Friday, March 27, 2009

Springtime and Easter Memories In Germany

My friend Liz in Germany introduced me to this lovely book called "Sew Pretty Homestyle" by Tone Finnanger. Liz has a wonderful blog called, "Moments"! It was originally published in Norway back in 2006. There are many creations in this book I would like to make but first I decided to create the lovely "Roses"! In the book there is patterns for a large and small rose. I love to embellish everything so I added heaps of beads to the edges of my rose to give them a bit of sparkle. There was no pattern for a medium size rose so I made up my own. Above is the first three beaded pink fabric roses I made in the last couple of weeks. I think I will create a brooch from the medium size one.

The above photo is of the first and smallest fabric rose I created with lovely toile pink fabric.

This photo shows an up close look at the medium size rose. I think it will turn into a brooch. I used lovely fabric called "Posh by Chez Moi for Moda. It has lovely lace looking paisley through out it. Just my kind of fabric!!

Here is evidence that Springtime has finally arrived here in Michigan. Another true sign that Springtime has arrived in Michigan is our state bird the Robin and we have many investigating our yard at the moment for a place to nest. So "Crocuses and Robins" truly make me smile because I know that our long dreadful winter has now passed for another year.

More Crocuses!!
I also get very excited about Springtime for another reason and that is Easter. In Germany 4 weeks prior to Easter there are Easter Markets everywhere. At the school were I worked they would gave us a long list of Easter Markets not only in Germany but the surrounding countries so we could travel and explore these wonderful markets. I love getting out my "Easter Treasures" every year for several reasons. They bring back wonderful memories of my time living in Germany and they are so lovely and unique to look at. On my sofa table this year I decided to create a wee display of some of my treasures.

Here is my Easter Tree with lovely bobbin lace ornaments created by several ladies I met at the Easter Markets I attended and also by my good friend Ulla who was my neighbor where I lived in Ettingenhausen.

I love this Easter linen because it sparkles with lovely Easter Eggs. On my sofa table I have displayed several Easter decorations from Poland, Germany and Italy. The ceramic weaved basket is from Italy and it holds my collection of "Polish Pottery Eggs" and two of them are hand painted by a German artist.

I have a wee collection of "Nesting Hen" and this one is from Poland. While living in Germany I made two wonderful trips to Poland. It was one of my favorite places I visited.

When my teacher friend and I discovered this treasure we both looked at each other and said, "A Half Baked Chick" and laughed and laughed. Yup we both bought one. I love my half baked chick allot. The wee linen it is setting near says, Happy Easter in German!!

Here is an up close look at my lovely "Polish Pottery Easter Eggs and the two beautiful hand painted German ones.
Another wonderful area I visited a couple of times was in the far Eastern part of Germany in a region called "Erzgebirge" which once part of Communist Germany! Here in a small mountain village called Seiffen you can find of the most wonderful wood carvers in the world. They are know for their beautiful, "Nutcrackers", "Smokers" which I bought several of and just truly lovely hand carved creations. Above, Mrs. Rabbit is sitting in her very comfy rocking chair knitting away and just as happy as can be. It reminds me of myself sitting in the evening stitching away and truly happy and at peace being near my sweetie in the place we call home!! Happy Spring! Happy Easter Everyone!!! Danke for visiting my blog, I always enjoy reading all your lovely messages.



Miss 376 said...

I love that rabbit,looks so homely. Yours roses are so pretty especially with the beaded edges

Cathy K said...

Hi Judy, I can see that we're going to have to have a long talk sometime about our respective trips to Germany! I attended school in Austria and made side trips into Germany and Italy. The Berlin Wall was still up, and we visited that and were even able to cross over into East Berlin for a day. I love all things German, too. Sprechen sie Deutsch?? I LOVE your Easter tree with the bobbin lace ornaments. Lovely!
Hugs, Cathy

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Judy, when I read and see all this I think you have had nice years living in Germany.I special like your easter tree with the dangling ornaments.
O, and the roses you made are so nice!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Good Day Jane, Thanks my friend for visiting and leaving your lovely message. The roses are fun and easy to make and IMHO nothing is ever complete without a bit of bling. VBG

Hello Cathy, How exciting to be able to go to school in Austria. I am sure we would have heaps of fun talking about about living in Europe. Ya, I really love my bobbin lace Easter Tree. Very special.

Hello Ati, Thanks sooo much for visiting and you are right I loved my 2 years of living in Germany. I really enjoyed creating the roses too. Hugs Judy

Heather said...

Hi Judy.... your roses turned out just perfectly, and the beads really do add that special touch.

I love all your little ornaments, especially the rabbit, I love rabbits! But I have to say, I also love the sweet linens you have everything sitting on... hmmm, I must get cracking and make me some. Hugs....Heather


Hi from Texas Judy! I am now a blogger thanks to you!
My blog is
I love your roses and the little wooden rabbit knitting! My daughter's husband is in Iraq (working, not in military) and they met in Germany last year for a week. She brought me back some of the wonderful wooden carvings. She brought me a smoker that is a sheperd with sheep, and also a little carosel with angels. It has candles all around and when lit, the heat makes the carosel turn. Also some manger scene ornaments...they are all too cute! One question: How did you get the background wallpaper behind your blog...mine has ugly gray and I have clicked on everything and can't figure out how to fix that. P.S. I am working on your clay gazing balls this weekend. love ya, Sherry

TattingChic said...

Judy!!! All your Easter and spring vignettes are so lovely! Your work is just beautiful! You have such a lovely eye for detail. :)

Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely roses. The beads do make them rise to a soft summer rain.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jeanne, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave your lovely message. I really enjoyed creating those sparkling roses. Hugs Judy

Hello Tatting Chic, I always appreciate you stopping by. Thanks for your lovely comment about My Easter Decorating and roses. Hugs Judy

Hello Sherry, Congratulation for starting your blog. I am glad I could motivate you and am happy to help in any way. Just let me know. I look forward to see the glazing balls you are creating for me. Thanks a million. Hugs Judy

Hello Heather, I always enjoy reading your messages. I also love rabbits and I especially love the Polish pottery one. I also have a warm spot in my heart for collecting linen and I collected a few lovely ones from the very talented ladies at the Easter Markets in Germany. I love looking at them. Hugs Judy

Pennie said...

Frequently check in on your blog for the beautiful handwork and wonderful stories of your life in Michigan. Happy belated BD!

I have enjoyed a recent creative spark myself--working on two sewing projects, a knitted scarf and a crocheted afghan all at once! :O

Thanks to your great website, I am now also VERY inspired for the upcoming Easter Holiday!!! LOL

Liz Schaffner said...

Judy, yor Roses are even prettier then Tilda's :-) Love the idea of beads along the edge.
Your Easter decorations are beautiful ! I especially love your Easter tree. I never saw a stand like that but now I will keep my eyes open. It is so weird to see German decorations on an American Blog..LOL Love the eggs, tablecloths & knitting is like being home ..LOL

Rosie said...

Oh Judy, you brought back some lovely memories with tales of Germany. Until I lived there I had never seen Easter decorations and the forsythia tree loaded with eggs and things. We are so boring here in the UK hardly anybody does things like that at Easter, though I did see a couple last year. You have reminded me about going to Eastern Germany too, will do a post about that on my blog.
Rosie x

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Rosie,

Yes, Easter in Germany is glorious and I love all my treasure from there. I will have a look to see where you went in Eastern Germany. Hugs Judy

Hello Canadian Liz, living in Germany. Thanks for the very lovely comment about my roses with beaded edges. I am glad you enjoyed looking at My Easter Decoration. I look forward to every year when I can get them out. Hugs Judy

Hello Pennie, Nice to have you visit again. I do many crafts but knitting and crocheting are not among them. I am happy that I inspire you too. And thanks for the nice comment about my roses. Hugs Judy

Rosie said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. What beautiful Easter treasures you have:)

RagJó said...

Your roses are beautiful with the beads and happy fabric :-)
Spring is my absolute favorite season. When one can see the Earth come to live again after a long sleep. I love your crocuses, they come up through the mud like smiles filled with hopes of better and brighter days. :-)
You sure have lovely lovely Easter treasures! what a joy to look at!
All the best from the North Atlantic and happy Easter!

sparkle jars said...

Love the beading on the edges of your roses. :-)

acornmoon said...

Have a Happy Easter with your sweetie. I love your needlecase, enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I found your blog while browsing Google Images for "Easter in Germany". Thank you so much for posting this wonderful piece. It brought a lot of smiles to my heart to see things I remember while growing up an Army Brat in Germany. We were there for 12 years total. I miss Germany so much. I still think of it as home. God Bless You and Happy Easter!

Polish Pottery said...

This hen looks like Boleslawiec stoneware.

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