Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I started stitching a wool Valentine's Day Heart but unfortunately I never finished it on time for this special day.  I finally finished it this past week so I will now call it the "Easter Bunny Garden Heart".

I wanted to use some of the lovely tatted treasures Wendy made for me last Easter.  The tatted Easter Bunny is pale pink and so I added a couple of tatted pink roses and a wee pink tatted Butterfly for in the garden too.  

I used all metallic threads by Threadworx Kreinik Fine # 8 and #12 Braid Over dyed. 

I used many stitches.  I used the Drizzle Stitch to create the wee flower to the right of the tatted bunny. I also used many French Knots, Buttonhole Stitch and the Bullion Stitch. I needle felted green roving along the bottom and edges before I started my stitching. 

To finish it off I stuff some Lavender from my garden inside so when I hang it in my sewing room it will give it a lovely scent. Thanks Wendy again for all the lovely tatting you create for me.

 Kitchen Remodel Part 2

Above is a photo of unpainted Wainscoting board that we put up 4 feet around the bottom of the Kitchen walls. 

After a couple of weeks of priming the wood and painting this part of the remodel is finally finished. The bottom is a paint is called Porcelain Skin and the walls are painted Plateau.  This photo does not really show the true colors.

The next challenge for my Sweetie was  putting up the Tile Mural and the wee tiles.  He has only done this kind of job once before a long time ago but he took on the job smiling.  VBG  My Sweetie measured everything very carefully on the wall and then actually created it first on a very large card board in the living room.  Then he transferred it to the wall.  

The name of the Tile Mural is called, "Country Sunflowers".  In My Humble Opinion My Sweetie did the most wonderful job of putting it up. The small glass tiles are 1 inch square. They were in colors of pale yellow, gold, white, clear, brown and gray. And amongst all of these there was a gold marble stone. The Mural is 12 inches by 17 1/2 wide.     What do you all think??

 The next tiled area is above the stove.  This part was so much easier for my Sweetie to put up.   Thank you My Dear for being so talented to transform our old kitchen into a new one.   I love it all.

Part 3 of the Kitchen remodel will be the new flooring.  Soon to begin. vbg 

Above you will see the most strangest photo with all kinds of elements stitched to muslin. 

 I have joined our organizers
 "Marjolein from Threads and Patches" and "Deb from Mosaic Magpie" and many others on "Stitch'in Fingers".  We are calling this project "Pebbles Adventures". 

 I admired this kind of stitching in a photo many years ago on Stitch'in Fingers but had no clue how to create one my self.  

This "Link" will take you to photos on the "Stitch Magazine UK" and a tutorial on how to create Pebbles.

 Anyone can join "Stitch'in Fingers" and join us all in this "Pebble Adventures". I joined Stitch'in Fingers many years ago and I am always truly inspired by all the member's stitching.

In the photo above I have entrapped all the elements and  so now it is time to start creating all kinds of stitches.  This is truly an adventure in stitching for me because I have never did this kind of project before.  

So I hope everyone will come back in a couple of weeks and see how far I got in creating my "Pebbles"! 

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely messages for me to read.  

Hugs Judy


shirley said...

Judy, your Easter heart is very pretty. i love what your sweetie has done to the kitchen. The mosaic is lovely. I think some pretty awesome cooking is going to happen there very soon.

Heather said...

Hi Judy.... sweet little heart... your renovations sure turned out wonderful. Hugs.

MosaicMagpie said...

The sunflower tile mosaic is beautiful. It adds a really nice touch. Your heart is beautiful too. I am looking forward to seeing your pebble!

Miss 376 said...

It's been lovely to see everyone's stitching, and now to see some completed pebbles, I shall look forward to seeing yours

Sue said...

That is a gorgeous pincushion! I love it.

Your kitchen remodel is coming along so nicely. Things are really taking lovely shape!!

Solstitches said...

Your Easter bunny heart is so pretty Judy.
The kitchen makeover is looking lovely. I love the sunflowers!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow!! You have been Busy!! I've been following the stone embroidery that you and Deb are doing. I just love it and would really like to try it.

My daughter and the boys are moving out as I type. What I thought would take a weekend has been dragged out a bit. It seems like what a landlord calls clean and what we do are two different things.

Anyway, we will beging our bath and kitchen renovation shortly so you backsplash tiles really interested me. I haven't started shopping for that yet.

Your walls look great too!
xx, Carol

Quayceetatter said...

Love the heart,all the embroidery and tatted bunny. The pebble work is interesting..
Love the mosaic sunflower.

Dianne said...

Your sweetie has done a wonderful job on the tiling. Just love those little glass tiles and appreciated how fiddly they must have been to put up. The sunflower is gorgeous and something pretty to look at while you do the dishes! The pebble adventure looks interesting - but no - I must not! Lovely heart and very sweet tatting you received. xxx Di.

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, you're remodel is wonderful! The tiles look great! We are going to attack my kitchen for updating soon, but I really dread it. I'd much rather dig in the dirt. *chuckles*

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Judy what a beautiful heart you have made for easter, great start on your pebble adventure.

Michelle May said...

Beautiful heart! Love your beadboard and the tile too! Bravo!

Linda said...

Judy, please congratulate your husband from me. The tiling work he has done is just superb, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful craftsman to work his magic. I just love everything about your new kitchen, and hope it gives you much joy as you cook and spend your time there.

The little heart and the pebble adventure are so sweet. You are having such amazing fun with your stitching. I will be watching to see more instalments on the pebble.

I am sorry I did not see this post until now. Have a great week, cheers.

jenclair said...

Your pebble cloth is looking great, Judy!

Wow, your kitchen before and after pics are impressive. Nice to have a handy handyman!

umintsuru said...

I recognized the bunny. So glad you could use it and it looks wonderful too, like always!!

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