Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lovely Boucle BE Flosses and Book

Hello Everyone, I have fallen in Love with Brazilian Embroidery and all their glorious threads. Last week I ordered some goodies from my new friend Peggy Crawford from Flower Garden Designs down in Virginia. Peggy email addy is peggy@vt.edu and her phone number is 540-552-5106. They arrived today. See the photo above.

The flosses I love the most are the "Boucle" Flosses. I love their texture and the lovely effects they give to your embroidery project. The colors are all so beautiful. I can hardly wait to use them. Peggy included a wee surprise in my package of the "Yellow Fracle" floss that is not made anymore. It looks very similar to the boucle threads. Thanks you Peggy.

I also bought the plastic thread organizers and of course I have No clue how to get the threads in them but the wee plastic thingy is suppose to do the trick. I will play with that this evening. I also bought some special BE needles to use with my flosses.
I also received a BE book at Christmas time called Thorns & Roses by Debbie Kelley published by DK Designs in Roseburg Oregon, Phone number is 541-440-9571 and Debbie addy is dkdesign@jeffnet.org This book is absolutely wonderful. I specifically wanted to buy this book so I could learn how to create BE roses to add to The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams. The specific pattern in the book that I absolutely love is called "Wild Roses pattern #3819". The other pattern I really like in the book is called "My Favorite Wild Roses, pattern #3825." I am looking forward to learning how to create them. The pincushion above is required to create the pattern called My Favorite Wild Roses. It say Pincushion for Drizzles. So I am truly very excited about learning all the lovely BE stitches. More to come!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Friend Cathy's 100 Post Celebration Giveaway

Hello Everyone, My Dear Friend Cathy is celebrating her "100 Post Celebration" Giveaway. So go have a look at Cathy wonderful blog, "Crazy By Design" and sign up for her Giveaway!! She creates very beautiful Crazy Quilts and her stitching is truly lovely. She lives way out there in the West and just got back from a holiday in sunny Arizona and she has some great pics to look at too.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lovely Tatting Motifs and CQ CD Pincushion

After trying to learn tatting on a couple of occasions and failing miserably I decided to search the Internet etsy shops to see if anyone was selling their tatting motifs. I think tatted lace is a truly beautiful old world art form and I knew I just needed to have some tatting motif on "The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams". I found several sites but "Wendy's Umi & Tsuru Blog" from Singapore caught my attention. Wendy creates truly beautiful tatted motif. I email Wendy asking her if she took special orders for tatting. She sent me a message back saying yes which I was so happy to read. I ask if she could create two hearts, two roses, two butterflies and two dragonflies tatted motif and ask her how much this would cost. Wendy sent me a message saying that she would love for me to create something for her. I was very humbled to see this request. I wrote Wendy back saying I would love to create something for her in exchange for the tatting. Wendy told me that some of her favorite colors and so our creating started. Above are the beautiful tatted motifs I received from Wendy. You can see I received many more than two each of the motifs. I "LOVE" them all and I think they will truly look beautiful on my crazy quilt.

Above are several photos of the Crazy Quilt CD Pincushion I created for Wendy. Wendy told me one of her favorite color combination was purple, red and green. I have never put these colors together before so it was a bit of a challenge but I found I really enjoyed working with them. I had a fairy silkie that had Wendy's favorite colors in it so I based the whole embroidery theme around the fairy. My favorite flower is the rose so I added roses. I also love butterflies so I created a butterfly with metallic threads so it would sparkle. Because it was made for Wendy I decided to add her initial "W" on it too. I used a Victorian Leaf Pattern. I used silk ribbon embroidery to add extra roses and flowers. Of course I needed to add some beads to add some dimension to the pincushion. I put ric rack around the edge and stitched it on with purple and green tatting threads. I always add my initials "JG" and the date on everything I create which I put on the bottom of the pincushion.

I received a message from Wendy today saying her CQ CD Pincushion had arrived and that she love it. Having someone Love what you created for them is the absolutely the best feeling for me. It warms my heart and makes me smile that others appreciate my art. I will treasure Wendy's tatted lace motifs she create for me forever by seeing it everyday on my Crazy Quilt. Thank you Wendy very much from the bottom of my Heart.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brazilian Embroidery Class, online

I was very excited yesterday to start my first online stitching class. I will be learning how to do "Brazilian Embroidery". I have been wanting to learn this technique of stitching for a long time. The first book I bought in Brazilian Embroidery was in the mid nineties. I have look at this book many times and thought the stitches were to difficult to learn and put it back on the book shelve.

In January, I joined a yahoo group called "Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery" which started me on my way to learning this technique. Then a few weeks ago Rita ( blog) from West Virginia offered to give us an online class on the basic of BE. Rita suggested we all use the Edmar pattern kit called the "Circle of Flowers".

The Edmar threads are rayon floss which gives it the lovely sheen and smooth texture. They are wonderful to work with. I ordered the kit and the BE DVD from Peggy Crawford, of Flower Garden Designs, peggy@vt.edu 540-552-5106 who lives in Virginia.

The Brazilian Embroidery Basic Stitches and Flowers DVD by Brandie Milka of Brandie's Brazilian Embroidery lives in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Brandie's email addy is oberon1@telus.net Brandie's phone number is (780) 476-9053. I learn by seeing and this DVD is wonderful learning tool. You can see above I have started my small "Circle of Flowers" project and I will post photos as I progress in learning these very lovely stitches.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Take care.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beautiful Hand Dyed Threads

Today I received a two wee packages in the mail. The first one I torn open was the one with all these very lovely handed dyed threads. I bought them from "Lady Shuttle Maker" etsy shop from Boise Idaho.

Now why would I buy tatting threads when I do not tat? LOL. Well, I could not resist them when I saw all these lovely hand dyed colors. I bought several different sizes so I could determine which ones would be best to use in embroidery. After looking at them now I can easily see using them all in my embroidery projects. Isn't all these colors just yummie looking? The Lady Shuttle Maker calls them such dreamy names too.

From the top to bottom they are called, Hydrangea (size 10) Coral Rose ( size 60) Raspberry Mousse, Peach Pandora in (size 20) These threads are all 100% Pure Silk. The next set of threads are Size 80 DMC 6 cord threads. Autumn Medley, Old Saint Nick and Sue Hanson. I love them all. I really need to learn tatting because I think tatting motif would look so very lovely on my crazy projects. Maybe this will motivate me to get moving on this challenge.vbg

Oh, yes my next package was some more lovely beads that I bought from the "T&T Trading Co" in Grand Ledge Michigan. At the bottom of the photo are some Zuni Bears that I really like allot. The very small blue beads are called Italian Chevron Beads which I was told they to not make anymore. The pinks beads are truly beautiful. They have itched roses on them and they will definitely go on The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams which is still in progress.

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