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Life has been pretty hectic and I have been finding it difficult to keep up.  First, an update on My MOM..She is making slow progress in walking with a walker with 2 people assisting her. I am not sure if she will ever walk alone again. But I hope for the best.

I made a commitment sometime ago to participate in this wonderful Party called "GROW YOUR BLOG" HOSTED  By Vicki at "2 Bags Full". and so "I am back" and very excited to visit old friends and meet new ones too. 

 GYB Party is Vicki's great idea and this will be the second year.  We are all very very grateful for all the time and effort she puts into putting on this super great party for all of us joining in.  Thanks Vicki from the bottom of My Heart.

Please be sure to visit Vicki's blog and visit all the wonderful blogs participating in the GYBP..  


Back in 2008 I took "My First Wet Felting Workshop" from a lady Up North.  I really enjoyed this class but I had never created anything from the fabric I created..

Last Autumn I said it is time to use this lovely wool art fabric I made so long ago.  I decided to make a "Treasure Box" to set on the table next to my stitching chair to keep all my "Stuff" in.

I can never "Just" create a "Treasure Box" without Embellishing it and creating a scene.

I  decided to try and create the beautiful
 "Scottish Highlands"..
 I started by needle felted some more colors into the fabric.  I added a beautiful green for the endless
 "Highland Mountains" 
Then Lavender to represent the "Heather" that grows wild in the Highlands.  The Lavender and Pink French Knots are to represent the Blooming Heather Flowers.....Of course I had to add a "Heart" too.

You can not create a  'Scottish Highland" without "Sheep"roaming about.  So I created 3 sheep and added a ceramic one too.

I added lots of other flowers, gold stars and clouds that sparkled... On one side of the "Treasure Box" I added a "Pocket" to stick more stuff into.  LOL 

 The copper badges say, "Kindness Matters".
I also added a wee Rose and a Pink Tyvek Bead I made sometime ago. 

I had so much fun creating "My Treasure Box"..
 While stitching away it made Me Very Happy and took my mind off the worries of My Mom.

So what do you all think of my
 Scottish Highland "Treasure Box"...

This is a photo of the inside of the "Treasure Box"..


Because, I am so very grateful to All My Blogging Friends I decided to make some Wee Gifts "Handmade With Love" for this Giveaway. There will only be ONE winner this time.

Here are the Details for My Give Away.

(1) Leave a comment on this posting.
(2) The Give Away will close on February 15th at 0800 EST.
(3) My Sweetie will randomly chose a Winner which will be announced on February 15th 2014.. 
(4)  I will ship Internationally.. 

I value all My Blogging Friends and with these Wee Gifts "Handmade With Love" I hope they will show My Appreciation for your Kindness and Friendship.

The above photo is a "Sneak Peek" of a creation I also have been working on for a special event coming up soon on February 1st 2014.

 Can anyone guess what this could be???
  More about this event in my next blog posting.

Thank you all for visiting My Blog and taking the time to leave your Lovely Comments..  They all are greatly appreciated. 

I Wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy Weekend and Year...
Hugs Judy

Click Here to read about the "Stash-Buster Challenge" and the January Link Party..

Thanks to Linda and Ana for this wonderful Idea.. 



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your treasure box is so creative and beautiful my friend! You've really used your imagination to make a pretty scene of it. I'm glad to hear your mom is making progress. I shouldn't enter your giveaway because I have some of your pretty creations. You are so sweet! Hugs, Diane

Tanya Rachelle said...

Lovely treasure box! The detail is wonderful. Sending prayers and kind loving thoughts your way for you and your mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Judy your treasure box is indeed a work of art, it is fascinating, each time I look I see something new, the scenery has great visual depth. A treasure indeed.
hugs Lyn in Melbourne, AU

Anonymous said...

A sneak peek of something occurring on the 1st February hmmm now think Lyn 1st Feb what could it be....... your up coming felting class, where you are going to amaze other crafters with your creativity and impart your skills and knowledge...... yep I'll go with that
cheers Lyn in Melbourne AU

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, Judy, that Treasure Box is beautiful! I can't embellish to save my life, and am in awe of your skills. The colours are perfect, and I especially like the tree and bird.

I hope your Mom may continue to strengthen and improve. And I hope you're staying warm on your side of the lake!

P.S. I have won so many blog giveaways in the last year that I'm beginning to feel guilty - so let my spot go to someone else. :)

margaret said...

good to see Mum is recovering Judy and trust she will get more mobile. Your treasur box ie a real treasure beautifully done.Good also to see you back blogging

Jane Galley said...

Glad to hear your mum is making progress. The treasure box is lovely, a treasure in itself

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Judy
your felted treasure box is such a beautiful creation - in soft feminine colourings!
Lovely stitching too - the sheep look so happy amongst the lavender heather!
I'm already following - enjoy Vicki's party!

Mereknits said...

That treasure box is amazing, I am truly in love with it. Of my goodness, the felting, the embroidery and the sheep! It is perfect, well done my friend. As you know I love your blog, but I am not joining in the party so I feel I can not have my name put in the giveaway. Hugs to you and good luck with a fun party.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

May your Mum's progress continue to get better.

Your felted box is just lovely. I love the soft colors and the peacefulness it makes me feel. I've never tried felting and have seen some really wonderful creations in blog land. I knit, crochet, embroider and create with threads, yarns, laces, beads and wire.

I am a follower of yours and am enjoying reading all the blogs in Vicki's party.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Judy S. said...

Love your needle felting! Glad to hear that you mom is improving, too.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Judy
Love to see your art. Glad your mom is better. Enjoy the HOP!!
xx, Carol

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have been through a number of your posts and the pieces you create are stunning. I love the treasure box and all the added details on the outside. I could tell right away that Karen is also your blog designer.

Scrapatches said...

Hi, Judy! Welcome to the big beautiful Grow Your Blog Hop! I volunteered to help Vicki as a GYB party volunteer. Vicki will stop by sometime I am sure, but with over 500 blogs participating it will take her time to visit everyone so she asked for volunteers to help today. I offered to help. I am so happy I did because I have found your blog. Your stitching and felting is amazing. Now that I have found you I will be back. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat @ Life in the Scrapatch

Donna Heber said...

I'm visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. You are very talented! I just adore your treasure box and your blog is so pretty. I am your newest follower. I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Judy, Love your little 'treasure box'.. What are you going to put in yours?

Since I don't participate in Giveaways anymore, please do not add my name to your list. Thanks! The Giveaway is terrific though.

Have a nice weekend.

linda said...

Lovely to see your post Judy and I'm sending very best wishes for your mum, I hope that she makes a good recovery, your treasure box is amazing I love it, but please don't enter me for the giveaway as I'm not taking part in the party. I am enjoying everyone's posts though. :)

dosierosie said...

Hi Found you through Grow your own blog, which I'm loving.
Your treasure box is lovely. I'm thinking of you with your Mum, I know it isn't easy.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Judy, so sorry to hear about your mother. I do hope she will be able to gain her strength back.

I absolutely adore your felted treasure box. It is so absolutely incredibly gorgeous. You do such lovely work. It's nice to have something to keep your hands busy when your mind is filled with worry.

Bless you, Tammy

Quinn said...

Dear Judy, your treasure box is a marvel! You must feel joyful every time it catches your eye. The many, many details are just amazing! :)
Thank you so much for leaving your nice comment on Comptonia today. The best thing about the GYB Party is meeting new people who may become friends. I'll certainly be back to visit you again.
Very best wishes for your Mum!

Una said...

I learned something new today....needle lace. I'm ashamed to say I had never heard of it before. Thanks for following my blog and I'm glad I found yours to follow as well.

Kay said...

Your beautiful treasure box is such a work of art, you must be thrilled with it. I really enjoyed seeing all the different embellishments too. Lovely to meet you today on the blog party, and thank you for a sweet giveaway too.

Kay said...

Your treasure box is just a beautiful work of art, you must be thrilled with it. It was lovely to see all the different embellishments too. xx

shirley said...

I just tried to comment and must have hit a wrong key because it disappeared. Hope this doesn't double up.
You are so clever and creative Judy, and this beautiful box will become another of your wonderful family heirlooms.

magnolias+tea said...

Hi Judy! It's so good to see a post on your blog. I'm praying for your mother and hope she will recover fully soon. Love, love the Treasure Box! It's just adorable with all those cute li'l sheep. Your stitching is so pretty. I'm sure you are getting your share of winter; we're having the coldest winter we've had in ages. So much for global warming. ;) Stay warm!
Have a great evening!

lynda said...

Hi...visiting from the blog party...your felted pieces are lovely! I would love a chnce in your giveaway. Thanks!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Judy
What a treasure your "treasure box" is! You have put so much love and thought into it's design!
Thanks for visiting and I will put you in the Giveaway if you will put me in yours too!
Thank you for all of your emails through a very very difficult year last year losing Andrea!
Hugs to you,

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

needle lace is new to me. i will have to go learn more. so interesting. hi there. i'm Beth from E. Lizard Breath Speaks - so nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog get together/party. ( :

Bernadett Rauski said...


Nice to meet you.:)
I would like to participate in your giveaway.



kathyinozarks said...

Hi Judy I am glad I found you again, your needle felting is just gorgeous! please add me to your giveaway Kathy

Lin said...

I love your treasure box - so good to see something original and I am glad you are going to make such good use of it.

Astri Bowlin said...

Welcome back Judy. I missed you! Wishes for continued improvement for you and your mother being sent your way. Thinking of you.
The treasure box is, well a treasure! :-) I love the embroidered embellishments. So charming.

Have a good week!

Martha's Favorites said...

What a beautiful give away. Would love to win. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Martha

DebraKay Neiman said...

Your treasure box is wonderful...I have some of the trinkets you used. New Follower. I am having fun finding new bloggers to sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Edda Soffía said...

Hey Judy.
I am so glad to hear that your mom is getting better, thank God. You are amazing, this treasure box is so beautiful, I like all the little details that you put in it. Thank you agin for leaving the little message, it got me thinking that I need to be better about blogging.
Hugs from Iceland

Heather Woollove said...

What a wonderful, sweet and cunning project! The embellishment is lovely. Hxx

karina brandt said...

Hey Judy,I am visiting you and your blog is so pretty.
Have a nice weekend.

Terriea Kwong said...

So pretty and lovely treasure box. I love felting and stitching. The mixed media creation is truly a darling little thing. Your blog is amazing. I follow you immediately.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your felted treasure box looks wonderful Judy!! You added so many neat things to it too. I especially like the sheep :)

Christine M said...

Hello Judy. It's lovely to meet you. Your treasure box is gorgeous. I'm visiting from Melbourne, Australia.

Quayceetatter said...

Glad to hear your Mom is improving. Love the wool colors in your beautiful Treasure Box and nice embroidery!!

Solstitches said...

Your treasure box is a work of art Judy. Such attention to detail. I love the little sheepies and the surface embroideries.
I had no idea that your mom had had a fall with such devastating consequences. I'm glad to hear she is making some progress towards recovery.
Thinking of you both.

Sarah and Dan said...

I should try my hand at felting some time. Looks so cool!

Derrith said...

Judy, your treasure box is so magical and beautiful. Your embellishments are divine. I am a new follower. (I thought I already was, but it took my name again). I would love to be entered in your drawing.

Dawn Castrova said...

Hello , my name is Dawn your my one stop on the blog party, Hope that I soon will be friends with all of you cyber neighbors. I just say that 600 plus bloggers that sign up to the Party and I am only up to 50 whew a lot of good read and great giveaways. Thanks for this opportunity to join friends with you and be apart of your giveaway. Can't wait to see more of your great projects in the making. My site

Down by the sea said...

Hi Judy, It was love to hear from you. I'm sorry you have had a hectic time. I hope your Mom will continue to make progress, Your treasure box is delightful and the Highlands theme a wonderful idea.
Sarah x

va said...

beautiful craftwork on the felted embroidered box . It is very whimsical .
found you through teresakasner's blog .
thanks for the chance :) happy day

hula-la said...

Oh my goodness, this is fabulous! I can just feel the softness...and the details on your treasure box, amazing! Very nice indeed! Having a great time along the blog party route! Hope you are, too! Aloha

Lilac Haven said...

You are very creative and must have a lot of patience. The treasure box is beautiful. Good wishes for your mom.

Joy said...

My Dear Friend, I can't believe your post slipped under the radar - I must have been more behind than I realised but better late than never, as they say! I am so pleased to hear your Mom is making some progress and hope and pray it continues.
Your Scottish Highland Treasure Box is beautiful, what a clever lady you are and of course, me being Scottish, this really did speak so clearly and loudly to me!
Take good care of yourself m'dear and try to not worry too much about your Mom, I'm sure she is in good hands. Love and warm hugs, Joy xo

Patty Antle said...

Your embroidery is wonderful. It's so nice to meet you!

hafza said...

I'm visiting from GYB party. Your Scottish Highland Treasure Box is unique of it's kind. Glad that I've meeety you.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Judy! I'm so behind in my visits, and trying to catch up on all the goodness I've missed! First, I so hope your mom is doing okay. It's so hard to see our parents have troubles. My prayers are with her sweetie....and now on to that gorgeous treasure box you created. WOW, it's a beauty! So much lovely detail, and those sheep are so darn adorable! You created a wonderful little treasure! I didn't have the time to join in with Vicki's amazing GYB party this year. It looked like such fun!. I hope next year I'll be able to join in. Happy stitching Judy! xoxo

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Very nice to meet you. I have been dabbling with felting for a little while. It's fun.
Nice work.

Dasha said...

Hello Judy. Visiting from the first time from Australia via the GYB party. What a truly lovely little Treasure Box you have show cased. I have never tried felting - had a little kit once, but never got around to trying it and gifted it away. My craft is patchwork/quilting both by machine & by hand, with a bit of embroidery thrown in for good measure. Occasionally make greeting cards as well. Nice to have met you.

macmillanmarie said...

Charming blog - thanks for sharing

Wendy said...

hello and nice to meet you. Your treasure box is beautiful! I love the little sheep

nicolesender said...

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I love your treasure box!

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