Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Flower Pincushion Swap, Goodies

I belong to a yahoo group called,"Pincushion Crazy" and our group owner Ruthie who also has a blog called, Ruthie's Place, decided it was time for a "Spring Swap"!! I have been pretty busy stitching and did not sign up. A lady who had sign-up broke her finger so Ruthie asked me if I would take her place. I was very happy to do so. My swap partner ended up being Susan from Texas. Susan's blog is called, "Susan Sews." This past week I received my truly very creative "Spring Flower Pincushion". It has a lovely antique look, created by it standing on a "Old Mattress Spring"!! Isn't it great? I was very surprised to also receive a "Cinderella Pincushion" which Susan crochet from an old pattern that her grandmother and mother passed on to her. I also received pink crochet scissor holder and pin keeper. The three FQ are in my favorite colors of pinks and purples. Isn't the rose pretty and it is attached to some lovely red organza ribbon which I am sure I will find good use for. The note card was created by Susan's daughter who loves scrapbooking. This one area I have NOT ventured into. VBG Thank you very much Susan for everything. I love it all.

At the end of February I turned another year older. I was pleasantly surprised to received these truly beautiful 100 Peruvian Lillies in an array of glorious colors. My son Shane, Jenny and my grand daughter Chloe had them over night expressed to me from sunny California and they arrived here in very very cold Michigan day. They are still blooming and they warm my heart and bring a big smile to my face everytime I look at them. Thank you Shane, Jenny and Chloe. I love you all.
Recently, My sweetie took us on a get away weekend to the Lansing area so I could visit some of my favorite shops. My most special shop is called Yards Of Fabric. Jeanne carries very unique fabric and laces for crazy quilters. I especially loved this years fabric line by Northcott, Quest For a Cure, called "Rose Garden Tea For Two. It is truly beautiful. All of the fabrics and lace I bought will be going into "The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams" which I plan to get back to piecing soon.

Also at Yards of Fabric, I bought some lovely hand dyed silk ribbon by YLI. Jeanne also showed me this wonderful new creation called "Sweetheart Rose Maker" by Clover!! It works on the same concept as the other Yo Yo makers. I plan to create heaps of rose from it. They come in three sizes and I bought the smallest one which creates a 4 cm wee rose.

Also at "Yards Of Fabric, I discovered the new fabric line called "Flower Faires" based on Cicely Mary Barker fairies. They come in several colorways. This one is called Periwinkle. Wouldn't they make wonderful silkies for Crazy Quilts? vbg

I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful sweetie who loves adventures as much as I do. We are true kindred spirits and I hope and pray we have many more adventures in our future together.



Miss 376 said...

What beautiful fabric you have got to play with and some lovely items in the Spring exchange.

Laurette said...

Judy.Nice to received such great items...The flowers are sure gorgeous...Now this is what I called a great shopping,when you can get such beautiful fabric,lace and other goodies as well. I especially love the "Flower Fairies" fabric,gorgeous.I know you will enjoy "playing" with all this.

Heather said...

Judy.... what lovely items in your pincushion swap... and in your favourite colours too... indeed what a lovely Sweetie to take you to your favourite fabric shops... you purchased many beautiful pieces and such lovely colours too....Hugs...Heather

Maureen said...

you have some beautiful fabrics there Judy!

theresa said...

Lucky you in so many ways !!!
Delighful items you recieved and purchased. No stores like that around here in Quebec.... too bad !

Rosie said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for visiting the other day. I have to tell you that I actually fell again exactly one week after the first time. No I had not been at the gin - mores the pity! It seems the culprits were my shoes, now these are dog walking shoes, thick soles and waterproof. Once I had hobbled home again I took a look at them and found that one had worn down in such a way that if I put my foot down the wrong way I was on the ground in an instant!
You have some lovely flowers there and such a fabulous pincushion. i love the flower fairy material, so pretty. Hope to hear from you soon.
Rosie x

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello jane, Thanks soo much for visiting and taking the time to leave your nice comment.

Hello Laurette, yes I did received some very lovely things from Susan and her PC was sooo neat. I love it. Hugs Judy

Hello Heather, I feel very fortunate to received such lovely pressies and a super neat PC from Susan. Yup, My Sweetie does spoil me and I love it. vbg

Hello Maureen. Yes, I absolutely LOVE those fabric and I think they will look wonderful in my crazy quilt.Hugs Judy

Hello Theresa, Thanks for visiting from Quebec. Much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to leave your lovely comment. Hugs Judy

Hello Rosie, Thanks for visiting and I am glad you are feeling a bit better from your fall. Yes, the fairy fabric is glorious. I love it too. Hugs Judy

umintsuru said...

Happy belated birthday Judy. These are just beautiful fabrics, Judy. How lovely to find your favourite fabrics of roses. Is blue and pink your favourite colours? The fairies would make lovely CQ centrepieces. I hope you will show us the roses you make with that Clover rose maker.

Dazy said...

I’d have never thought of that and can’t wait to see what you do with yours. What an awesome idea! Your quilt is gorgeous!

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