the way from Hong Kong.

 Look what Terriea made especially for me...

 It is a beautiful silk natural printed scarf.  Terriea uses Gum Leaves and other beautiful leaves from her area to make these gorgeous printed scarfs.  Terriea shows you how she does this technique on her blog,  Terrie--Smiling.

Thank you Terriea for the lovely Gift. I will treasure it always.

I have falling in Love with Finn Wool

I used Finn Wool to create "My First Wet Felted Teapot". Finn felts up so very nicely.  I love it. I used all the White Finn Wool that I bought to create My  Teapot.

I took a workshop at
 Twisted Warp & Skeins in Merrill, Michigan to create "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".. After 3 hours of hard work the photos above is the teapot I took home.

I have taken 2 other short workshops in wet felting to create a flat fabric and a wee Pod but those were several years ago.

In the workshop I had wanted to learn how to create  a seamless teapots but the teacher only knew how to do this with balloons. I had already made a template with plastic material and so I decided to stay with the template.
  I did add a wee resist in the center of the teapot to create "My Spring Blooming Garden" space.
 I had never made a "Wet Felted Rope" before and that technique turned out easier than I thought it would be. When wrapping the wool fibers around itself I included some pink too.. You can see wee bits of pink showing through the rope.

When I got home I went to Utube and watched a couple of video on seamless wet felting.. Then I created the "Teapot Lid".. I even add a wee tuck in it to give it some added charm.

 I am never happy with my creations until I add lots of embroidery and or beading. 

So when I got home I started adding embroidery and beading to "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".

 I added many pretty beads to create the garden. I also used 2 different shades of Locks to create the grass.

 What do you all think of My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot?

This is the backside of "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".

This photo is of My Finished "Spring Blooming Teapot". It makes me Happy when I look at it.

I do plan to make another one but this time I will create one with the theme of "By The Sea"..

 What do you all think???

There was lots of lots of wonderful colorful roving at Twisted Warp & Skein in Merrill, Michigan. I especially like the blended batts.  A Neat Shoppe indeed.

The Coast Guard Cutters have been working for sometime to break up the Ice from our Great Lakes. 
 In the second photo you can see large chunks of Ice floating free in the water.

  The first photo is what our shoreline looks like at the moment.. They tell us we will be lucky to be free of all this Ice until May..  And the waters will be so cold we will probably won't be able to stick our toes in it waters until August.  Can you believe??  

A Winter we will Never Forget.

I am Very Happy to show you all these wee Spring Flowers bursting from the ground in the only place that does not have several feet of snow covering it still..
 This wee garden is under our bay window very near to the cement blocks of the house that is always kept very warm because the sun shines on this spot all day.  Hence No snow..

 So I know Spring will be coming soon. 

I thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your Lovely Comments for me to read..

Have a Very Lovely Week. 
Hugs Judy


Betsy said...

Oh my! Your teapot is SO cute! I absolutely love it. How fun it must be to learn a new craft and make something so nice right off. The scarf is beautiful too. Very beautiful! I sure hope you get some spring soon. This has been a horrible winter for a lot of people. Ironically, ours hasn't been as bad usual. I am still waiting for spring to arrive too though. No green showing yet except in the rhubarb bed.

Betsy Adams said...

Another Betsy on your list.... I don't know too many Betsy's... We are a crazy bunch you know!!!!!! ha ha

Love your teapot.. ADORABLE. Your talents just keep on growing and growing... WOW!!!

That scarf is beautiful--and just knowing that it came from Hong Kong is special I'm sure.

Stay WARM--and maybe spring will get here soon.

Down by the sea said...

I love your spring teapot, so pretty! The ice looks huge and very cold.It looks it will need lots of sunshine and warmth. Sarah x

Jennifer said...

Your teapot is adorable. I love seeing your felting work because I have very little experience or exposure to felting and I find it fascinating. I love to peek in and see what you've been felting lately. :)

linda said...

I love your teapot Judy it's beautiful, so unusual. I love the scarf too what a lovely gift. :)

Joy said...

I really love your felted teapot Judy, and the colours are wonderful! Always you make little stories and pictures to include in your lovely projects; such an inspired imagination you have, my friend!
The scarf is also so beautiful, and in silk too, wonderful - enjoy it!
Spring is beginning to spring at last, and the ice may take a while to disappear, but eventually it will go; what a winter you've had, you deserve warmth and sunshine!
Hugs for you, Joy xo

Radka said...

Lovely tea pot :-)And yes, spring comes every year!xx

Radka said...

Lovely tea pot :-)And yes, spring comes every year!xx

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Just love your little teapot. The colours of felted wool is amazing. Felting must be getting quite popular, found lots of books about it in the Library yesterday. Glad to see your garden starting to bloom, it is a good feeling isn't it.

Happy days.

Teresa Kasner said...

Goodness, your life has been full of colorful woolly fun lately! I hope the warm weather comes to visit you soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I LOVE felted fiber especially after it has been embellished. I can see why the sight of your teapot makes you happy.

Yay! You have spring flowers sprouting. I haven't seen any around my house as we still have WAY too much snow own the ground. The fish pond is still froze over except where we have a small heater to let air in.

50 degrees tomorrow and snow on Wednesday. This is not FUNNY Mother Nature!!
xx, Carol

Gracie Saylor said...

Since I have only accidentally felted fiber in my washing machine, I especially enjoy seeing creative projects by folks like you, Judy, who felt fiber on purpose and very cleverly
The blocks of ice at the edge of your lake remind me of the ice I saw formed on the Hudson River during the nearly 20 years we lived in upstate NY.
Wishing you happy days of increasing warmth! xx

margaret said...

you have been very creative with your tea pot and love the embroidery you have decorated it with.The weather has certainly been haywire this year, here in Leeds we have had the mildest of winters, had a few beautiful days but now warned that a cold spell is on the way! Never have I cut the grass at the beginning of March before. You have certainly had more than your share of snow, have you done any snow dyeing?

Jane Galley said...

A very pretty teapot, so lovely to have tried something new and got the result you wanted

Lin said...

I love your teapot Judy - so pretty and what a clever idea. I had never seen one before although I have made felted pots myself at a small workshop. It is amazing how resilient plants can be and so good to see them poking their heads above ground. I will never forget seeing purple crocus flowering on a snowy mountainside in Italy in May - well it was on my birthday which I suppose made it extra special! xx

baukje said...

I am a bit absent because i am in Holland to visit family. Before i left i also did some wetfelting. And i really LOVE it. So wonderful that you can create with only fibers. When i am back home i will make a blogpost about it.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh wow! That felted scarf is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful gift. And your teapot is very sweet. Your embroidery work always makes every project so beautiful. I just couldn't live where it is snowy and cold all the time. I'd much prefer extreme heat than cold. Warm wishes, Tammy

Terriea Kwong said...

Thank you Judy for the mention. I love your teapot, so adorable with spring theme. Now that spring has sprung, weather will be nice. You'd such a long winter. Wish you enjoy the blooming flowers and I'll stop by often.

Suztats said...

That is one delightful little teapot! I remember the rhyme, too. Sure looks like you've been captivated by the felting art bug! We still have lots of snow, too, but there are signs spring is on the way. Finally!

Felting Sunshine said...

Lovely teapot with all of your extra touches!

Felting Sunshine said...

Lovely teapot with all of your extra touches!

Judy S. said...

What a cute teapot! Glad to hear that your part of the world is starting to thaw. It's very unusual for so much ice in the Great Lakes, isn't it? Signs of spring are here, too, which add color to our grey days.

Astri Bowlin said...

An adorable teapot indeed! Yes you have had a rough daughter visited her friend in Ann Arbor and she was very cold.So cold she wore two of the scarves I made for her.

Those chunks of ice looked like vanilla fudge to me...I guess that's what happens when one diets. haha:-)

Have a happy spring Judy!

magnoliasntea said...

Oh, the teapot is just lovely! You really have a way with wool, Judy. And the scarf is truly beautiful. How talented Terriea is.
I can't believe how much ice you had on Lake Michigan - incredible.
Hope you are enjoying Spring. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness your Spring Teapot is just a beautiful breath of spring fresh air, so delicate, so pretty, I love it, very clever crafting work has gone into it's making. How lovely to see spring growth in your garden, are they crocus popping up I wonder.
As always I love to wander through your blog and see what you have created Judy.
hugs Lyn

shirley said...

Like everything you make, your teapot is gorgeous. The little extra touches you add have enhanced it beautifully. i am sure this will be a lovely addition to your treasures.

Solstitches said...

You always make the most amazing things Judy. The teapot is so unique - very, very pretty.
Lovely gift from Terriea. Her work is stunning also.
Wow to the ice. You have had an extremely cold Winter but lovely to see the signs of Spring.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Judy...your little teapot is just so adorably precious! All your lovely embellishing adds such charm! :) Terriea sent such beautiful gifts also...Little signs of spring are everywhere! xo Paulette :)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your felted teapot and how you finished it looks terrific!!! Definitely looking forward to seeing your By The Sea themed one. I did a bit of felting recently as well but more a landscape/flowery themed piece. Have to give a vessel a try soon. :)

Mereknits said...

That scarf is so beautiful, I am such a fan of her work. Love your felted teapot, and oh my that ice is something else.
Hugs to you,

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