Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maine, Vermont, Shelborune Museum Crazy Quilts, Crocheting

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you all more photos of our Lovey Holiday last Summer. Below you will see some photos of the Rugged Coast Line of Maine. All the Lighthouses were very unique and a joy to see. It was so neat to see Queen Ann Lace blooming everywhere.
The quilt shop was called "Sewing By The Sea" and here is where I bought some really neat polar fleece to make myself a coat.  I will have photos of it later. 

All the photos below are of Bar Harbor a very tourist area along the Maine coastline.  Here you could see the harbor very busy with all kinds of boats. Of course I had to take more photos of lovely blooming flowers.

During our holiday we also visited Vermont. It was so great to see many lovely church steeples that you see in Vermont magazines so often. Of course Vermont is also know for their many "Covered Bridges" which was fun to drive through.  Below you will see a gorgeous Water Fall rushing through the middle of a small Vermont town.  We walked across a small bridge that moved allot while walking on it to get this photo of this beautiful rushing falls. The store I took a photo of is the
 "Vermont Country Store".  I have been receiving catalog from this place for many many years.  They have very unique "Old Fashion" stuff that was around when I was a kid.  Neat to see.

One of the last places we stopped at was the "Shelbourne Museum"!  They had 19 Antique Crazy Quilt being displayed. I felt very fortunate to see these lovely crazy quilt because they are not displayed for the public to see very often. Aren't they all precious beautiful works of art?? 

I think the top left Crazy Quilt was my very favorite. I thought the center of wild flowers was very unique. The maker's stitching was stunning. I stood for a very long time admiring all these quilts. 
Below you will see more special things at the Shelbourne Museum.  I loved their display of lovely flowers in the large urn. The top right building is where all the Crazy Quilts were housed. We also enjoyed chatting with the man in the "Loom" building. Several  of his loom rugs and place mats were displayed for everyone to see.

On the Museum's grounds they have a small pond with a old fashion bench so you could set and relax and admire the flowers and the wee creatures swimming around.  My sweetie was able to take a couple close up of a wee frog and turtle.  

Below you will see more winter photos.  This photo was taken a week ago.  We now have snow that is above the center of our fence. I reckon we have at least 3 feet of snow in our front yard. Very Sad Face.  VBG

I have been doing a bit of crocheting.  Easter is my most favorite holiday for many reasons.  So I decided to crochet a few Easter eggs and a basket.  I also crochet a couple of wee mice.  I plan to make more Easter eggs in many colors and maybe another basket. Isn't the we multi color mouse too cute. She is made from yarn called Baby Jacquard Flower Yarn. I think I will try to crochet a Easter Bunnie too. What do you all think of my newbie crocheting projects??  

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing more photos of our holiday last Summer.  They certainly bring back wonderful memories for me. 

 I will be gone for about a month.  I am having unexpected knee surgery this coming week so I will be limping around for awhile. So I will have some extra time to do some more stitching and crocheting. Chat again with you all soon.

Take care all, 



Quayceetatter said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Been there many times and our favorite beach is Old Orchard. My neice is getting married in July 2012 at the Roundtree Inn in Waitsville, VT. We will stay with my daughter in NY so it will be a 3 hour trip. The best of luck with your knee surgery. The Rehab is a must do but you will do fine.
Linda M in NM

Heather said...

Judy, once again, you have wonderful photos to show... very nice indeed to have photos of such beautiful memories. You certainly are moving along with your crocheting... the mice indeed are toooooo cute!!!! Good luck on your knee surgery, I hope you are up and about quick enough... use your "down" time to get lots of stitching and other craft stuff done.

Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your holiday. Love your Easter crochet!

Wishing you all the best with your coming knee surgery, take care!


umintsuru said...

Such lovely photos, Judy. Thank you for sharing them. Your favourite CQ is my fav too. I hope you rest well after your knee surgery.

Dianne said...

Dear Judy, Good luck with your knee surgery. Maybe we will see whole families of mice and rabbits when you next post. The mice are really cute. Your summer holiday looks wonderful and I am a wee bit jealous reading of your visit to Shelbourne Museum and being able to see those beautiful crazy quilts in real life. The snow you have been having is incredible. I am sure there are ways to deal with it, but I always wonder how people get about their daily lives in such snow. (have no experience with it:-) Cheers Di.

Linda said...

Hello Judy, good luck with the knee surgery, and hope the recovery will be 'uneventful'..........a good time to do some handwork no doubt. I love your crochet creations, you are certainly embracing it with a passion.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful countryside, shops, and quilt exhibition with your readers. What lovely treats. I think the shop with the 'old wares' would be one I'd love to visit as well.

Take care, and again, good luck with the forthcoming surgery. I'll be thinking of you.

Solstitches said...

Another lovely picture show Judy!
How delightful to visit a quilt shop in such a wonderful location.
Thank you for showing the museum pieces. It's always fascinating to see needlework from earlier times.
Your crochet Easter basket is so cute.
Good luck with the knee surgery!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Judy! I'm so late in getting here, by now you're probably done with your knee surgery and hopefully on the mend (fingers crossed!)...I so enjoyed all of your vacation pictures, and I just love your crocheted baskets, eggs and those adorable teeny mice. Sooo cute!...Sending you a BIG get well hug, Sweetie! xo Paulette :)

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Judy! Just a quick hi, and a thank you for stopping by this morning...I am just loving those little mice. My sister just got a little kitty. You've inspired me to make her a mousie present! Have a fun weekend! xo Paulette


I hope your surgery goes well Judy, thinking of you

I'm having a giveaway on my blog ... one of my textile art hearts for Valentine's day. I would love you to enter

Carolyn x

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