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Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you all some more photos of our Spring trip South of Kentucky and Ohio.
Below is the third thread shop I visited which is located in Lexington Kentucky.  Oh what a beautiful city.  "M's Canvas House" is located in a historic area of the city. Isn't it a lovely building.  Inside there was a glorious selection of all kinds of flosses.  I loved it.

  The lady that waited on me was from Michigan and had married and moved to Lexington 30 years ago.  All I could think of that she missed 30 years of Michigan Winters.  LOL  We had a very nice chat.

The below photo you will find Planet Earth Silk which I had never seen before so I treated myself to some.  I also found some Easter Grass by Kreinik which I am sure I will find something to create with it.

On our way home we decided to travel to Berlin Ohio which is an large Amish area which I had never visited before.   Along the way we travel through Newark Ohio which is the headquarters for "Longaberger Basket" and this photo below is there headquarters.  Isn' it the neatest building you ever saw??  vbg 

You will also see the lovely countryside of an Amish Farm. Picture perfect. I know I should of not taken the photo of the Amish buggy but I could not resist.  They were stopped under a tree eating their lunch.  Such a slow pace and peaceful life they live.

"Berlin Ohio" was a very big town and the surrounding area of Amish communities goes on for endless miles.  You would of needed many days to visit them all.  So because we had only a few hours to shop we decided we will come back and stay for several days just in this area to take it all in.

We also visited Berea Kentucky know for their Handmade Kentucky Art.  Oh, how I loved visiting this town.   All over town are these "Artistic Painted Hands" with many different themes. It was a Joy to look at them all.

Inside the Kentucky Artisan Center you could find many wonderful creations from Kentucky Artist. I especially loved the Metal Rose creations.  Loved it.  The inside of the center was huge with many many creations to admire.  I took a few photos to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy looking at them?

I am so Happy to say My Spring Garden is looking very lovely at the moment.  Below you will find my very lovely "Fringe Edged Pink Tulips".  I have several of them.  They are very fussy to grow.  The top right photo is a photo of the garden I see from our sun room. 

I placed a wee "Red and Blue Bottle" I bought while I was visiting Italy to be "My Garden Art".  I have seen more and more gardens with all kind of "Flea Market" finds in the gardens around where we live. The bottom photo is of My Pink Bleeding Heart.  This is only its second Summer of growing. Can you believe how large it has grown in such a short time?

  There is a new magazine out  ( one time issue) called "Flea Market Gardens" that I have coming this week.  My SIL Sue introduced me to it last week.  She has the most glorious gardens with many pieces of lovely garden art.  I am very anxious to get my copy.

While over visiting family last week I was chatting with my brother Dale about all the glorious Magnolia trees I saw while we were down in Kentucky and Ohio.  I told him this was the one tree I wished I had in my garden.   It just happen he was going to visit a whole sale nursery and guess what I now have "My Magnolia Jane Dogwood" below left photo. Even after 300 miles of travel in back of a truck ( which my sweetie wrapped very carefully for me) it survived still with many buds on it.  So I have truly enjoyed seeing them bloom this week.

  In the background off to the right is a "Kousa Japanese Dogwood" I planted last May.  It will have glorious white blooms come the end of June to July.  You will see it has a wire fence around it because we have a dreadful deer problem and they love to nipple on my trees. Fortunately, they get NOT get to nipple on any of my bushes and trees this past winter thanks to My Sweetie protecting them all.  vbg

I am truly very excited to say "My Alaska Spruce" is still surviving.  I thought I had lost it last summer because it had all turned brown because from too much water while it was outside in a pot. 

So last Autumn we decided to plant it in the ground and hope for the best.   Well have a look at my Most Beautiful Wee Alaska Spruce now.  The photo below right you will see it is now a beautiful  green.  I was so very happy to see it had survived.  I hope one day you will see a photo of it very very tall.  It was only a very tiny less than one inch sapling which was dug up from a ditch by a large spoon outside of Anchorage Alaska back in 2005.  

During our visit last week we attended My Sweet  Grandson Ethan's 6th Birthday Party. Below you will see Ethan's Birthday cake.  In the top right you will see  S shaped candles that look like fire crackers.   I thought they were very unique. 

The photo below you will see Ethan about ready to blow out his birthday candles.  Ethan's cousins are joining him on this happy day.  Chloe on the left is my sweet grand daughter.  

While in Berlin Ohio we visited a Garden Center and when I saw these cut bunnies I fell in love with them.  They were all a gray cement color at the store.  My Sweetie decided they needed to be painted so we decided on our usual " Provence Blue" color we have decorated most things in the garden with.  I was so surprise when he showed me how he had painted them.  He made the inside of their ears pink and put some details on their faces.  Aren't they just the cutest "Welcome Bunnies" garden art you have ever seen.  vbg 

I hope you all have enjoyed your visit to My Blog. I thank you all for leaving your lovely kind comments for me to read.  They are all greatly appreciated. 

 My Sweetie and I have many activities planned for this coming Summer that we are looking forward too.  Our Memorial Day Holiday is coming up this weekend and it is the kick off to our Summer months.  I have decided again to take a "Blogging Break" this Summer.   So "Goodbye" from Us and Our Welcome Bunnies!!  See you all in September!

Take care all.



shirley said...

Thank you so much for sharing your holiday for us. Your garden must be spectacular...I just love magnolias. I can agree that it must be a lot of work.

Hope we can still keep in touch over the summer. Adieu for now, see you in September, and hope you will have lots more lovely things to share with us Judy.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your trip.Ohio is an interesting place which we have not been just driving through. Love your bleeding heart, sadly it is too hot here. Adorable bunnies, I look for unusual items for my garden also...Have a great summer.. Linda in NM

Linda said...

What an interesting post Judy. Everything you do is with the utmost enthusiasm, and I applaud you for that - a glass half full person!! The tulip is delightful, and congratulations on the Spruce, what an achievement. I am sure the blue 'welcome' bunnies will delight all who see them in your garden. Nice to see the children enjoying Ethan's party. Our Wend is having her eighth birthday this week, party on Saturday. Have a great summer, filled with interesting tasks, keep in touch please, and hopefully September will be here soon so we can hear more about your life.

Dianne said...

What a lovely post to round off your year Judy. Your little grandies are gorgeous and thanks for sharing your thread purchases. That basket building is awesome. We will miss your blog posts, but I wish you a very happy summer holiday. You will be able to spend many wonderful hours in your beautiful garden I am guessing. Au Revoir, Di.

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful garden and threads,a perfect combination.x

umintsuru said...

Your Magnolia bush looks wonderful. I really enjoyed your photos. Looks like you had a great time in Kentucky. Happy Summer Judy!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What an exciting trip you had, Judy! I just love the basket building. This is so cool!
Your garden is beautiful. I think I've never seen such a pretty tulip like the fringed edged one before. The flea market magazine looks very promising. Unfortunately we don't have a garden. Maybe one day ... I just keep on dreaming :-). I would have a lot of fun putting all kinds of flea market finds in there.
Have a wonderful summer and enjoy all your planned activities!

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