Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello Everyone,

This will be the last posting about our very lovely trip to PEI. Even thought it has been awhile since our visit the images and memories of this trip will never leave my mind.

The above photo is of the Birth Place of Lucy M. Montgomery.  I really enjoyed looking at the lovely furniture of the time. 

This is the room were Lucy M. Montgomery was born.  Isn't the room very pretty. Lucy mother died of TB only 3 months after she was born.  Shortly there after her father left to go out west and Lucy went to live with her grandparents.

This is the home where L.M. Montgomery love visiting and it is here where she wrote AOGG.

This is the front of the Green Gable Museum.  You can look out the front windows and see the very famous "Lake Of Shining Waters" or Barry's Pond.

The above photo is of the "Lake Of Shining Waters".  In the movie when Anne was riding in the buggy coming home with Matthew from Bright River Train Station they came upon this beautiful pond that was glistening in the sun and Anne said, No this pond is to beautiful to be called, Barry's Pond,  its rightful name is "The Lake Of Shining Waters"!!

The above photo was the desk were L.M. Montgomery wrote 4 of her well known books.
This is also the room where L.M. Montgomery was married in and this is the organ that was played at her wedding.
This photo is an exact copy of L.M.Montgomery wedding gown.  The original is in a museum in Charlottetown. The wedding shoes in the photo are the original shoes she worn at her wedding. L.M. Montgomery married a pastor and they went on a 3 month wedding trip to England and Scotland.

L. M. Montgomery made this gorgeous "Crazy Quilt". I could not stop looking at all the lovely details and stitching in this quilt.  Truly Beautiful.
This is the famous "White Sands Hotel" in the Anne's movies.  But in real life it is called, Delvay-By-The-Sea. It is located inside the North Shores National Park which is truly beautiful.  Marilla always use to say in the Anne's movie that their farm was the prettiest farm on the "North Shore". We actually drove pass the hotel and when we got to this area and I was looking across this small lake at it I told My Sweetie this is the"White Sands Hotel" because I recognized if from the movie we need to turn around. So we did and we took some time admiring this very grand hotel.  
This is the front of the White Sands Hotel.  I can easily imagine back in the early 1900's during "Anne's Time"  when wealth ladies would be strolling on this lovely green carpet wearing their very beautiful lace dresses and holding their parasols. It must of been a site to behold.
This is the famous Lighthouse in all the Anne's movies.  It is called the "Covehead Lighthouse".  There is many scenes in the moves where Anne and Diana walks along the sea grass and looks out over the sea. A very lovely area, indeed.
And here is a lovely photo of the white sandy beaches of the North Shore National Park.  But as you drive along the lovely beaches they turn into the famous "Red" jagged cliffs of PEI.  My Sweetie and I spent lots of times walking along the beaches and I just had to get my toes into the sea.  It was very very cold but it warmed a bit after you was in it for awhile.

And this is a photo of the red jagged shoreline. The posted signed told us they loose a metre of shoreline every year due to the crashing sea waves wearing it away. And of course this is a photo of My Sweetie the very kind and wonderful man who brought me to PEI.  
There is another series of movies made by the Sullivan Studios and they are called,  "Emily Of New Moon"! This is the area along the "North Shores" where the movies were made.

There is more to PEI than the Anne's landmarks.  It has the most beautiful shorelines with small villages dotted along the way.  This small town is called "French River".  Do you notice that the small building where the fisherman unload their catch are all different colors.  Those colors also match there buoy's so they know what nets belong to who.   I was in awe of seeing this scene along all the shorelines of PEI!
One can not go on such a wonderful trip without bringing home some treasures.  Of course I had to bring home with me some "Anne of Green Gable" fabrics and some of them was given to me by a "Dear Friend Patti" who was my Pen Pal for many years some time ago.  We met for the first time during my visit and she invited me to her lovely home.  I truly enjoyed meeting Patti. She also gave me some "Lupins" seeds to plant in my garden next Spring. Thank you Patti for being so kind. 

I could not resist buying a "Anne of Green Gable" Anniversary Doll.  In 2008 the Island celebrated 100 years of the writing of AOGG book by L.M. Montgomery! Someday I will pass this sweet doll onto my granddaughter.   
I met a very nice lady named Barbara Henry.  She is a weaver and she came to visit us one evening at our cottage and we chatted on for a very long time.   The tea towel Barbara weaved and she kindly gave it to me as a gift. I ask Barbara many questions about PEI. I ask if there was a town on PEI called "Bright River" and she told me there is not.  But there is many towns with "River" in their name.  I also asked about the Bright River Train Station.  Barb told me they had a many train routes on PEI but they took all the tracks out about 20 years ago.  Thanks Barbara for everything.

More Treasures.
We also met Gail and her DH one evening at our cottage.  Gail was very kind to give us all kinds of information about PEI before we left on our trip and also suggested the place where we stay.We decided to exchange Fabric Post Cards.  The above card called, "Anne's Land was made by Gail.  We both ended up with pretty much the same theme of "Lupins" for our cards. Thanks you Gail for the lovely art card.  If you all notice there is a empty " Raspberry Cordial" bottle sitting along the card.  I could not resist having a taste of this famous drink.  Oh, did it taste very very good. 

This is the card I made for Gail.  I also included Lupins and Queen Anne Lace.  I also included the famous "Covehead Lighthouse" and the lovely flowering Apple blossoms seen while Matthew and Anne was coming from Bright River to "Green Gables". 
Both my sweetie and I agree that the people of PEI are Very Friendly, Helpful, Kind, and thoughtful. We Experienced many "Random Acts Of Kindness" during our short visit that we will always remember.  We would highly recommend a visit to the Magical and Gentle PEI.

I hope you all have enjoyed looking at our photos of PEI. I really enjoyed sharing them with you all.   Thanks for visiting and leaving me all your lovely comments.  I truly enjoy reading them all. 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Magical, Gentle, Beautiful, Friendly, Prince Edward Island Part 1

Hello Everyone,

I have always "Dreamed" of going to PEI and seeing all the places I have seen watching the 6 movies over the years of "Anne Of Green Gables".

I hardly know where to begin to tell you all about the incredible wonderful trip My Sweetie took me on this past Summer through the New England states and then on to the Magical, Gentle, Beautiful and Very Warm Friendly people of Prince Edward Island.  I can truthfully say I am still smiling about our wonderful adventures on this trip.  

As I said, early that My Sweetie gave me this trip as a birthday gift.  We took over 650 photos  and traveled  4, 203 miles.  Can you Believe??  I have travel to many places in my life but this trip I shared with My Sweetie will be the most memorable magical and wonderful of all. Actually I have to say, My Sweetie has also watched all of the "Anne" movies soooooo he was as excited as I was when we visited all the wonderful landmark of these movies.  The following photos will be part 1 of 3 posting about our trip we would like to share with you all. 

Soooooooooooooo lets begin!!

This photo is of the Confederation Bridge which was build I think 9 years ago and is 13 miles long. It is definitely an awesome bridge and the views spectacular.

When you first arrive onto PEI the first thing you see is the "Anne Statue" waving and greeting you to this Gentle Island.  The Anne statue was a nice surprise indeed. 

We stayed at Anne of Green Gables Bungalow Cottages for 5 days which was very close to all the Anne Landmarks. Isn't this cottage so sweet?

Our cottage was in walking distance ( maybe 1 block)  to the Anne of Green Gable Visitors Center. I was so excited to finally see Green Gables. 

Here is the famous home of Anne of Green Gables. I could hardly believe that I was there and looking at it.  It was everything I thought it would be and more. It is difficult to express how excited I was to see "Green Gables".  I  slowly walking through all the rooms and admired and took in all the wonderful antique furniture that  was in the home when Anne lived there.  

But Anne's bedroom was just as I imagine it would be lovely.  I could imagine Anne in so many scenes in her bedroom. Do you remember when the peddler on the road gave Anne a dye that promised to turn her hair a beautiful raven black??? What do you all think??

Here is a close up of a Peony that was growing in Anne's garden.  Our Michigan Peony bloom in May and so I got to see Peony blooming twice this past Summer.  The Peony is one of my very favorite flower. Isn't it just beautiful?

Not far from Green Gables is the bridge down "Lover's Lane" that we all see Gilbert and Anne standing on many times in the AOGG movies. You can almost imagine Anne and Gilbert standing there.

Growing wild everywhere on PEI is the "Queen Anne Lace".  Such a lovely wild flower. Do you remember Diana picking the last of the Queen Anne Lace for the Summer and putting it into Anne's hair while they were in the "Haunted Woods"?

Here is a photo of "The Haunted Woods"! My Sweetie and I walked and walked and walked along the path of "The Haunted Woods". 

I was truly looking forward to seeing the "Lupins" growing wild all over PEI.  I was told that by July they would of already would of bloomed but guess what they were not. Huge smile.  PEI had a coolish Spring and the Lupins were blooming late just for me to see them.  I loved seeing them. They were all in beautiful shades of pinks, purples and white. I took many many photos of "Lupins"! A dear friend on PEI  gave me Lupin seeds to bring home with me so I can plant them in my garden in next Spring. So hopefully I will be able to see them blooming next Summer in Michigan.

OK, I hope you all have enjoyed viewing the photos of Part 1 of our lovely trip to PEI.   Is PEI as you imagine it to be??


Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging Celebration "Winners" and Other Great Photos

Hello Everyone,
I would like to thank everyone who enter my 4th Year Blogging Celebration.  It was so very nice to read all the lovely comments and to discover how long you all have been my blogging friends and what you all love to create.  Thanks for sharing this information with me. 

I thought I would do the drawing a bit different this year.  I had my sweetie give me 4 numbers between 1 and 35.  Below are the results. 

The first number he gave me was 27.  The person who was the number 27th comment is Deb. from Alaska.  Deb blog is called: "Cold Feet Quilter"  Deb is a great quilter and does super beautiful machine quilting. So please have a look at Deb's blog too. 

The next number My Sweet told me was number 19.  The number 19th comment was from Ellen in Singapore.  Ellen blog is called, "Stitched Passion". Ellen does all kinds of lovely stitching so please have a look at her blog.

The third number My Sweetie told me was number 7.  The 7th comment was from Maureen in Leicester, UK and Maureen's blog is called: "Maureen Mixture".  Maureen is a very talented lady and does lovely stitching and mix media creations so please have a look at her blog.

The 4th number My Sweetie told me was 29 and the 29th comment was from Linda in QLD Australia.  Linda blog is called: "Billabongs2bling"! Linda does machine embroidery and stitching and has a lovely blog too so please have a visit. 

Congratulation to all the winners. I hope you all will enjoy the wee pressies I have created for you all.  Please email me your home addresses and I will send off your pressies sometime this week.    

Above is a photo I took yesterday of our Autumn Colors.  They are just about at peak color now which is about 2 weeks early according to the experts.  The colors this year are brilliant and spectacular and I could look at them all day.

It has been awhile since I shared some photos of my lovely sweet grandchildren.  This is a photo of Chloe ( 4yrs old)  and Ethan (5 yrs. old)  at a Apple Cider Farm a couple of weeks ago.  Aren't they just adorable.  I love them both so much.

I have started a new adventure in creating Fabric Journal Pages.  They are 6 inches by 6 inches square.   This is the first one and I call it "Lupin Fields of PEI"!  What you all think??

This is the second Fabric Journal Page I have made. I called this one Victorian Sparkles.  I used allot of beads and metallic threads to create it.  So it really sparkles.

The above photo is a very wee peak of the new fancy cupboard My Sweetie made for me this past summer.  It was the last piece of furniture he made for my new renovated Studio.  I will be posting more photos of "My New Studio" at the beginning of November.  At the fore front of the photo you will see three very unique and beautiful crochet "Cupcake Pincushions and a Easter Basket created by
 "Lallee's Cottage"! Please have a look at Lallee's blog she creates very beautiful crochet items.

At the end of October I will be posting some of the absolutely beautiful photos we took of the " Magical Place of Prince Edward Island". We will be telling you about all the great places we visited and the lovely friendly people we met too.   I hope you all will come back and visit me again soon.

I hope you all are having a lovely week. Please take care.


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