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Last week I took out a small book shelve and transferred it to the sunroom.  Half of the books went to the sunroom and the other half to the basement.  Just this small beginning took me "All" day and I was truly tired by the end of it. So Today I took three quick photos of my very very messy "Creative Room"!! Very Sad Face. I am a bit ashamed of how I have let it go in the pass year.  It has not always looked like this. You are seeing it at its very worst.  I thought I would document the "Mess" so  when the finally "New Creative Room" is done I would truly appreciated it more. 

In the above photo you can see I have bought some smallish storage containers for my threads and my many embroidery flosses and one day they will all be nicely place on new shelving.  The antique 9 comparment storage cabinet, I bought while I was living in Germany.  I am not sure if it will stay or go somewhere else. 

Today I totally removed everything from the Oak cabinet.  This also took more "Time" than I imagine it would.  This cabinet is now in the garage and will be sold.  So now I only have the white shelve to unpack and remove.  My Sweetie is going to build me a "New cabinet and Book Shelves for this whole wall. Isn't he a real Sweetie"?

This was the closet for the smallest bedroom.  I had My Sweetie take off the doors and had this shelving put in 5 years ago.   At first I just had my fabric and stuff laying on the shelving.  My fabrics got totally disorganized very quickly.  Then I decided to go for the bins you see now.  Unfortunately, when these bins are packed to the brim with stuff, it is very difficult to find what I am looking for. 

Sooooooooo the "Question" I would like to ask "My Blogging Friends" is  does anyone have any "Suggestions" on how I can best utilize this space for my fabric stash and other stuff.  I think I would like to get rid of all the bins and try somehow to organize the fabric and things back on the shelving again.  Or Maybe I should just remove the shelving and build wood shelving with sections in them??? Oh, Dear what a mess I have!!! Help Please!!

I was out shopping on Friday evening and I found this very lovely "Rose" storage box on sale and I could not resist buying it.   I was thinking of storing my stash of greeting cards in it.

I have been also doing a bit of stitching in the last few weeks.  I have bought this blue shirt and I decided I wanted to embroidery on the "Yoke"
with all  Brazilian Threads.  This is my first motif I have completed.  It is called the "Wild Rose".  I am pleased with it.  What do you all think?

Last weekend was My Sweet Grandson Birthday.  The above photo is of the double fleeced tied blanket I made him. It has his favorite cars on it.  We had such a great day visiting with My family.

My Sweet Grand Daughter's birthday is very soon so because we live a very long distance from her I gave Chloe her Pressies too.  I made her a "Princess Fleece Blanket and you can tell she really loved it.

I would like to Thanks All My Blogging Friends who visit and those too who leave me lovely comments to read. 

The last several days have been so sunny and nice that I even got outside and did some gardening.  I can see I have a very busy summer ahead of me with all my gardening and the "Renovation Project". 

Take Care All,




Miss 376 said...

I am sure you will unearth some treasures while you're sorting your room. The rose is beautiful

Jasmine said...

Your creative room does not look that bad to me. i am swooning over all of the storage you have to place everything in. I need a studio space and lots of storage. I dream of it xxJ

GailM. said...

I just did the same thing earlier this week. I find I get overwhelmed with my various stashes. I have quilt fabric stashes, other fabric stashes, thread stashes, general crazy quilting stash, and then general kids crafts stash. I try to contain everything in one room, but it's hard at times. Your before pictures show that you are really quite organized. I try to be but it doesn't always happen. I'll wait to see the after pictures because the before pics are not that bad!

Love that your fleece blanket is cuddling your granddaughter. She's a sweetheart.

Heather said...

Judy.... OMG! You call that a mess?! What are you looking at?? I dare not show pictures of what some of my "storage places" look like, LOL! I don't think it is that bad at all... the one good thing about reorganizing, is that you find things you were looking for before and never could find, find things you forgot you had, and find things you wonder why the heck you bought them, LOL! Love your rose, it is beautiful... looks like - your grand babies loved their gifts - no need to wonder why! Hugs.

Elspeth said...

Judy, I agree with Heather........your 'mess' is not all that messy. You should see my place ALL THE TIME!!! Seriously, I hope the revamp will give you added enthusiasm. Can't wait to see it.
Love the rose box, it's so 'you'. And, congrats on the grandies. They are lovely children and obviously pleased with their rugs.
I also love your embroidery. That's a fantastic flower, such even stitching, well done.

avomeri said...

A messy???? That? Mine is a chaos at all!
I'll follow your "renovation Project" and maybe I learn something - at least to be ashamed with my real mess...
The rose is pretty but your grand children are a BEAUTY!!! You must be very proud.

méri said...

A messy???? That? Mine is a chaos at all!
I'll follow your "renovation Project" and maybe I learn something - at least to be ashamed with my real mess...
The rose is pretty but your grand children are a BEAUTY!!! You must be very proud.

Kayla coo said...

What a lovely creative room you have!
I wish I had your space and it seems very organized to me.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello To ALL My Friends.

Thanks for everyone stopping by and leaving their lovely comments. I have really enjoyed reading them.

Well, I am soooooooooooooooooooo very surprised to find out that everyone thinks my creative space is NOT soooooooooooo bad. It me it is very very disorganzied and I will be soooooo happy to get it cleaned up and re organized again. Like Heather said, I will probably find things I have been searching and searching for. lol This will be my last attempt to get it right for me soooooooooo hopefully I will get MY Dream Creative Space completed in the next few months. I am sooooooooooooo very fortunate to have such a wonderful Sweetie to help me with my Dream Project. Hugs Judy

Bev C said...

Hello Judy, Gosh I think I need a cup of tea. You know when you see these photo's of lovely sewing rooms etc, they have probably worked for weeks with a team of poeple. I wouldn't really worry to much, I spent a bit of time re-arranging things in my sewing room but those darn magazines stopped me. They are still in a pile,been reading back through them. Don't know why I buy more really. I think we just have to say enough is enough for a while and challenge ourselves to not purchase anything more. Says she who bought 6 metres of material yesterday, though I did give a metre to my Mum for grandson sewing.
Just do a bit at a time Judy besides you can't really wear yourself out you have that wonderful trip to go on shortly and there is always the garden. Happy days.

Cathy K said...

First of all, have I told you how much I love your new blog look?? It's beautiful - so "YOU"!!

I know you're a member of CQI, so check out these Stash Organization links. This is a database where some of us entered our current storage information:

And this link leads to an album of pictures of members' storage areas and solutions:

This is going to be an awesome room, and I can't wait to watch it develop!!

Big hugs,


Hi Judy, my friend! I haven't looked on your blog for awhile. My studio is always a bit messy...I like to think it is organized underneath the clutter. Just a tip that helped me. I found a box at Target that has a lot of compartments. I roll the fabric and store it like they store the fat quarters at the fabric shop. Then I can see at a glance what I have. I have only done it for part of my fabric, but someday hope to get it all done that way. I organized by color. There's a pic in my archives somewhere:

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