Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lovely Easter Tin, Yards of Fabric Shop and Spring

Hello Everyone,  It has been awhile since I have posted anything but hopefully this posting will make up for my my absent.   I truly have been stitching allot this winter and the days just seem to fly by.  First I would like to mention the "New Look" of my blog. Of course it had to have the "Roses and Stitching Theme" that I love so much.   I truly truly love it.  My Dear Friend Heather from SK, Canada created the make over for meHeather's blog is called, "A Cherished Life".  Please take a look at Heather's Lovely Blog I am sure you will enjoy the visit.   Thanks a million Heather.  Greatly appreciated.    
A good friend, Valerie Greeley of Cheshire, UK had a beautiful Tin Easter Egg that she designed as a "Give Away" on her very lovely blog, called "Acornmoon"  a week or so ago. Valerie is a famous Author/Illustrator, textile and surface pattern designer.   I entered the give away never believing I would win.  What a super surprise to come home from my Birthday Getaway Weekend to find I won.  Huge Very Big Smile.  Along with the lovely Easter Egg Tin Valerie also included a Photo Print of her art called, "Rabbit Family" shown behind the tin signed with Happy Easter Judy, Love Valerire. I decorate my home for Easter every year because I love Spring so much and Valerie's art will be proudly displayed.  Thanks Valerie for your lovely gifts.  

On my get away weekend one of my most favorite shop to visit is called "Yards Of Fabric" in Mason Michigan. The next 10 photos will show you all a photo of Jeanne's and her lovely shop. 
In this photo you will see some very creative Victorian Pincushions, Cupcake Pincushions and other wonderful creations Jeanne has made for in her shop. I always look forward to visiting her shop because it has so much creative inspiration everywhere.   
Above is a very very lovely Crazy Patchwork frame block a teacher made for a call demo.  It uses some of JBM fabrics in it. The stitching is truly very lovely. Sorry for the blurry photo.
Jeanne specialize in sell lovely laces and ribbons not found everywhere.  I always bring home some new ones with me to add to my Crazy Quilts creations.
Jeanne also has some very lovely Victorian Purse made for show in her shop.  She sell the lovely Victorian Handles for them too along with wonderful books.
Here you can see some very lovely Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pillows and some more wonderful laces. I just can walk around for hours taken in all the wonderful inspirational items to look at.
Of course I could not leave without buying a few FQ of lovely fabrics and laces.  I really fell in love with the Cross Stitch Rose fabric. I have never seen it anywhere.  It is created by Holly Holderman, 
I really fell in love with all the "Plaited Ribbon Projects" Jeanne had in her shop.  Above are the directions and a look at the red and purple plaited ribbon I bought from Jeanne's shop Yards of Fabrics. The shop does not have a website but Yards of Fabric's telephone number is  517-676-2973.
Here are the last of the fabrics I could not resist buying from Jeanne's shop. Can you tell I love all shades of pinks.
Also in Jeanne's shop was several lovely "Cupcake Pincushions" made from round silicone baking cups that I bought at the Joanne store.  I am sure they could be also bought at Hobby Lobby or Michaels stores.  I plan to try and create one of theses soon.  Love them. 
We are now into March and on the first day I discovered my crocuses sprouting their wee heads out of the earth.  It was so glorious to see after such a long and cold Winter.  This flower bed is close to the house and gets full sun most of the day when it shines in the Winter. So you can see all of the snow has melted from this spot.  Seeing them made my day and put a big smile on my face.  Below is a photo of what our front yard looks like with inches and inches of the white stuff still around.  Such a contrast. But we are now on the downward slide of Winter and hopefully by the end of March all the snow will be gone. Then I can go around and visit all my flower beds to see what wonderful suprises Mother Nature will have for me tp see.

The "Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition" is still running until March 31st.  If anyone has not viewed all the wonderful creations at this Exhibition I would recommend taking a peek.   My fiber art piece is called Bavaria Winter Wonderland.  More about this Exhibition at the posting below or clicking on the words Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition above. 

I wish you all a very wonderful week and thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.  Greatly appreciated. 


Heather said...

Ooooh Judy, I love what you won... absolutely gorgeous... not to mention looking at all the lovelies in your favourite shop... and then drooling over what you bought, LOL! It is nice to have you back blogging, we missed you... you are welcome about your new look....Hugs.

acornmoon said...

I am so pleased that my little easter egg tin arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for your kind words.

GailM. said...

Love Love Love that little shop that you showed all the pictures of. I bet you could just browse for hours. And the tin is just sweet! Did you change your blog header et all. It's very nice.. I need a makeover. Maybe when I get back from vacation.

Miss 376 said...

That shop is a real aladdin's cave. It's beautiful

karen said...

Hi Connie. There are some beautiful things in this post, just lovely! Your front yard looks lovely too!

Nicole and Phil said...

great post!
looks like your email has been attacked.
A spam came through Squilters posts, you may need to change your password!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your email has been hijacked. Please change your password asap!
Email came through the group Stitchershaven.

Liz Schaffner said...

Judy, first off...I love what Heather did to your Blog...very pretty!
Second ...I LOVE the fabrics you got! The Rose Cross stitch one is to die for ( I haven't been able to find it on the net...grrrr)By whom is the paisley one?
Third...I want to move into that shop! I would spend my whole day in a shop like that...lucky you!
Enjoy your win and all your new goodies...Hugs an envious Liz :-)

Gammie said...

Judy...please get in touch with me. It appears that your account has been hacked. Please go to my blog and email from there.


Maureen said...

Hi Judy, glad to see you back again, (I visited but you were out!) Lucky you winning the egg and those rabbits - I looooove! rabbits - what a beautiful shop you visited , i get itchy fingers just looking at it.

tinydreams said...

This is Renate (Patchwork Group) from Germany
Hello Judy,
the only way to contact you:
it seems that somebody captured your emailaccount!!! I just received a strange email from YOU (saying: 'you need help and more in UK'etc.)
Please contact me or Inge for more Information.
You should know this case as soon as possible!!
Best regards

Angela said...

Our Hand-Dids group received an email request for money. I have blocked this acct. Sorry, I know you were hacked. There are so many tender hearted people in our group. I was afraid they would send funds. Good luck.

Karen said...

Hi, Judy: I came to your blog to also tell you that I am receiving email from your obviously hijacked account...all the way here in N.S. Glad others have already informed you.
Your site is beautiful.

Jane said...

The whole town of Mason has some lovely stores... Did you make it into the little old fashined dimestore on Main St? Or the Bead Shop? I know sis and I spent way too much time in the Yards of Fabric store looking at all the CQ items and millinary supplies. Ooh La Laa !!

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