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for it Religious meaning and for many other reasons too.

Me In Metz,  France during Easter and Blooming Flowers..
 My Heart was smiling because everything was so beautiful.. The photo on the Metz France Link is the beautiful view from our hotel window.

Easter is My Most Favorite Time of Year....
A new beginning can be like those busy birds weaving a bit of thread and fragments of yarn into their twiggy nests. Small changes can add a whole new look to our lives. 

  Mother natures comes alive with glorious blooms and everything turns many shades of green and looks fresh and new again. 

The beautiful Birds come back from the their Wintering grounds in the South. When we see a Robin in our front yard then we know Spring has arrived. No Robins yet. 

I am posting many of My Favorite photos of Easter some old and some new..

Easter Wishes from Germany.

Such lovely smiles on Mother and children while decorating their German village for the Easter Season.

Easter wishes to everyone from My Home to Yours...

My wool felted Easter Bunny  and Tree I created and gifted to a Dear Friend.

The steps I took to create My Textile Fiber Easter Nest..

Creating bring My Soul Alive... and it makes me Immensely Happy...

I have always wanted to create a "Nest" since seeing all Vicki's lovely nest at
 "2 Bags Full".. They are all so creative and lovely. 

To create My Nest I First crocheted a bowl and wet felted it. 

Below is the fibers I used to start embellishing
 "My Easter Nest".
I purchased the hand spun yarn of wool, angelina,  silk and bamboo rayon and threads from a etsy shop called
 "Renee Knits"...  
I just love all the beautiful arrays of pinks and purples.

I used 50% Baby Camel and 50% Bleached Tussah Silk Top to create the nesting material for My Easter Nest. It is so very soft to touch.

First I crocheted a wee flower as the Center Point of interest for the nest.  I added the most beautiful bead for in the middle of the flower.

I then added more beads of flowers and a butterfly.
I made some very pretty Pale Pink Tyvek Beads to intertwine amongst the fibers.

The wee burgundy Tyvek Bead was gifted to me by Carolyn

The fine fringe fiber above the nest edge was bought from Hand-Dyed Hobbies.

Ages ago I bought some Iridescent Chips from
 Nautical Yarns and at the time I had NO idea what I would use them for until now.  
They had such a "Lovely Shimmer" to them and they were in shades of Pink and Gold and I just knew they would add so much needed sparkle to My Easter Nest so they were stitched on too.

What do you think??

Next I wet felted three beautiful Blue Eggs to add to My Easter Nest.  I then placed them in the very soft and lovely nesting material.  

My Textile Fiber Easter Nest is now Finished.

 Oh, how I enjoyed the journey of creating "My Easter Nest"...
What do you all think??

I also created a crochet Egg to put into My 1981 Avon Easter Bunny Egg Holder.

I also love showing everyone My Wet Felted Easter Bunny with embroidery.  I love combining embroidery on most of My Art.

I also crocheted a Easter Basket and Eggs. I also wet felted some more Easter Eggs.

The Hugging Easter Bunnies I bought on a Trip to Poland while living in Germany.

Easter In Metz France. 

I could not resist buying these very artistic chocolate Hens and Rooster.   
Does anyone know what the wording on the bench says??

I have never seen a Chocolate Easter Egg that was so grand looking.   It was most impressive to look at.  I think the French and German people certainly know how to celebrate Easter in the most unique ways. 

I feel a bit nostalgic during the Easter Season because My Hearts longs to visit the Easter Markets in Europe again.  I loved seeing all the wonderful creations the artists created for us to see and buy.

During the next couple of weeks Grandma Judy's fingers will be doing a bit more creating for her grandchildren.  
Above you will see Crocheted Headbands with No flowers yet.  I am trying to decide what color of yarn to make the flower.   I am thinking the light purple for one and maybe the the white or middle pink yarn for the other one.

  What do you all think??

We will be traveling visiting family and friends during the Easter holiday season. 

I would like to wish all My Family and Blogging friends A Very Happy Easter Holiday.. 

Or A Very Happy Spring or Autumn where ever you all may live. 
I will be back to Blogging at the end of April.  I thank you all for visiting My Blog and leaving your lovely comments. 

Hugs Judy

The Wool Lady at Ronneburg Forderkreis Castle for a Easter Market. 


vicki said...

Hi Judy- I can't believe I'm here for this beautiful post! Your Easter nest is exquisite and all the embellishments have made it simply stunning!! Great job!! I love the cord and textures--

I had no idea there was a little "Vicki" shout out here-- thank you so much sweet friend!


Ronda Walker said...

Hi Judy, What a beautiful post, love all the pictures. Have a wonderful trip, I'll miss you. Ronda

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Happy Easter to you and your family, safe travelling too. I learnt something from your post today. I never knew that camel hair was used for anything. Such pretty creations you have made, good luck with the headbands.

Happy days.

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Judy!
I loved all the photos from Europe. We lived in Germany for three years back when Goodman was in the military so I enjoyed seeing those.

Your nest is really beautiful!
Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy,
My goodness you have been and are busy, all your Easter goodies are so pretty and it's such fun to wander through your blog, the headbands are very pretty too I'm sure they will be well received by your grandchildren.
Easter is not only a fun time with bunnies and eggs but it is also a very thoughtful time of year.
Thank you Judy for the brightness you bring through your blog and your very busy skillful fingers.
hugs Lyn AU

Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous, Judy. You are so so so talented... My favorite (even though I love all of your creations) is the cute little bird's nest... Awesome!!!!

Hope you have a great Easter season --and time off from blogging... Will miss you!


Heather said...

Judy, you have such beautiful treasures for your Easter decor... and as usual, your fingers have been very busy, VBG! Happy Easter and safe travels! Hugs.

baukje said...

Your easter nest is so sweet and soft, I love it. Where I live, in the center of France they do not decorate a lot, you can buy some bunnies some eggs and that's it. I also am not used to all those decorations, I wwas grown in a protestant familyand everything was very sober.
Joyeuses Paques means Happy Easter (paques is the french word for easter)
I wish you a happy easter from France and enjoy your trip
hugs Baukje

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have had your post open while I'm blogging this afternoon! I just can't see it all...I keep coming back to look! I LOVE the nest you made with yarn. I would love to try to make one, too! I'm going back to look again! A delightful post! Sweet hugs!

Radka said...

Wow,so much going on here :-)
Thank you for sharing all your pictures with us.

linda said...

Hi Judy, thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome to the stash-buster challenge, read all about it here in this post

I will add you to the list of official stash-busters :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your crochet and felted items are so lovely. The little bunny scene with the tree is really pretty. And I love that little bunny with the embroidered face. You did a great job with the nest, too. Enjoy the Easter season and your time with family and friends. Best wishes, Tammy

West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh, my, you have such wonderful memories. And you are so creative. Loved seeing all the pictures! Great post!

umintsuru said...

What a wonderful table decor all set for Easter. I love your fibre nest especially with the felted eggs. I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

Lilac Haven said...

The nest is beautiful and so are the rest of your photos. I too love Easter season and spring.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I love the nest!!!! Your felted eggs are sweet too. Nice all the doo dads you added to the nest.

Carola Bartz said...

Your nest is beautiful, Judy! It looks so soft - just the right thing for the eggs. The last photo from the Easter market looks so yummy!


What a lovely long post to enjoy. Your creations and your love really shine through. Thank you for sharing what you did with the beads and I'm sorry I haven't sent email yet ... I will write soon. I have been so busy with other things that are not to do with blogs etc.

Have a wonderful holiday time coming up dear Judy. Best wishes, Carolyn x

Ana Mª said...

Es precioso y me ha gustado mucho las imagenes de tu tierra .Unos trabajos muy bonitos y originales . Enhorabuena por tu blog , hay mucho arte .Un saludo

Serenity West said...

What a lovely post! I like the nest and the lovely rabbits. I hope you're having a great Spring! My best happy easter wishes to you and your family. may peace be with you.

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

Dear Judy thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Popped over to visit you - lovely, lovely Easter things! Because I am thinking nests at the moment (!) I was immediately drawn to your most beautiful pink Easter nest with its soft inner lining and gorgeous pale blue felted eggs. It's absolutely exquisite! I am afraid my nest only has the loose ends of my crochet as inner lining! Must see if I can rectify that i think! You've given me some lovely ideas! Thank you! Happy Easter, Judy! E x

Dianne said...

So many gorgeous things to comment on in this post, Judy. The Easter nest is something to treasure and I love the blue felted eggs you added to it. You are one very clever Easter Bunny. Hope your trip is enjoyable and that you are getting sunshine for the Easter break. xxx Di

Everyday Things said...

Hi Judy, just popped in for a visit . . and just saw you rPolish easter bunnies...the huggging ones! how cute are they!!!! I am from a Polish background, but dont ever recall seeing bunnies like these...must get some stash for easter next time I am over there!

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