Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Happy Spring from Michigan!

My Sweetie and I just returned from our Spring vacation in Kentucky and Ohio.  I long to see blooming flowers and trees and was not disappointed.  Our first stop was to two small communities outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

"The Top Drawer" is located in a small village called Mariemont.  I was surprised to find that Mariemont looked like a small village you would find in Germany. The owner Sandy was very warm, friendly and helpful.  The Top Draw does have a website and she does mail order. Please see the photo below.   Of course I found some treasures to bring home with me. vbg

The next shop I visited was only a few miles away in another lovely small village called Madeira.  The shop is called "Absolutely Needle Point". They had many wonderful selection of threads but they do not have a website.

The photos below is some of the beautiful silk embroidery flosses I discovered I did not have in my stash. Oh it is so soft and the colors are so lovely I can hardly wait to use it.

I also found some more colors of the wonderful Kreinik Metallic Mirco Ice Chenille Floss. Oh, how I absolutely love this thread.  Love it.

 I also discovered I new Kreinik Metallic "Wire" Medium #16 Braid. I look forward to create stumpwork creations with it. They are the 5 spools in the front of the photo.

I really fell in love with another Kreinik Fine #8 Braid called Threadworx. This one is new to me too.  I bought two different colorways. It is so very pretty.

 To couch down the Kreinik 'Wire" I bought some  Kreinik Fine #8 Braids in some very lovely colors. Oh how I love all kinds of flosses.  So this is what I discovered in the first two shops I visited in Ohio.  More to come.  LOL 

I have been wanting to visit the "The Quilt Box" in Kentucky for years.  Why you ask, because it was voted by American Homes and Gardens as a Top 10 Quilt Shop in the country so I just had to see it.  LOL

 It is located several miles out of  Dry Ridge, Kentucky.  After you leave the main road you have to drive back in a mile or so on a very narrow gravel somewhat road through a middle of a large woods. The photo below was the widest section of the road.  Thank goodness my Sweetie has a 4X4 truck because the path/road got pretty rugged and very very narrow.  But it was a great adventure and we loved it. 

 It was so well worth the wee adventure because when you get to " The Quilt Box"  you will instantly fall in love with the tranquil, green, and beautiful area in the hollows of Kentucky. The shop is also the owners home.  The shop owner and her staff was very warm and friendly and I could truly see why it was considered a Top Ten Quilt Shop. Unfortunately,  they do not have a website.

I bought these lovely "Pink" fabrics at "The Quilt Box"!

Recently I bought some "Velvet Rick Rack" at a etsy shop called, "Macy Brooke Boutique"! Oh, I was so pleased with the velvet rick rack in it many array of colors.  I will definitely enjoy using it on my creations.

Here in Michigan we had a very long cold Winter and our Spring has been rather coolish too.  So My Sweetie and I treated ourselves to a Spring trip south to southern Ohio and Kentucky.  Here I found incredibly beautiful blooming trees and flowers. The pink blooming tree is called a "Red Bud" which is my favorite flowering tree.  I have two very wee ones in my garden but they have yet to bloom.  Isn't the Red Bud the most Gorgeous Tree.

The white tree is a "Dogwood". I have several of these in my garden too.  I am hoping my white one blooms this year just like this one.

I am not sure what the flowers along the driveway are but I fell in love with them.  I think I will have to add them to my garden this Spring.  Aren't they so pretty in pinks and purples?

When I started to see all the beautiful blooming flowers and trees I started creating a wee poem in my mind.  By far I am no Poet but I thought I would share it with you all anyways.

Oh Spring, Oh Spring, Oh Spring!
Oh, how you make My Heart Soar and Sing!
Gazing out over your Kentucky Hills of Greens, Pinks, Purples and Blues;
They make my Winter Weary Heart burst with Gaiety.
Oh Spring, Oh Spring, Oh Spring,
Thank you for coming back again! 

I would also like to wish all my Family and Friend A Very Happy Mother's Day! 

I will post Part 2 of our Spring Kentucky trip at the end of May.




Linda said...

Hello again Judy, nice to see you back safe and sound again. What a lovely assortment of threads and fabrics you managed to find. I especially love the velvet ric-rac, and didn't know it was available. Love the blooms, must be a gorgeous site in real life. BTW, the 'dogwood' is our local shire floral emblem, and we have the Dogwood Creek flowing through the countryside here. Thank you for such an interesting post, full of great information.

Gina said...

I was at a wonderful thread shop in OH, between Cincinnati and Beaver...something...with friends last year. I wonder if it was the same place? We might go again this year and I'll have to pay attention! I love the velvet ricrac. I might have to look into that!

Dianne said...

Dear Judy, Happy Spring Time to you. Those flowering trees are so gorgeous as are all your wonderful threads you bought. I too have never seen velvet ric rac but I know I want me some!! Lovely to here about your trip. Di.

Radka said...

Hi Judy, what a lovely trip! I can see that you have found the best "sweet shops" :))

Highland Monkey's said...

Wish I could have come with you, those shops sound wonderful!

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Thank you so much for sharing your break away. Love the threads and ric rac that you purchased. The photo's of the trees in bloom are just so stunning. Interest to hear about the different shops and how you had to get to some of them.
Happy stitching.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what yummy threads and fabrics you have found along with some neat shops!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

The spring pictures DO make my heart sing. Our Spring is a little late getting started but I do have tulips starting to bloom.
I love your poem too!

shirley said...

Hi Judy,Welcome Home.
So nice to see you had such a wonderful time and who could resist those gorgeous threads and ricrac. The spring flowering trees are beautiful no wonder you enjoyed your trip.

shirley said...

Hi again Judy, You have been very quiet, Have you been busy catching up after your trib. Miss you and your sweet ways.

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Judy! Sounds like you had one beautiful trip and came home with lots of pretties to show for it! I love the velvet rick rac and can't wait to see how you use it.
We are still waiting for Spring to get here in MA - rain, rain rain... can't wait for the sun to coem out.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Judy, It sounds like you had a fantastic trip. The threads you brought home look wonderful and I love the pink fabrics you bought. The blooming trees and the flower beds are so pretty. I always wish the trees would bloom longer than a few days.
The weather seemed to have been quite similar to ours here in North Germany. We also had a long winter but finally its spring with lovely temperatures.
Have a great afternoon!

baukje said...

I also have some Kreinek, it gives a special touch to your embroidery. BTW thanks a lot for your sweet comments on my blog.

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