Friday, January 18, 2013



I am very excited to join with Vicki who is sponsoring "Grow Your Blog Party"  today at  "2 Bag Full" !! I am looking forward to exploring many lovely blogs. It is Truly Very Kind of Vicki to put forth so much time and effort to benefit us all.  Thank you Very Much Vicki.

A wee bit about myself.  I started CJ Stitching and Bloom back in July of 2007. I was encouraged by many crazy quilting friends so I could share with everyone my Stitching Creations.  I jumped in and have never looked back.  I have met so Many Very Wonderful and Kind Friends from around the world that has brighten my days and have blessed me in so many ways. I Cherish All My Blogging Friends.

I worked as a Registered Nurse for 36 years and retired in 2012. I have been stitching every since I can remember but in the 1990s I really became passionate about "My Creative Stitching".  Every quilt I have ever made has had lots of stitching on it.
In the last several years I have learned how to do "Wet and Needle Felting"! I absolutely Love Working with Hand-Dyed "Wools" and "Stitching and Beading" on them. I love adding lots of texture to My Creations by adding all kinds of "Fancy Threads and Textile Fibers".
Click on "Bavaria Winter Wonderland" to see more detailed photos of this art piece and the inspiration behind it. 

Below is another Favorite Stitchery I called,  "Dreaming Of Spring" which I worked on during one of our really Blustery, Very Cold Long Winters!!

And the last Favorite Creations I will share today is a Wet Felted Wool Easter Vessel I made last Spring. There is lots of beading and stitching on this Wool Vessel...

In appreciations of My Visitors today I would like to Thank You All by having a wee "Give Away"..  I have made a Fancy Frilly Knitted Scarf  in shades of Purples, pictured "Below".   
"Anyone" can ENTER Anyone Can WIN regardless of where you live.  There is NO requirement that a person has to be a Follower of My Blog to Win.  The Winner does not have to have a blog.  I am willing to send the "Gift" any wheres in the World.
The Give-Away Drawing will take Place on "February 1st 2013.  So please check back on this "Date" to see who the Lucky Winner will be. So Please leave Me a comment to Enter this Give Away. I look forward to meeting you all.  I would appreciate if the "Winner" would email me with their home address as soon as possible from this date..thanks

The Photo above is of My Dear Sweet Grand Daughter Chloe enjoying  her self with a Very Fancy Snow Lady that she made with her parents.  Chloe melts My Heart With her Lovely Smile.  When I first saw this Snow Lady I thought to Myself,  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think My Grand Daughter Is Very Artistic, what do you all think????  In My Humble Opinion I think Chloe is a "Budding Artist" and that really pleases her Grandma!! Huge VBG

Below I have a posting about Vicki's  "The Pink Scarf Project".  I also have a Button on the Right Side Bar that will take you directly to Vick's "2 Bag Full" blog and it will tell you all about this great project. It is a very worthy cause.

I wish everyone a Very Lovely Weekend.  And Thank you all for your Leaving Your Lovely Comments for me to read.

Hugs Judy

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I recently read about "THE PINK SCARF PROJECT" On Vicki's Blog called "2 BAGS FULL".  It is a  Wonderful and Kind project and I am Very Happy to donate a "Handmade with Love" scarf to this worthy  cause.

  Please see " THE PINK SCARF PROJECT" BUTTON on the left side bar of my blog. Just click on the button and it will take you to "Vick's Blog" so you can read more about information  on this lovely project. 

 This is the scarf I created for "THE PINK SCARF PROJECT"!!

" THINK PINK" Crochet For The Cure! I bought this book from "Annie's Attic" a few years ago.  It has many lovely patterns in it. 

I decided to crochet the pattern called "CELIA'S SCARF" by Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten.  Andrea stated in this book that she designed this scarf in honor of her MIL, who ended her battle with breast cancer in the early Summer of 1992. She said, I am truly honored to have this design in such an important book supporting breast cancer awareness, honoring the survivors and remembering those who have gone before us. 


I hope the scarves from "The Pink Scarf Project" will serve as a reminder to each recipient that they are Loved and we are Praying for Them All... I also hope the scarves will bring a wee smile to their faces on days when they do not feel like smiling.

Many years ago a Long Time Dear Friend Thea from South Australia was diagnosis with Breast Cancer.  Thea is a "Survivor of 8 Years" and I would like to honor and  dedicate this blog posting to Thea. Love You Thea I am blessed to have you for a friend.

Hugs to ALL

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



 I wish both My Family and Friends

My Sweetie, The Love of My Life relaxing during the holidays.
 We have only been married 8 Years but they have been Very Magical and Lovely Years.  I pray we have Many More Glorious Years Together.

My this year has passed quickly.  As of this month I will be retired "One Whole Year"! It has been a year of great adjustment for me.  After being a RN for 36 years it has been difficult to put nursing behind me.  I still have the feeling I need to do something in the area of helping children. Any idea please let me know. Thanks

Below is a photo of me when I was visiting Metz France during Easter Break.

I took a Sue Spargo Class back in November of 2011.  I finished this project on December 31st 2012. Yes, it took me 13 months plus a couple of months preparing for the class.  Below is a photo of a classmate working on her Pomegranate.

My Friend DeEtta has a website called
 "Fiddlehead Finery" and she hand dyed all the wool for me specifically for this project.  All the colors turn out fantastic. 

 I also took a class from DeEtta to learn how to do Rug Hooking. Here is a previous posting of photos of DeEtta's lovely Studio.  I learn much but still have lots to learn. Below you will see the Hooked Star in the center of the Pomegranate Rug. This was my own design to the rug. I think it made this project unique and mine.  VBG What do you all think??

In the photo below you will see an upclose photo of the Hooked Star Rug with lots of embellishments.

Below is an upclose photo of the Pomegranate with lots of beads and fancy creative stitching.  I mainly used a book called "The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion" by Yvette Stanton of Australia.  This book is excellent and I highly recommend it.

I really like using the "Drizzle Stitch". In the leaf I used this stitch to create the veins.  I also used hand dyed velvet for the center of the leaf.  I used chenille yarn around all the edges of the leaves and Pomegranate.  I found it difficult to stop stitching on this project I enjoyed it so much!!

I used a technique called "Rushing" for the element to connect all the Motif together and then I added lots of beads to make it sparkle. 

I do hope everyone is having an lovely holiday season around the world.  

Thanks for visiting My Blog and leaving your lovely messages for me to read.  They are all greatly appreciated. 

Hugs Judy
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