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Hello Everyone,

Back a couple of months ago a friend in Texas sent us a video of the devastating Inland Tsunami in Toowoomba. I could hardly believe the horrible photos this video relayed. I email my friend Di in Toowoomba and asked her if this really happen in Toowoomba and she told me yes. 

Di then related to me a story of a quilter whose home was washed away by this Inland Tsunami and they had lost everything. So I decided I would make some things for Helen that would hopefully bring a wee smile to her face again.  I worked on creating these pressies as quickly as I could.  Di kindly said she would give these gift to Helen for me.  

Helen came back to attend a luncheon given by the, "Toowoomba Quilter's Club"!

Please click on (Toowoomba Quilter's Club) to see more photos of the wonderful gifts they gave her.   Di sent me some photos of her presenting Helen the pressie I made.  Thanks Di for these photos.  They made me happy to see Helen happy.   

Di with the two packages I sent to Helen.

This is the Embroidery Envelope I made for Helen. The pattern is by Crab-apple Hill.

I also made Helen a crochet Cupcake Pincushion.

Helen looking at the Inside of the Embroidery Envelope.

This is an up close photo of the Cupcake Pincushion.

This is a up close photo of the inside for the Envelope.  The blue wood piece is called a "Laying Tool" made by My Sweetie for Helen.  Another name for it is called a Stiletto.

This photo is an up close of the embroidery on the pockets. The flower is a Pink Lavender with some Hearts. I made the "Stick Pin" that is closing the flap.

In the middle of the Envelope I added a "Hand Dyed Hummer with beads and a wee Heart.  I hand dyed the Hummer some time ago.

This is a photo of the front of the "Embroidery Envelope".  I embroidery Helen's name on it to make it special for her.   The wee charmed say, Handmade with Love.

Here is a photo of some of the goodies I added inside the Envelope.  I bought two Uptown Japanese Ladies scissors from "Anita Little Stitches" in Texas and gave the Yellow one to Helen. I wanted to have one too to remind me of Helen. I thought they were soooooooo cute. I added some floss even thought I was not sure if she did stitching or not. 

 I also added some pretty fabrics and lots of needles.  Di told me that Helen really loved the"Tea Cup" fabric.  It was a pretty recent purchase and because I know "Aussie Ladies" love their Tea I thought she may like it. 

Before I wrapped up the gifts I thought to myself what else could I include in the Envelope.  Then I looked up and saw my "Thimble Collection". I knew I had a couple duplicates so I took one of these and wrapped it and tucked it in one of the pockets hoping it would not break during its long journey.  

Di told me that Helen was really touched when she unwrapped the "Thimble".  Helen said, she had a collection of thimbles and had lost all of them in the flooding. She did retrieve her Thimble Case but No Thimbles were found.  So this thimble is the first to start her new collection.  

Di told me Helen was very overwhelmed and touched by all the wonderful presents that everyone gave her. 

I think the "Greatest" Healing Therapy for anyone is "Friendship" and "Love".  I truly believe that on this day Helen felt the healing powers of Friendship and Love.  

During the last couple of months you have heard me crumbling about our very long and blustery Winter.  Yesterday was a sunny day and so we went for a drive to our favorite Ludington State Park.  Here we found the Ice and Snow receding. You could finally see the wonderful sand dunes emerging again. The river was flowing and the Iced Lighthouse a month ago was now ice free.

But the most glorious sign of Spring was found in my wee garden along side the house where the sun hits all day when it is shining.  VBG  Yup I found three wee crocuses trying to bloom.  It was so wonderful to see and it certainly made me smile. 

My thoughts and Prayers go out to all the victims of the Japanese Earthquake. Also to all those effected by it in Hawaii, other islands and along the West Coastline of the USA.
My thoughts and prayers also go out to the Earthquake victims in New Zealand!

 I am hoping my blogging friends can advise me.  I am interested in learning how to do Japanese Kumihimo Braiding.  Could anyone recommend a good book to learn this technique?  Thanks for your help.



Heather said...

Judy... the gifts you made for Helen are absolutely precious, and it was so kind of you to do that for her... I am sure she loved them! I love the little scissors... I will have to look for them to see if I can get them for my shoppe... flowers peeking up, lucky you, it will be a while before we see any flowers here, LOL! Hugs.

Stina said...

Wonderful gifts Judy...:O)
Just love those cute scissors..:O)) ANd what do I see.. a CROCUS!!!!! Happy smile!! :o)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Heather and Stina, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. Yes, I love those Japanese scissors and yes my Crocuses are really trying hard to bloom. Huge VBG Hugs Judy

angelasweby said...

What an incredibly kind and generous gift you made to helen via your friend Di. The pictures tell the whole story :>) The gifts are beautiful but the thought behind them and the tiny details are what make this such a unique gift. I love your Crab Apple needlecase and the little humming bird is so sweet.
Our crocuses are blooming too and promise that warmer weather is just around the corner. I love these signs.
Take care and good wishes Angela xx

angelasweby said...

What an incredibly kind and generous gift you made to helen via your friend Di. The pictures tell the whole story :>) The gifts are beautiful but the thought behind them and the tiny details are what make this such a unique gift. I love your Crab Apple needlecase and the little humming bird is so sweet.
Our crocuses are blooming too and promise that warmer weather is justaround the corner. I love these signs.
Take care and good wishes Angela xx

Jensters said...

How kind and such wonderful gifts...stunning needlecase x

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Judy! You surely blessed Helen with some lovely gifts. That was such a nice thing to do for her. Have a great week!

Quayceetatter said...

You are a kind, warm hearted person and glad to have you as a friend! That is the nicest gift any one could send to someone who has lost everything. Beautiful stitching and love the cupcake. There is a lot of love in these gifts and this person will cherish it forever!
I makes one feel so good when they see spring peaking through!!
Linda M in NM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this heart-warming post.I just don't know how this poor lady would feel to have lost everything.What a kind gesture to give her these gifts made with love.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Your parcel is just so beautiful. You can't imagine loosing everthing can you. Glad those Spring plants are coming out, makes life so much nicer when the weather behaves itself.
Happy days.

teresa said...

What you made for Helen is just wonderful. I loved reading your post and it was so heart warming to see what you gave Helen from your heart. Just beautiful. Being a Queensland girl and not far from the devastating tsunami in Toowoomba and the floods in Brisbane, I know how much this would have meant to Helen to receive such a wonderful, thoughtful gift. You have a big heart xx

umintsuru said...

Dear Judy,

Your kindness is immense. What lovely gifts you made for Helen. Thank you for sharing the photos.

MosaicMagpie said...

So glad you came to visit my blog and leave me a comment so I could find you. I will be sending an email as well. I recently bought the bobbins used in the Japanese Braiding technique. They came with some instruction sheets but all written in Japanese! I will have to find someone to translate for me.

Dianne said...

Dear Judy, Thank you for the wonderful gifts you sent to Helen. She was over the moon and there were damp eyes right across the room that day. The needlecase was so special and the work you put into it was amazing. You are so incredibly kind and generous. So happy you are seeing the first signs of spring. Happy, happy face. Di.

maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

Oh Judy, what can I say your blog is lovely and your work is just breathtaking.Blessings !

Linda said...

Hello Judy, I think your generosity towards Helen is indicative of your whole spirit. You are a kind and generous person, and I am sure your gifts will remain precious to the lady for many years. To receive a gift like this from an anonymous person must be a thrill beyond words. Good on you for doing something concrete for someone you don't even know. Now, as to the Kumihomo, I shall search my little brain cells. I'm interested in it too [all things Japanese - except quakes and tsunamis]. I am sure I saw some good books on a website not long ago. Cheers for now.

acornmoon said...

What a very kind heart you have, a heartwarming post.

Kelly said...

This is really lovely. An incredibly thoughtful gift during a heart breaking time. Lovely.

Maureen said...

Judy, how kind of you, that was a wonderful gift to give and I'm sure Helen loved it!!

shirley said...

Hi Judy, Your wonderful blog has won you a Stylish Blog Award from Shirley. I always enjoy reading your posts and hearing about your work and your life.

For details go to

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