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Even thought officially Autumn has not arrived when September arrives it is Autumn to Moi. This is also the time of Year when My "Sweet Autumn Clematis" blooms. Isn't it glorious this year.  vbg
This past Summer was the hottest since 1950 here in Michigan. I hope we never have another one like it.  It has been very hot and dry across most of the USA.
 I have spent very little time in my garden accept for watering all my gardens which was no easy task by any means. vbg

I have spent allot of time knitting Lacey Scarfs this Summer.  I think I have made 7 in all and this is the one I kept for myself.  This one was made from Moda yarn and the color was called Rainbow Sherbet which I really like allot.  I plan to make some scrafs for Chrissy Presents this year. I really enjoyed making them.  Has anyone tried making these Lacey scarfs??

When we could no longer tolerate the heat anymore we traveled to Michigan Upper Peninsula and there it was in the 70F verse our 90 to 100F plus heat at home. It was so wonderful to feel the cool breezes off of Lake Superior I want to spend the whole Summer on its beautiful shores.
Lake Superior has many Lighthouses but this one was near us.  It is called Port Iroquois Lighthouse.  So very grand. 

In our modern times we now see these kinds of "Windmills" popping up every where. I am not sure I like how they spoil the lovely landscape.

Lake Superior has a reputation of being a very fierce and unforgiving lake. It is a huge lake and many freighters have went down to their watery graves.  The most famous being the Edmond Fitzgerald.  There is a utube video on the broadcasting of this ship being lost and the tribute song,"The Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald, by Gordon Lightfoot. It was neat to hear it again.

This past Summer My Sweetie decided he needed a "Garden Shed". He worked many days in very hot weather. One day Grandson Zack and son Craig came and stay for 12 hours working very hard and helped put up the walls and the roof.  My job was to provide food and refreshments, easy compare to their tasks.  Many Thanks to grandson Zack and Craig. They were all a great team together.   

Below is a photo of the finished Garden Shed. My Sweetie was very pleased with it.

Despite the lack of rain this Summer My Butterfly Bush produced heaps of blooms.  Truly very lovely.

And our Hibiscus Bush also put on a grand show.

I continue to stitch on my Wool Pomegranate Table Rug.  One half is totally completed and the other side is just about done.

This is a photo of the Pomegranate section. I used as many stitches and threads and yarns on it as I could think of.  LOL I can hardly wait to finish it.  It will be a year of working on it this coming November and I promised myself to completed it before November 1st. Fingers crossed.  vbg

I did attended the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids in August.  I had a super great time and met a new stitching friend named Caroll.  More photos of this the next time. 

Next time I will have a wee giveaway of one of those Lacy Scarf I made this past Summer.. I will also have some photos of exciting happenings.

I thank all My Blogging Friends for stopping by to see me again. I have missed you all.  I am very Happy to Be Back and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone's blog soon. 

I could not resist showing everyone
My Two Very Sweet Nephews Tee and Jack. Those smiles will melt your heart, hey?? They live in South Dakota.  We will be heading west this Fall to visit with them.

Take care everyone and I will chat with you all again soon. 

Hugs Judy


Heather said...

Welcome back Judy! Thanks for checking out my new blog. Sounds like you have had a wonderful and busy summer! Lovely photos, especially love your butterfly bush, I would love one but I don't think it would survive up here, but I like a challenge, I'm hoping to turn one little section of my garden into an attraction for those little lovelies... great pic of your nephews, love the red hair! Hope you finish your lovely stitchery by your deadline, sometimes these things hang on and end up as UFO's because we get tired of them. Hugs.

Sharon said...

Welcome back, Judy! Yes, I am working on one of those scarves right now! It is my first one. They are so pretty and will make great Christmas presents for my nieces. :)

Such pretty pictures you posted and your stitching is wonderful.

Love the red hair on your nephews! They are so cute. :)

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Judy! Welcome back! You have been busy in your break from your blog. The table rug is a beauty. I can't wait to see the entire rug.
I really like your fall blooming clematis. And I had to do alot of watering this summer, too. I'll be so glad when it's over. :))
Have a great evening!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thank you my friend for checking in on me and for reminding me why we blog....because of friends like you! Love you scarf and I agree when it the calendar says September...fall has arrived...even though it will 92 degrees tomorrow! Come on cooler weather.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hey!!! I was just thinking of you today and knew you'd be posting soon. I saw one of those scarves on display in Joann Fabric next to the yarn. They are so pretty, but I don't knit. I stayed in a lot this summer. Mostly because the humid air bothered Terry's COPD and if I'm out he'll be there too. I'm almost glad summer is over. I need a rest from the hectic pace trying to keep up with my grandsons.
xx, Carol

Maggie R said...

So happy to see you back...
Have thought about you and wondered what you were doing?!Think about you every time i wear the pin you sent me:)
I enjoyed your update.. I must say I was astounded at the size of the butterfly bush.. I must do my homework before I plant things..I put one in between two hanging baskets, and already we know it has to be moved!! Yee Gads..It is so pretty but already too big where it is.. Do they really grow that big??!!
Anyway Welcome back judy...

Quayceetatter said...

Welcome Back to the Blogging World!! Love all your projects!!Linda in NM

Linda said...

Hi Judy, and welcome back to blogland. I love all the photographs you've shared, especially the boys - what great looking kids. Your garden must be a delight Judy!! So sorry to hear about the hot, dry summer. It's the norm for us, of course, but it doesn't get any easier year by year. I look forward to more from you soon. Love that scarf too!!

Maureen said...

Great to have you back Judy, you've had a wonderful hot summer -we had a horrible grey and very wet one with just August being not too bad for both Olympics - we are now heading (fast) towards winter without the benefit of summer!! Oh well good crafting weather hopefully!!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Goodness, I don't know how I missed this post. I'm a follower. I enjoyed all your pictures. Looks like you had a busy and fun summer. I've been wanting a Hibiscus. My Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming now and smells so wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you at Knotty Girls and seeing more of the lovely tablerunner you are working on.

Marjolein said...

This looks really special, all those rich yarns. Beautiful pomegranate!

Teresa said...

Hi Judy, so lovely to have you back.....I missed you and your wonderful chat. Beautiful garden shed....very decorative doors !! And how special to have your husband, son & grandson working side by side. Love the pomegranate table keen to see it finished.
cheers & love Teresa xx

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

HI Aunt Judy!! Love your blog...I will be following. :) Love ya!

Dianne said...

Hi Judy, So much to comment on here - a lovely post and welcome back to the blogosphere. We all missed your happy, beautiful posts. Your nephews are just the cutest!! You must be well on the way to finishing your pomegranite piece by now. Can't wait to see it. Hope the weather is treating you kindly (unlike the East Coast at present I hope) xxx Di.

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