Saturday, March 13, 2010

Treasured Friendships and Birthday Pressies

Hello Everyone,   10 days ago,  unfortunately I had my computer hacked into and all my old saved message and contact address book deleted  and a dreadful message sent out to all my family and friends saying I was mugged in the UK and that I needed money.  Of course this was a dreadful untrue scam. I am very thankful for All My Family and Friends from Around the World that have been both a "Treasure and Comfort" to me. My new computer is now back from Staples and all checked out good.  No virus and No internal computer damage.  So I was very pleased to hear this. It is now "Time" to Move On and get back to posting about My Art,  Family and Friends.

The day after the spammer hit my computer "My Dear Sweet Husband" brought me home some very lovely Spring Flowers to "Cheer" me up.  My Sweetie, is my Very Best Friend and Soul Mate and I Love Him with all My Heart. Thank you My Dear for Always being there for ME. 

My first artistic passion is hand embroidery.  I recently joined a "Vintage Book Group" and this Oldie embroidery book called, The Embroiderer's Garden, by Thomasina Beck was brought to my attention last week. I order it from the Book Depository in the UK.  It arrived yesterday and to say the least I am more than thrilled with it.  My other passion is gardening and I especially love British Cottage Gardens and this lovely books reinterpret and recreates the beauty of these gardens in embroidery. Below is a photo of an embroidery garden from inside this wonderful book.   
 At the end of February was my 60th Birthday.  I was dreading it but of course My Dear Wonderful and Wise husband reminded me I should celebrate being this old.  LOL  He always brings Joy and Happiness into my Life Everyday.  He took me on a lovely trip to Lansing so I could visit all my favorite shops and we had a lovely meal at my favorite Red Lobster Restaurant.  I received many lovely phone calls, email messages and cards from Family and Friends from around the worldI am truly blessed.  Thank you all for making this day so fantastic for me.

I have always admired the A-Z Embroidery Book published by the Country Bumpkin in Australia.  The above photo of these books are the additions to my collection.
The above photo  shows a lovely Rose Apron and Oven Mittens set made by my Dear Friend Heather in SK Canada. Heather has a lovely bright and cheerful blog called, "A Cherished Life", Please have a visit I am sure you will enjoy it. Of course anyone who know me know the "Rose" is my favorite flower and pink my favorite color.    Thank you so very much  Heather.  I love them. 

My Dear friend Inge from The Netherlands made me the wee lovely Cupcake Pincushion and Beaded Flowers. The Lovely fabrics pack is wonderful as is the neat Tin.  Thanks so very much Inge.  I love them all.

My Dear Friend and SIS (by choice) Lyn from Australia sent me the lovely Wedgewood Candy Dish and  RubyVase. Yup, they made it all the way from Australia in one piece.  They are lovely SIS thanks so much.I also received a very lovely phone call from My SIS too. She woke up at 0200 to chat with me a bit.  It was a wonderful way to start my day.

My good friend Ulla from Germany created this very lovely knitted scarf for me  It is so very soft to touch and delicate.  I love it too.. I met Ulla and her lovely family while I was living in Germany working as a nurse at the American Military Base.  They were my neighbor in the small village of Ettinghausen. They welcomed me with open arms and I will never forget their kindness. They came to visit us a few years ago and we all had such a wonderful time together.   

 Another Dear Friend of mine is Jo from Australia.  They live on a Dairy Farm and we have know each other for many years.  Jo sent along some Lovely Fabrics and Lace along with some very lovely note cards.  I love Cherry Blossom because they are our first blooming tree in the Spring with their soft pinkish blooms.  Beautiful, indeed.  Thanks you very much JO.

I also received a lovely gift from Ruthie who lives in Isarel.  She made me this wee Pincushion with J crossed stitch on it with a wee white rose.  I have a small collection of thimbles and now I have one from Isarel to add to it.  The hat pin is also very pretty.  Thank You Very Much Ruthie.

I feel like a "True Friend" encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world.  A true friend stands at our side during the best and worst of times.  Hold a Dear True Friend with both hands.  True and Faithful friends are indeed a Treausre, Touching Our Hearts and Strengthening our Spirit with their Words, their Touch, and Sometimes by just their Silent Presence.  

Thanks YOU ALL My Dear Friends for your Kindness to Me especially during the last couple of weeks.   

Also I wanted to remind everyone that the Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition ( please click on the words Winter Wonderland to see exhibition)  is still up for viewing until the March 31st.  My fiber art  piece is called "Barvaria Winter Wonderland" Please have a look.  And please vote for your favorite art piece before leaving.  Thanks


Maureen said...

A lovely post too read Judy and of course a belated happy birthday from me .Glad you are ok in the computer line now ( hope you got my email) anyway you have plenty to keep you busy for a while yet.

Miss 376 said...

Wow, what a wonderful bundle of goodies. They are all beautiful. So glad you've got the computer sorted and back to doing the things you enjoy

Heather said...

Happy happy Birthday again Judy.... I am glad you are putting that nasty little computer incident behind you and getting on with the "happier" times in life. We love reading your posts and certainly miss them when we can't read them.... you have received lovely gifts on your birthday, and all well deserved... wishing you many more birthdays so we can share in celebrating them with you. Hugs.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,belated Birthday wishes to you, sounds like you had a wonderful day. Just love those presents you received. The flowers you got from your husband just say "Spring" Have a wonderful weekend. Happy reading and stitching.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Judy and a Happy Belated Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful one!

I'm sorry to hear you fell victim to that nasty hacker scam - I have seen it making the rounds.

Loved visiting your blog again - see you again soon!

sparkle jars said...

It's good to have you back :-). I always enjoy your posts.


Your pressies are beautiful and so deserved. Happy birthday wishes from me also. So glad you have got your computer all sorted out now Judy. Have a lovely week


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello All My Dear Friends. Thanks again for the lovely birthday wishes. They were all so appreciated. I also greatly appreciated all the support everyone gave me during the awful experience Of having my computer hacked into. I certainly do not know what I would do without all my wonderful friends. Hugs Judy

Kayla coo said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday.
I have the Thomasina Beck book and I also have her flowers book.x

Jane said...

I know I'm quite late here, but I'm wishing you a very happy yet belated birthday wish. Great books and gifties to keep you busy in the coming year. Hope you're enjoying the weather down "south".

meri said...

It's late to wish a happy birthday, but I wish pretty, wonderful, happy 6o's, 70's and so on! All the best!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely birthday wishes and your support during my computer woes. Hugs Judy

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Judy, Happy Birthday!! I'm just back after nearly 4 mos. so I'm taking time to catch up with friends. You really did get some gorgeous gifts from friends this year! I used to love hand embroidery, too. Still love the idea, but not finding time with XS and reading which are my first loves...and needlepoint.
Sorry you had computer issues. That's the worst!

sparkle jars said...

Happy Birthday!

Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

Judy i am so glad you are blogging again. your blog is beautiful and I think the creative world of our blogs is a wonderful place, only wish it would spread more rapidly to the outer world.
Best wishes and look forward to your future posts.
Jane C

karen said...

the embroiderers garden is truly a beautiful book, I have it myself. Another one of hers that i have is called gardening in silk and gold, truly stunning. I received one of your hacked messages, i knew it was fake straight away. it's a nightmare when something like that happens. my twitter account was hacked, it was awful.

Beth Lea said...


Belated Happy Birthday!

Hackers gain access via the 'Guest Account'. A program you downloaded or some kind of .exe file must have changed the settings on there. You need to make sure that feature is 'disabled'permanently.

Secondly, password security: You need to make up a password from several different languages (use Google Translate to help you). Then you need to jumble the words and the spelling and then add lots of weird symbols. Basically there are programs out there that decipher passwords and most are in the targets own language and very quick to work out. your password needs to be unintelligible to the programmer of the deciphering wont need to memorise it, just paste it from a hidden document and dont name it, in case your machine needs to go in for repair.

Your very successful blog is looking wonderful and all your contacts, once they hear what happened, will reconnect with you, have no doubt...
very best wishes
beth :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elizabeth Braun said...

What wonderful books and I'm so glad you got your computer sorted. Hope you've managed to get back in touch with all the folks whose contact details you lost.=)

I see from your profile that you love Anne Shirley too! I'm reading 'Anne of Green Gables' in Chinese at the mo to help with reading practice! It helps when you know the story backwards to start with!!

Hope you make some lovely things with the stuff you've got.=)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Everyone, Thanks for the helpful tips on blocking out spammers. Much appreciated. Also for the lovely birthday wishes. I am a true Anne Of GG fan and I am sooo looking forward to going to PEI this summer. Hugs Judy

Kayla coo said...

Did you get the pictures of the book Judy?
M x

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