Saturday, October 16, 2010

Magical, Gentle, Beautiful, Friendly, Prince Edward Island Part 1

Hello Everyone,

I have always "Dreamed" of going to PEI and seeing all the places I have seen watching the 6 movies over the years of "Anne Of Green Gables".

I hardly know where to begin to tell you all about the incredible wonderful trip My Sweetie took me on this past Summer through the New England states and then on to the Magical, Gentle, Beautiful and Very Warm Friendly people of Prince Edward Island.  I can truthfully say I am still smiling about our wonderful adventures on this trip.  

As I said, early that My Sweetie gave me this trip as a birthday gift.  We took over 650 photos  and traveled  4, 203 miles.  Can you Believe??  I have travel to many places in my life but this trip I shared with My Sweetie will be the most memorable magical and wonderful of all. Actually I have to say, My Sweetie has also watched all of the "Anne" movies soooooo he was as excited as I was when we visited all the wonderful landmark of these movies.  The following photos will be part 1 of 3 posting about our trip we would like to share with you all. 

Soooooooooooooo lets begin!!

This photo is of the Confederation Bridge which was build I think 9 years ago and is 13 miles long. It is definitely an awesome bridge and the views spectacular.

When you first arrive onto PEI the first thing you see is the "Anne Statue" waving and greeting you to this Gentle Island.  The Anne statue was a nice surprise indeed. 

We stayed at Anne of Green Gables Bungalow Cottages for 5 days which was very close to all the Anne Landmarks. Isn't this cottage so sweet?

Our cottage was in walking distance ( maybe 1 block)  to the Anne of Green Gable Visitors Center. I was so excited to finally see Green Gables. 

Here is the famous home of Anne of Green Gables. I could hardly believe that I was there and looking at it.  It was everything I thought it would be and more. It is difficult to express how excited I was to see "Green Gables".  I  slowly walking through all the rooms and admired and took in all the wonderful antique furniture that  was in the home when Anne lived there.  

But Anne's bedroom was just as I imagine it would be lovely.  I could imagine Anne in so many scenes in her bedroom. Do you remember when the peddler on the road gave Anne a dye that promised to turn her hair a beautiful raven black??? What do you all think??

Here is a close up of a Peony that was growing in Anne's garden.  Our Michigan Peony bloom in May and so I got to see Peony blooming twice this past Summer.  The Peony is one of my very favorite flower. Isn't it just beautiful?

Not far from Green Gables is the bridge down "Lover's Lane" that we all see Gilbert and Anne standing on many times in the AOGG movies. You can almost imagine Anne and Gilbert standing there.

Growing wild everywhere on PEI is the "Queen Anne Lace".  Such a lovely wild flower. Do you remember Diana picking the last of the Queen Anne Lace for the Summer and putting it into Anne's hair while they were in the "Haunted Woods"?

Here is a photo of "The Haunted Woods"! My Sweetie and I walked and walked and walked along the path of "The Haunted Woods". 

I was truly looking forward to seeing the "Lupins" growing wild all over PEI.  I was told that by July they would of already would of bloomed but guess what they were not. Huge smile.  PEI had a coolish Spring and the Lupins were blooming late just for me to see them.  I loved seeing them. They were all in beautiful shades of pinks, purples and white. I took many many photos of "Lupins"! A dear friend on PEI  gave me Lupin seeds to bring home with me so I can plant them in my garden in next Spring. So hopefully I will be able to see them blooming next Summer in Michigan.

OK, I hope you all have enjoyed viewing the photos of Part 1 of our lovely trip to PEI.   Is PEI as you imagine it to be??



Miss 376 said...

I read the books when I was a child. Seeing it all really brings it to life. Glad it lived up to all your expectations and you had a great time

Ati. said...

Hi Judy, however I don't know the movie, it seems you have had a wonderful week!


Well I can tell it was your dream to go there and for me the amazing coincidence is that, although I read the book and watched a children's adaptation of it on TV as a child I never knew what happened to the book, this week I picked a really good copy up at the thrift store. I haven't started it yet as I am still re-reading The Shell Seekers for the umteenth time. Because I don't get a lot of time to read (in snatches) I pick books that are easy to just read a page or two and still remember where I got to. Childrens books are ideal for this, so Anne is next and I'm looking forward to it even more now. Have a lovely week dear blog buddy xoxo

Heather said...

Judy, my my my.... your pictures are wonderful... it looks like such a lovely place... even though we live in Canada, it is one place we have not been to but do plan to go to one day. Looking forward to part 2... Hugs.

Linda said...

Juday, these pictures are amazing, and I'm so pleased to hear what a fabulous time you had. I know you had been so looking forward to going. The peony is spectacular, and BTW, one of my favourite blooms. I also love lupins, my mother used to grow them in her garden. The whole AOGG village looks so clean and friendly. Looking forward to more about the holiday. Take care.

❦TattingChic said...

That is so cool that you got to go see that place! I love the story of Anne of Green Gables! We're Kindred spirits! I love that saying from that book, LOL! I feel that as tatters that we are Kindred spirits! What a lovely place. Thank you for sharing that with us! You know I heard that the legend of Queen Anne's lace was that Queen Anne was Tatting and she pricked her finger and that is why some of the flowers have a red tinge in the middle...I always did think that Queen Anne's lace reminded me of tatting! :D

~TattingChic ♥

umintsuru said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour. Lovely, lovely photos. Yes I do remember bits of the series. I must look it up again on dvd. I love the lupins and peony. I hope your lupin seeds grow and bloom just as beautiful.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Judy! Oh, your blog is just so charming, and I loved your tour of PEI!!! How beautiful! ... You can find a link to the pattern I used on my blog, in the cupcake giveaway post. I think it's two or three posts down. So nice to meet you, and I love your blog! :) Paulette

Maggie R said...

Hi Judy,
Well you made it to PEI. What a wonderful journey you had...
I really enjoyed the pictures.Isn't that bridge something else!!!
You will have all those wonderful memories to savour in years to come... Thanks so much for sharing.

John'aLee said...

Wow! What an incredible post. You've brought the Anne of Green Gables to life for us. Now 'I' want to take that very same trip. Thanks tons.

karen said...

it looks like such a fantastic trip!! Lucky you x

Becky Petersen said...

Judy!!! Your pictures from PEI are amazing!! I so wish to go there some day! I also love yout new room that your husband re did! He did an amazing job! I'm sure you'll make many amazing and creative things in your new room! :)
Becky (Trendz)

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