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Hearts and Hands For Sendai
As many know, 
LESLIE FROM PINYON CREEK STITCHING, has started a project, named Hearts and Hands For Sendai! The purpose is to open this project up to the quilting community at large and have blocks made in any quilting medium. These blocks will then be assembled into wall hangings and sent to Japan to be displayed in the International Quilt Show in coordination with Patchwork Tsushin as a fund raiser when viewed. I have created a logo, such as my first attempt with photo shop goes, and anyone is welcome to use the logo to advertise this project on their own blog or in their own quilt organization. I greatly appreciate every ones participation in this event!For more information please contact Leslie.

I have finished my Crazy Quilt Block for the Hearts and Hands for Sendai. I hope it will blend in well with the many other blocks. I have truly enjoyed creating this block for this most needy cause and hopefully the finished quilt will bring smile to the people of Japan and let them know that we all care.  I hope it will also raised lots of money.

A bit about my Crazy Quilt block.  My Dear Son while stationed at the Navy Base in Sasebo Japan sent me home these Japanese fabrics you see in my block for a Christmas present.  They have been in my stash for about 15 years just waiting for the right project to be used on. I think my son would be please with how I used them. I stitched in a Cherry Blossom Tree, the symbol of the Japanese Flag and used metallic and satin flosses throughout the block  

The above photo is a up close of my stitching.

During this past long Winter's months one of My Sweetie projects were creating Nesting Boxes for the birds. He also made 2 Blue Birds Houses and a Butterfly House.  My Sweetie hand painted all the boxes and also painted the wonderful designs on the side of them. The two hanging wire mesh objects are full of my left over yarns and threads from my Winter of stitching.  Hopefully the birds will enjoy using them to build there Spring nests in their new boxes.  VBG  We hung them all over our yard and we are looking forward to watching them being used.

Above is a photo of My Indoor Garden I have in my Sewing Room.  The blooming plant was given to me by my DIL Robin.  I have no idea the plant's name but it is most lovely and it seems like it is always in bloom.  Does anyone know its name?? 

I have not shared any photos of My Sweet Grand Children with you all in awhile.  This photo is of my Very Handsome Grandson Ethan in his soccer outfit. He is 5 years old.

The above photo is of My Sweet Grand Daughter Chloe in her Dance outfit.  Chloe is 4 years old.  What a wonderful time of my life being a "Grand Mother"!!

I would also like to thank My Lovely Aussie Friend Shirley, at "Shirley's Twisted Threads"  for passing onto me the "Stylist Blog Award"! Thanks Shirley. Shirley does incredibly beautiful stitching so please have a look at her blog.

Happy Spring to Everyone.



Magnolia Tea said...

Oh, the crazy quilt square looks great, and shows a lot of thought behind the idea, too. I really like those bird houses. Love the family pics, aren't grandkids the best!

Un Fiori di Panno said...


Eu amo crazy quilt.E o seu está muito bonito.



MosaicMagpie said...

Judy, I love your block and I like how you added the project's name to it. The plant you have that is blooming is a begonia. I have one and violets too! Just another thing we have in common.

Dianne said...

Your Sendai block is gorgeous Judy and I love the little elements you have put in like the cherry tree and Japanese flag. I was going to say your plant is a begonia, but Deb beat me to it. Your grandchildren are cuties and they really must make you proud. Love Di.

umintsuru said...

Hi Judy,

Your CQ block for Sendai is so vibrant. It looks like there is a kite in there. It will surely bring some cheer. The bird houses are so pretty. Love the design that your sweetie has made. Your grandchildren are adorable. Happy srping Judy and yes it looks like a begonia.

Linda said...

Hello Judy, your CP block is lovely. I love Japanese inspired prints, and I'm sure the block will work in well with any project. Love the birdhouses, what a clever hubby you have!! And such lovely grandchildren, so nice to see them looking so pleased with themselves. I too have a little bedding begonia, and yes, it flowers here constantly too. It was given to me by my DIL. They do well in pots here too, and very well in gardens closer to the coast. Well done on the award, Shirley is a treasure!! Take care, and hope things are warming up for you.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Yes ditto, a begonia, enjoy it. They are easy to take cuttings and grow lots more. Love you found the appropriate material for your block. I am sure you will have lots of birds finding a new home in the boxes. They look lovely.
Happy days Judy.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

I would like to thank you all for leaving your lovely remarks. Greatly appreciated. Also thanks for the information on letting me know the name of My Lovely Begonia. Hugs Judy

shirley said...

Judy you quilt square from the japanese prints is lovely. How thrilling to have just the right fabrics for this project through the lovely gift from a son so many years ago.

What a good idea to hang all your bits of threads in the wire baskets for the birds good on you.
stay warm

Quayceetatter said...

Love your gorgeous block, nice stitching. Nice bird boxes. My birdhouse had the roof falling in and a bird is sitting..DH had to get it fixed!! thanks for sharing pictures of your flowers and grandchildren.

Heather said...

Judy, your block is lovely, I am sure it will be wonderful within the quilt... what a wonderful cause! Your Sweetie has done a great job on the bird boxes and isn't it lovely to be able to put all your old yarns and fabric pieces to good use! I didn't know your little granddaughter was a dancer, she looks so cute in her outfit and your grandson certainly does look like "the little man"... happy spring at your end of the world! Hugs.

karen said...

your grandchildren are so BEAUTIFUL!!! you must be very proud x

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