Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter In Germany Bavaria Winter Wonderland CD Pincushion

Hello Everyone, My fingers have been very busy the last few months.  The International Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition will end on March 31st..  This is the first time I ever participated in an "Fiber Art Exhibtion". There was 19 other beautiful fiber art pieces. I can now finally show you all my "Barvaria Winter Wonderland" photos.

In this photo I have created a Beaded Evergreen Tree using the "Beaded Ruffled Lace Stitch" called "Ogalala".  I have also used the "Drizzle Stitch" for the Icicles hanging from the bridge for on the mountains and for the Northern Lights in the sky.  I also used the "Closed Base Picot" stitch to create the wee snow banks throughout the piece. In total I used approximately 13 different kinds of embroidery stitches on this project.  The background of the piece is wool needle felted.
In this photo I used Angelina Fiber to create the mountain stream. I also created rocks in the stream by needle felting wee rocks first the then using the needle weaving stitch to creat the lace effect over them.  The Fir Tree is also done with the needle weaving stitch. I also added beads to create snow on the tree. I used several different kinds of Metallic flosses to include the follwing,  DMC-Pearlescent, Madeira, YLI, Candlelight and Kreinik. I also used Boucle Brazilian Embroidery Floss which I used for the clumps of snow alongside the river banks.  I truly enjoyed creating "Bavaria Winter Wonderland" for this Exhibition. I found this experience to be very rewarding in many ways.  I would like to "Thank Everyone"from the bottom of my heart for  voting for my Fiber Art Piece. I feel very honored to receive the third most votes!!! 

I have created another CD Pincushion which I call "Hearts and Roses". It was created for My Friend Heather for her Birthday. Heather has a lovely blog called "A Cherished Life" which I am sure you would enjoy visiting.   In the center I created a wool floss rose wth a Feather stitched heart. This is the 4th CD Pincushion I have made for friends. Hmmmmmmmmm I like them so much I think I will make myself one too oneday.  vbg

 The above photo is of the silk ribbon embroidery rose I created for the Pincushion.

The above photo showed the French Knots Heart I created using shades of pink and white flosses. I used ric rack around the bottom edge and I added a lace beaded seam treatment.
"H" is for Heather.  I embroidery several different kinds of Heart all over this Pincushion.
I made some soft fleece pillow cases for My Grand daughter Chloe early this year. The above soft fleece pillow cases are for my grandson Ethan. 

A few weeks ago on my friend Ati's blog, "Ati's Little World" I saw the above "Crochet Rose". I instantly fell in love with it. I asked Ati if she would share the pattern with me and she kindly did.  Ati told me her friend "Tracy Ann Schmitz" from Germany shared the pattern with her. Click on "Tracy's Blog" to see her art! Thank you very much Ati and Tracy!  

Unfortunately, I have never done any crocheting  beforee.  So I asked my gardening friend Jo if she knew how to crochet and she said, No she only knitted.  But Jo told me she knew of a lady from Church that crochet and she would give her a call and ask her if she willing to teach me how to create this rose. 
This past Wednesday Donna came for a visit and in 3 short hours she taught me how to create this lovely rose. Donna used a size 6 steel crochet hook and I used a number 4 steel crochet hook.  Donna rose is above in the raspberry variegated pink color.  Donna's rose is very tiny and her crochet stitches are perfect.  My first attempt is on the top Right in the Mauve color.. My crochet stitches need lots of practice.  I truyly enjoyed making it.  Thank You Donna for teaching me how to crochet this lovely rose.    Because I truly enjoyed creating my first rose, I decided to try and make one using the smaller hook.

 My "Second Wee Rose" is in the pale shades of pink on the bottom right.  My crochet stitches greatly improved but they are still far from good but I was very please with it.  I thought for sure I would not be able to read the pattern because I paid no attention to it during my lesson.  But Donna had made some very helpful comments on the pattern for me and with looking at our previous ones I manage fine.
The above photo show the kind of thread we used.  I used "Lizbeth" tatting thread in size 10 shown at the top left. Donna used Presencia Finca No. 8 shown on the top right.  I used this same floss in the lighter pink shades for my second wee rose.. When my crochet stitches improve  I plan to make some more lovely wee roses to embellish my "Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams" which I hope to start working on again soon.

Happy Easter Everyone,  Above  is a lovely Easter Linen I bought while living in Germany.  In the middle is a hand painted basket I bought in Italy. There are strawberries painted all around it. Inside the basket is my collection of "Polish Pottery Easter Eggs" that I bought when visiting Poland.   The Red hand Painted eggs were created by a German artist bought at Easter Market. Oh how I loved visting Easter Markets around Europe, they are turly special.   The many very talent artist worked  in so many different media and all their creations were truly beautiful. 
The above photo includes several Easter Treasures.  My Dear Son bought the wee "Flower Girl Lladro" when he was in the Navy stationed in Japan.   The two wee  "English Cottage", I bought while visiting England.  The one on the lower right is called "Stitch In Time" and the other one is called "SweetHeart Cottage"..  The beautiful Easter Linen was bought in Germany.  The beautiful "Tatted Easter Egg" was created by Patty from California.  It is so special and unique.  Thanks you Patty I love it!!  I really love the Easter Season and I am very thankful to be back home in Michigan with my Wonderful Sweet Husband.

The Next three photos I took in Metz France at the most incredible Chocolate shop.  The above rooster caught my eye first because I collect rooster stuff of every kind. Isn't he grand?

Then I saw this very huge Chocolate Easter Egg in the same shop.  I have No idea how a candy marker could create anything sooooooo very big.

Then I leave you with these "Very Sweet Chocolate Chicks" which I bought in the Candy Shop in Metz France and admired in my dining room for sometime.  Then I finally gave in and enjoyed every bit of that very delicous chocolate.  VBG

Happy Easter to all my family and Friends.  I hope you all have a Wonderful Joyful Blessed Easter Holiday Weekend!!

PS, I had a very lovely comment yesterday that was left on blog back on my Easter posting in 2009 that stated the following :   Feeling a bit nostalgic, I found your blog while browsing Google Images for "Easter in Germany". Thank you so much for posting this wonderful piece. It brought a lot of smiles to my heart to see things I remember while growing up an Army Brat in Germany. We were there for 12 years total. I miss Germany so much. I still think of it as home. God Bless You and Happy Easter! Who ever wrote this lovely comment, I would love to hear from you again so I can contact you.  Thanks



Heather said...

Judy, you have so many wonderful photos to look at... your Bavaria Wonderland is just soooooo nice! I think it fits the theme perfectly.... thank you for the lovely pincushion you made for me, I truly love all the hearts you put on it... it is just too lovely to use. You have done a wonderful job on your little crochet roses... I can see they are just a perfect little item for you... lovely post. Hugs.

Miss 376 said...

Congratulations on getting so many votes for your Bavaria Wonderland.
The crocheted roses are really pretty, I am sure you will enjoy making many more

Ati. said...

Much to see on your blog today and everything so pretty! Your roses looks good Judy. I am sure they will become nicer every time you make one :)
Wishing you a nice Easter weekend.

acornmoon said...

Your work is amazing, each one is a treasure.

Have a very Happy Easter Judy to you and your sweetie.x

marylin & poussy said...

Hello, your blog is magnificent, it is very beautiful
Best regards

Karen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love those crocheted roses!! You did a great job for not knowing how to crochet. Something I would still love to learn how to do. Congrats on Bavarian Winter, it's great!

Jasmine said...

You have been so usy. Your work is stunning. Love it xxJ

Cathie said...

I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. So soft and pretty and perfect for spring.

Kreinikgirl said...

Wonderful Wonderland! How creative and innovative. Love the combination of fibers to create the effects. And the rest of your lovely pictures have me enjoying spring after a very long winter here in West Virginia!

karen said...

what a lovely post Judy, so many beautiful images.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Everyone, Thanks so very much for all your wonderful and Kind Commments on my crochet roses, Bavaria WW and the CD Pincushion. Greatly appreciated. I hope you all will come back and visit again. Hugs Judy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Judy, I love your CD pin cushion! It's so pretty. Thank you for your comment for my blog. Hideko

Bev C said...

Hello Judy, such a lovely international Easter post. Congrats on your 3rd place. I am sure you will enjoy crocheting it is just a matter of getting the tension right but this comes with practice. Love the little flowers you are doing I can see a whole garden coming on.
Happy days.

Elspeth said...

Judy, love looking at all your scrumptious embroidery. The little pincushions are to die for. I too love roses, AND pink!!!! Congratulations on the beautfiul Winter Wonderland cards, they are little works of art. Such a busy lady. Cheers.

shirley said...

Hi Judy, Thank you for your lovely flattering comments on my blog. I have been looking at your needlelace yours is very neat. I am afraid mine gets a bit untidy...must try harder....I also have Stumpwork for beginners. Also an old one called "Stumpwork" - The Art of Raised Embroidery by Muriel Baker. This is a great book, but an old one and may be difficult to find. The isbn number is 0-684-15360-2. It is an invaluable book to have.The publishers are Charles Scribner's Sons . New york.
I will look forward to seeing some more of your creative needlework.

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