Thursday, January 13, 2011


Good Day Everyone!

This past Christmas In Michigan we had No Snow on the ground. A very rare event indeed. But January arrived very blustery and very snowy.
The top left photo is of our "Lovely Sand Dunes" along the Lake Michigan shoreline and they were looking very frosty. The next is of our front yard. The bottom photos show how very fridge the Lake Michigan waters can become. You can barely make out the poor iced Lighthouse. We have plenty of squirrels that visit our bird feeders during the summer months. High up in the tree top you can see a "Squirrel's Nest" where they keep cozy and very warm in the Winter months.

I started learning how to crochet in the Springtime of 2010.  I have made several different kind of roses and other flowers but I have never really made a so called "project"! The "Crochet Bunting" I just finished after several months of working on it.  It now decorates "My Creative Room"! I started with a basic Triangle and made it more elongated. The pattern is in "Crochet Inspiration" by Sasha Kagan.  Then I added a shell edge to them to give them a prettier look. When I finished the triangles, I had no idea what was the front or back. VBG So a good Friend "Linda" from Qld. Australia help me solve this problem. Linda's blog is called "Billabongs2bling" and she creates very lovely projects. 

The flower patterns I got from two books, "Crochet Embellishment" by Jean Leinhauser and "201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks and Projects".  I audition several different kinds of flowers before I came up with the ones you see.  There were some other very lovely flowers, I thought I would like but unfortunately I tried to make them and was unsuccessful.  I was pleased with my first crochet project what do you all think??

The next photos was of our trip we took last Summer to PEI and the New England States. These two are of New Hampshire. Oh, how we loved New Hampshire.  Gorgeous Mts, Rushing Streams, and lots of Cover Bridges! I love Loons and we discovered a "Loon Center"! A beautiful nature area. We saw a lady walking by the center and she was in mesh netting from head to toe. I have never seen such an outfit. We found out that it was to protect her from the hoards of Mosquitoes in this area! I wondered if it really worked. vbg

The bottom photos are of more fantastic scenes of New Hampshire. The log cabin was their visitor center.  We saw lots of "Brake For Moose" signs and even thou we searched and searched the roadways we never saw one much to my dismay!
We were really thrilled with all the beautiful spots we saw in this state.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos. The next posting I will take you to Maine and Vermont. I have many photo of Crazy Quilts from the Shelbourne Museum.  They were a real treasure to see.




fabriquefantastique said...

I follow Linda as blogs that give me a sense of time and place, along with something that I am interested in (as in, embroidery)

Nancy said...

Hi Judy!

Wow! Your bunting looks great! The 3 crochet books you mentioned I have and they are the best books! In "Crochet Embellishment" I have been making the pansies and they came out great!
Love seeing all your photos!


Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Thank you so much for sharing your part of the world. Now I know what a Loon is, I love the signs Break for Moose, I would be so scared that they would run out in front of me. I guess it is a way to get everyone to slow down and look for the moose!
I love your crochet bunting, I find crochet very relaxing to do but you have to count a lot,not something you want to do chatting with someone. I used to go to a crochet group every Tuesday. I used to come home and unpull what I had done in the morning because we were all to busy talking instead of counting.

happy days.

Miss 376 said...

What a great way to decorate your sewing room

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post Judy just full of beautiful pictures and projects.
Lake Michigan looks stunning in all its Winter glory although I'm glad not to have been there to experience the cold!
Lovely pictures of your trip to New Hampshire also. I'm looking forward to your next post already with the promise of Maine and Vermont to come.
Very, very interested to see and hear about your crochet projects.
I came to crochet late in life and am self taught but I am loving it.
Bunting is one of the things I'd like to do and if I can make some even half as pretty as yours I'll be very happy.
Right now I am working on a ripple afghan and love the way it looks.
Happy crocheting!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hi Judy,
thank you for stopping by my blog! That is so awesome you learning to crochet. My aunt taught me several yrs ago,,,I really enjoy being able to switch or work in an assortment of knitting, crochet and tatting. Keeps me from getting too board. Problem is, I am always giving away or selling (mostly selling lately) what I make. Guess I too should consider a little deco. :)

Love looking at all your photos. Such beautiful places. :)

Hugs, Connie

Dianne said...

Your part of the world is looking very frosty Judy. A great time to get stuck into some stitching!! Love your crochet bunting and your flowers, you did a fabulous job. Crocheting is so addictive. It is finally sunny here and many people are mopping up after the floods. Thank you for asking about us here. Kind regards Di.

Tania Romualdo said...

Hy Judy,
What a lovely bunting! And I also love the color combination. If this is your first crochet project I can only look forward to see the next ones. Congratulations Judy.

Maureen said...

Great bunting Judy, love the flowers - you'll soon be able to add pansies to your repetoire!!!

karen said...

I love your snow pics. I think snow is long as I don't have to drive in it!! Take care xxx

jd said...

Great job on your first crochet porject!! thanks for sharing!

jd in st louis

umintsuru said...

Hi Judy,

Your winter wonderland photos are great. I should show you some sunny photos from here. I love your new corcheted bunting. The flowers and scallops add a nice touch.

Heather said...

Judy... as usual, lots of lovely photos... you did a fantastic job of your little bunting, the tiny flowers are just so precious! Hugs.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting my blog, I must have missed publishing your comment as it looks like you left it sometime ago.

I thorougly enjoyed all your photos, expecially the lighthouse picture. I can't believe how it is covered in ice. We lived in Kalamazoo for 10 years, but didn't go out to the lake much in the winter, looks like I missed some good photo oportunities there.

Your crochet flowers look pretty good for a beginner. You even added some beads to the cener.

Have a good day!

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